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XOLO X1000 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 13500
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
2Ghz Good or Bad ???
on 19 March 13
Thangadurai rated:

My Friend had X900.

Its good. but its Having "Great Heating Issue".
When you put any download on progress and put mobile in charge.
It stop charges and says due to over temperature. it stopped charging.

What a Funny issue !!!!

So Considering 2GHz ,with Heating issue and Phone's Battery Life its a curse(Saabakedu) not a Boon(Varam).

4.7 inch,2Ghz, => Battery Drains quickly.
Not a Jelly Bean. :(

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HTC T328W Desire V : Mobile
Price: Rs. 13180
Available. Delivered in 8-9 business days.
Not Migrange Phone Even
on 18 July 12
Thangadurai rated:

See They are trying to Highlight dual SIM + 4.0 ICS.

But look deep into the SPEC and get my point.

The Processor.
Cortex- A5.
Even 6k Cheap Allwinner Tablets having Cortex-A8.

Next is GPU.
See its Adreno 200.

Which is not worthy for this much price.
Look at galaxy-mini Spec its adreno 200

My point is they just increased the Processor Speed and screen size + Dual Sim +ICS of the Entry Level Smart-phone.

CPU+GPU of Desire V doesn't have much Power. When compared to Cortex A-10 Adreno-205 & /220.

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Sony Xperia Go : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9100
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Nice Phone
on 18 July 12
Thangadurai rated:

It could be Best phone if they offer WVGA Resolution instead of HVGA.
and If they have increased the screen size to 4.0 inch.
Other than the above this is a Good Phone

For better screen Resolution and similar performance u can buy Sony Xperia U

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XOLO Q800 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 11449
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
VERY GOOD PHONE , Go For XOLO Q800, Don't Wait for MMX-A116 HD
on 27 March 13
Thangadurai rated:
certified buyer

Xolo Q800 Vs MMX-A116 HD

* 4.5 screen easy to handle in One Hand.
* Better Battery Life,

* qHD screen( its advantage too screen don't drain ur battery much)
* No OTG,

(I need to explain this. AUTO SWAP, When U install some HD Games, Games obb/android/Gameloft/ folder data reside in /mnt/sdcard i.e Internal SD-CARD.
XOLO has 1.7GB of Space for this, this is LOW considering multiple HD Games.
So I Thought to ROOT to swap the internal SD and EXT-SD.
But Xolo Q800 gave me a Surprise GIFT. i.e when i inserted my SD-card and Reboot my device. All My Installed HD Games says "SD-Data missing Download it Now ". I'm confused, what happened, then I gone to see the downloaded files,I'm shocked man, The name /mnt/sdcard/ is now My Sandisk Micros SD Card
and /mnt/sdcard1 is Phone memory so i copied all my games data to sd-card.
Now The Games are working Fine)

So , Those Who don't want to ROOT and like to Play Much of HD-Games can choose XOLO Q800,

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Micromax Canvas Viva A72 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 6180
Available. Delivered in 7-8 business days.
Waste of Money
on 16 April 13
Thangadurai rated:

atleast 512 RAM and ICS, and 4GB internal.
If they could sell this for 4K it is OK. it's not worth for 6.5K.

This is not a Micromax Canvas Viva A72.
This is Micromax Crab.

U could choose Karbonn A18/21/..... etc. on the same price with dualcore options too :)

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XOLO Q1000S : Mobile
Price: Rs. 13450
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
not worth for price
on 27 August 13
Thangadurai rated:

Single SIM
No SD card
Only 16GB but 2GB for installation
13GB for internal mem card

6.xmm thick

I own q800 from xolo. But i'm not happy with their service.
They released q600 and q700 low level mobiles next to q800.
But they released software updates only for (q700 and q600 low cost) mobiles.
I asked them about software update for q800. No information from their side.
So i doubt that they will release update for these high level mobile.

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XOLO Q900 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 6850
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
better to go with mmx a116(hd)
on 12 November 13
Thangadurai rated:

Price higher than q800-x-edition.
No majaor update b/w q800 n q900
Battery less compared to q800-x
4.7 inch and 1280x720p screen eats all ur power n ram.
Price increased but neither ram nor battery increased

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Lava E-Tab XTRON+ Tablet : Tablet
Price: Rs. 7600
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Not happy with Video Playback
on 26 December 13
Thangadurai rated:
certified buyer

Everything Fine.

Except Video Playback.

I think VPU(video processing Unit) is not up to my expectation.

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Micromax Unite 2 A106 with 4 GB ROM : Mobile
Price: Rs. 6699
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
MMX unite 2 is Good to have
on 16 July 14
Thangadurai rated:
certified buyer

+ve is

-ve is
some time touch freezes for 2sec. seems 4.4.2 Stock unite 2 problem.(custom ROM fixes this)
pull down notification sometime not come easily u have swipe correctly to pull it down.
TiBu not working

low brightness is not very low. so battery drains quickly.

ROOTING + uninstalling bloatwar, xposed framework+gravity box solves all problem

except TiBu app ...

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Zovi Tan Brown White Laced Boat Shoes : Shoe
Price: Rs. 289
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Quality vs Price is OK
on 16 July 14
Thangadurai rated:
first to review certified buyer

Size is Ok. But front end of shoe is narrow, So order (normal Size 2/1)

Top leather quality is Good
Bottom also quality is Good.

But used kind of Gum to Join both. i doubt that gum quality. U can stitch them. as top have lot of stitches it will be looking good even after stitches.

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