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Reviews by Krishna Kishore (6)

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Rockstar : Av Media
Price: Rs. 175
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Rahman the Rockstar
on 02 October 11
Krishna Kishore rated:
first to review certified buyer

I have pre ordered Rockstar on flipkart and i am hoping to this album soon in my hands....but the songs are already available on the net...i must say this album is going to go places...phir se ud chala..naadan parindey..sada haq...shehar se...hawa hawa...are mind blowing..rahman is back with a bang.i always wondered how this wizard comes with such sounds, so unique..mohit chauhan steals the show..way to go make your fans proud of you..

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Super Heavy (Deluxe Edition) (Deluxe Edition) : Av Media
Price: Rs. 495
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Bought it only because of Rahman
on 27 September 11
Krishna Kishore rated:
first to review certified buyer

Got this album delivered yesterday by Flipkart..The album certainly sounds like an ultra-fun jam session between very diverse artists getting to know each other’s’ sound and working together into a noisy musical gumbo!...Miracle Worker, Supa"eavy" and Satyameva Jayate a definite standout tracks

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Wilson Power Carbon 800 3 3/8 Badminton Racquet : Racquet
Price: Rs. 2174
Available. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Good Looking Racquet but very poor quality
on 09 May 14
Krishna Kishore rated:
certified buyer

Got it at a steal price..very good looking racquet and feels great to play with..the racquet provides good control and is a must have for a decent player.

Update on 29th May, I got the racquet strung and started to play.. felt good and had good control, however when I started to play a few hard shots the racquet just gave up and cracked. It broke into pieces. Surprisingly the material that it is made of feels like plastic when it broke. I hardly used it for 2 weeks and it broke..wasted my money...

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Primes Fabulous Casual Shoes : Shoe
Price: Rs. 199
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Decent Quality
on 16 November 14
Krishna Kishore rated:
first to review certified buyer

Quite okay with these shoes, however disappointed that the spongebob image on the shoe was not in its place as displayed and it is not fixable also. this makes the shoe look a bit odd. however I retained the shoe with me because even after exchange it is the same situation.

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Samsung 20H4003 49 cm (20) LED TV : Television
Price: Rs. 10490
Available. Delivered in 7-8 business days.
Good TV from Samsung
on 18 May 15
Krishna Kishore rated:
first to review

As a first time buyer of a TV from Samsung Brand, I must say i am quite happy with the quality of the picture and sound which were the main criteria for my purchase. The TV is a HD ready model, I watched the HD channels that I am subscribed for on my DTH and I am quite impressed with the picture quality.

However the screen size is disappointing (well it was my choice) I find it strange and difficult to see such small pictures feels like i am watching something on a Laptop.

Samsung claims it is 20 inches however the exact size in 19.29 inches or 49 cms. If you are buying this TV as a second TV for your bedroom and with budget constraints then spend another 2K and get a 22/23/24 inches TVs. I am sure that will be of better size than 19 inches

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Portico New York Printed Double Comforter : Blanket
Price: Rs. 4999
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Got it at a steal price on Flipkart
on 08 January 15
Krishna Kishore rated:
first to review certified buyer

I have always purchased Portico products and this one is also a great purchase. Quality is real good and will not regret buying one.

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