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Reviews by Hari (3)

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Not very happy
on 30 April 12
Hari rated:
certified buyer

Flipkart service is good.
About the product:
Firstly, these are a millimeter or 2 bigger than the std AA size. So I had to struggle to shove them inside the device for which I purchased these (the JBL on go dock). The fit is exceedingly tight. I have to spend 5 mins to shove them in such that the connectors snap in place. And notwithstanding the fact that and I have to pry them open using a sharp object each time.
The battery also got discharged in an hour on the JBL, despite their 2800 capacity. Big let down till now. I will try them once more after a charge.

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Sony HD-EG5 500 GB External Hard Drive : External Hard Drive
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not good
on 06 November 13
Hari rated:
certified buyer

stopped working a year later, by itself. completely unreliable. Sony is not it used to be.
Now I have to undergo the whole trouble of going to sony to get this serviced.

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on 14 April 12
Hari rated:

I actually bought this laptop from Canada back in Sept. I am a thinkpad loyalist and wanted something portable. India gets such products so late in the market. And now Lenovo has released an intel version (i3) but as usual India will patiently wait despite having the greatest market.

I am actually quite happy with the laptop itself, it does almost everything I want, sometimes chugging along but usually fast enough. Make sure you got 4gb ram at least. The keyboard is fantastic, and was voted as the best keyboard in 2011, just FYI.

Anyway, I am also having the occasional flicker issue. Mustafa, can you pls direct me to the solution?
And about the heat - it gets quite hot and the base metal cover does not help much. Other than that, great little product.

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