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Wave Walk Green Sandals : Sandal
Price: Rs. 699
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Not good sandals.
on 05 February 15
gourav rated:
certified buyer

I bought this because there was heavy discount.
Now I repent my decision..This scandal is not good because of its plasticy nature that easily accumulates sweat beneath your feat.

It is not easy to wear this in a jiffy as i expected before buying.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 (Shimmery White, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 21999
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Never Go for Samsumg Mobile phones.
on 27 May 14
gourav rated:

I believe samsung phones have lot of quality issues. They are just releasing phones every 6 Months without any proper QA and testing.

I got Samsung Galaxy S3 ,2 yrs back infact prebooked it in flipkart and now I have to run to the service center to get it repaired.I faced a strange problem where the phone was in a boot loop ,Searched online for the solutions but I was surprised to know that its not me many people across the globe having such kind of issue which is reffered to as SUDDEN DEATH.

Now the service center guys says that the motherboard of the phone has to be replace which would cost me around 7.5k..

so guyz never go for such costly phones where you have to spend so much for servicing.


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Pureit Pureit Classic 23 L Gravity Based Water Purifier : Water Purifier
Price: Rs. 2270
Available. Delivered in 9-10 business days.
on 17 April 12
gourav rated:

Pureit water purifier only filters soft water and not hard water.
Hard water can only be purified by reverse osmosis type filter.
which costs around 13K from HUL.
I had purchased this water purifier then I felt that there was some problem with the water.I called HUL helpline they had sent a person to give a demo and shockingly i was informed that my water purifier can not filter HARD WATER i.e water taken from pumps/wells.

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Nokia Lumia 620 (Black, 8 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 12840
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
awesome beast
on 25 April 13
gourav rated:
certified buyer

windows phone 8 is really great and slick.
The apss are catching is not too late for nokia to catch up the indian market..
the Tile feature is really awesome.You even get live updates on your homescreen.
The os doesn't hang like android.

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Micromax Superfone Ninja A50 (White, 512 MB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 3999
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Micromax is a BUGGY product
on 04 August 12
gourav rated:
certified buyer

This phone has lots of bugs in it i will tell you one by one(Please take my reviews seriously though i am using it since 2 months)

1.It is very slow.It takes a lot of time to respond to touch controls.
2.whenever you are on call it just gets disconnected when you receive an sms.
3.The phone memory is very less which is the sole reason for all sorts of problem.
4.Sometimes it is not able to detect the SIM have to restart the phone again and again to get it fixed.
5.There is also some issues though strange one with the light sensors.I have noticed whenever there is a power cut at night , the phone gets disconnected when on call.

NEVER go for such cheap phone thinking that this is a value for money product,lots of features under 5K etc etc..But sooner or later you will repent of your decision.

I have already made the mobile phone as a landline connection.
Thinking to get a new mobile which has got a good brand name.

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Moto G (Black, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9400
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Very Good Smartphone within budget
on 18 May 14
gourav rated:
certified buyer

I have been using this since a week and i bet its much better than samsung smartphhones.
1. It has a very good battery life.
2.Very good clarity.326 ppi is higher than galaxy s3's 316. Reading blogs and news standout because of this.
3.Vanilla will get all the latest updates from google.

yet to find one.

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Very Good product.
on 18 August 15
gourav rated:

I have been using this laptop for over 9 months and i am really impressed by this.
It has a very good battery backup of almost 6 hours on full charge. Another important feature is that it charges really quick.
Screen quality is really awesome which is expected from retina display..
only con I see that safari doesn't support flash based websites which is why you need to download google chrome,which uses more battery.

Overall i am very satisfied with the ease of use.

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Wrangler Striped Men's Polo Red, Dark Blue T-Shirt : T-Shirt
Price: Rs. 1395
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Wrangle always the best.
on 05 February 15
gourav rated:
first to review certified buyer

This Shirt fits really well. The fabric is soft too.
Overall I am satisfied with the product.
Big thing is there is no Color Fade.

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Motorola Flip Cover for Moto G (1st Gen) : Cases Covers
Price: Rs. 9
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Good and Attractive cover.
on 18 May 14
gourav rated:
certified buyer

The feature of this is the magnetic cover that you get. The phone automatically lights up as soon as you open the flap.
The cover is of very high quality..It will give a sturdy touch to your mobile.

Guyz go for it,Dont invest in backcover and then screen guard.Rather go for this because your screen will be protected from scratches and even if your phone falls off your hand the cover will protect the screen from damage which is the biggest advantage I feel of buying a flip cover like this.

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Byond Mi-book Mi1 Tablet : Tablet
Price: Rs. 4250
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
low quality tablet
on 02 November 13
gourav rated:
certified buyer

I am writing this review after an year of purchase. The Tablet is no more used not because anyone has stooped using it but because the tablet has exhausted its lifetime.Yes Guys within a year you will have many problems like- battery problem,Battery would last around 40 mins after full recharge.The Touchscreen stops working.Touchscreen response is way to slow .It will surely test your patience.

My advice would be dont go for this cheap gadget or should i call it plastic.

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