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A great coffee maker !
on 29 April 12
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

This is a great product. I'm always in search of a good cup of coffee and this machine helps me get that.
Earlier I had an espresso machine but I don't actually like that as it is hard to make coffee in that. So I just ordered this one while searching for a good machine and this proved to be a great one.
literally no sound at all!
makes your coffee within few minutes.
it is steaming hot.
has a permanent filter (Yes the one I got is permanent & not the temporary as complained by most buyers)
Design is ubercool.

body not so strong.
none else!!

Please remember before buying this machine that it does not make espresso or cappuccino(milk coffees), it makes simple black coffee. Add hot milk to taste.
Also don't use Nescafe or other standard coffee powder but use fine grinded ground coffee beans instead for a great taste.

And finally Flipkart was great in service!

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Too many Templates, But still best by far
on 02 May 13
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

In Short.
I have done a lot of programming in C++ but you always need some expert advice. This book offers it.

Now lets discuss what this book has actually to offer. The book tell you how you could apply techniques to make you applications more industry kind and better. It tells you a lot of techniques and this helps in making your code efficient.

But in doing this you would be using a lot of templates, templates and templates. But if your okay with that then its the book to go for.
But still if you don't want to use so many templates, this books a lot of knowledge to offer.
A must read.

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Welcome to the JUNGLE !!
on 20 February 13
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

The first Far Cry pretty much blindsided gamers when it came out in 2004. From an unknown studio, here was this game with stunning graphics (which still hold up, by the way), an original setting for a shooter (a tropical paradise) and a sandbox-style approach. Unfortunately, Far Cry 2 was a big letdown for most gamers. While the graphics were pretty, it felt bland and repetitive, and never really immersed you in the environment or story.

Far Cry represents a return to the roots of the first game, and adds a wealth of new features and option, adding to this First-Person Shooter a number of RPG elements. You can now conquer outposts and create safehouses, where you can buy guns and sell loot. The addition of a crafting feature (think Skyrim or World of Warcraft) adds the ability to make syringes, bigger gun holsters, bigger loot bags, etc. It's integrated with the hunting aspect of the game, which allows you to kill and skin most of the wildlife on the island. It's a nice addition, and the best part is that there is no real required order in which you have to do things. If you want to get the best guns right away, you can buy them right away, with cash you loot from corpses and chests. If you want to craft everything before starting the main mission storyline, you can. One of the best addition is the bow and arrow - silent, mostly one-shot kills are a ton of fun. That dovetails nicely into this game's emphasis on stealth. Many missions can be done your way: you can run in, Rambo style and blow everything up, but it's also feasible to skulk around the shadows and pick off the baddies one by one.

The main story is a mixed bag. The voice acting is mostly very good, and the story is interesting- you and your friends were on some spring break tropical getaway when things go very wrong. The problem is that you and your friends are annoying frat boys and girls, and it makes it tough to care whether I save my "bros" or not. After a while the main story can become a drag, though they do keep the missions varied.

The graphics are topnotch, especially if you have a newer PC. There are no perceptible loading times between zone, and the island is huge. The sound is also terrific, and if you have 5.1 sound you will love the ambient effects, animal noises, etc. It really does add to the immersion and tactical feel of the game.
There are a few things that could be improved. 1)The save game system is awful. It's essentially a checkpoint system, and you CANNOT save anywhere. While on a mission, you must complete the mission or start over before you can save. Why they wouldn't let gamers save anywhere is beyond, especially in an open-ended game. 2)Looting corpses is annoying. You use the same button (E) to loot corpses, switch weapons with dropped guns and skin animals. Many times you'll be standing over the corpse, jiggling the pointer until the magical "Press E to Loot" prompt comes. You should simply be able to click on the corpse and loot, like in many games, instead of hunting for the one spot you have to hover over to get the prompt.

Overall though, this game is a ton of fun!

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Max Payne 3 : Physical Game
Price: Rs. 200
Payne return's AWESOME !!!
on 19 June 12
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

People can bicker all day long about what makes a video game, "fun", and I'll leave you guys to keep doing that. I am here to give you my very brief opinion on Max Payne 3.

If anyone out there is more like me, meaning, you absolutely love shooting humans (not aliens) with guns (not outer-space lazers) then hear me now: No other shooter on the planet will give more satisfaction than Max Payne 3.


1) Enemy bodies and how they react to the bullets is the best i've ever seen in a video game. Most realistic to date, in my opinion.

2) With the music turned off (which i almost always do in video games), the gunfire sounds, environment damage from bullets, enemy gunfire, etc is "hard-hitting & pacts a punch". Sound is huge to me, and May Payne 3 delivers.

3) Bullet-Time/Dodge + minor cinematic slow-mo's of deaths to showcase some brutality. Simply fun to see, and adds that final layer of "hell yea" to the experience.

From just a pure "shooting guns" experience (single player), this is the cream-of-the-crop. Everyone else can keep your COD's and ultra-hollywood "set-pieces, i'll take a more mature-feeling, raw-hitting, powerful & gritty, gory "balls to the wall" shooting experience in Max Payne 3 any day of the week.


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Darksiders II : Physical Game
Price: Rs. 399
A good game in the end!
on 02 May 13
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

I think the game is great, except for a few things. With what the above poster said the FOV is horrible in some places. You can change your graphics resolution but that was fine with me but I guess other people want more. Looked great on my machine and never gave me one problem getting it going either. So maybe a patch down the road will fix some of this. But as for me I will still continue to play. The game is really good so far. Ive got about 6 hours under my belt and I'll say the puzzles are good and the combat is great. You can now get random trash loot which can be sold to vendors for credits to buy more better equipment/weapons. Boss's drop good items as well. You can rebind your keys. On the main game website the devs has posted on how to do it. Yes the game looks great. Its a really good hack and slash with puzzles and big demons to kill. Also, who wouldn't want to play Death?

My only Con I'll have to grip about is the FOV/camera.

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Very Nice.
on 02 May 13
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

The pendrive itself is very nice but the speed is not that good.
I have been using this pendrive for quite a long time now and it very durable make. I just love its desing.
Read 20+ Mb/s
Write 8-10 Mb/s

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on 02 May 13
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

The series has so much to offer. First of all the books a very large in size, so if you can read heavy and 1000+ paged books then only buy printed edition. Because it can pain your arms if reading while lying on your bed.

Now about book, this is an absolutely brilliant page turner. You pick the book on a morning and start reading it, then your forget your breakfast and keep on reading it, reading it and then you again forget you lunch and you keep on reading it. Even with rats jumping in your stomach you keep on reading it.
I think this illustration is far enough for this book.

The whole series is written so brilliantly that you just fell for it, amazing battles, picturization, story, tragedies, twists and turns, etc, just keep you on the edge.
Its a must read seies.
Plus now you have episodes on HBO, which make it more awesome.

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One of the best books on Fantasy + Epic Stories.
on 02 May 13
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

This is an extremely nice read and you will not stop reading it until you have finished it.
I have finished all the three parts of the book and all are just too good. Must Read.
I won't say much here but it is an amazing book.

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A great book at a great price !!
on 29 April 12
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

This is the best book for any computer programmer. I have been writing computer software codes and patches for a long time now and I'm always in search of doing things faster and easily. Which is only possible if you are good at algorithms, which this book is excellent at.
It would help you learn how to write algorithms and make your task faster and simpler. It is a must buy for any computer science or mathematics student.
Also it is from a great publisher- MIT itself.

The price of the original US edition is around 2700 INR but I got it in just 276 INR (of course its a LPE edition), which is great in itself.

And for Flipkart, best service as always !

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Very nice.
on 15 March 12
Priyank rated:
certified buyer

using it for quite a long time now. These are very nice. The sound quality is also very nice and you are able to listen to each and every instrument being played at background. I use them while in gym and jogging too. Fit quite nicely on ears. I think the lead could have been a little longer.

Thanks again FK :)

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