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Refreshing yet Nostalgic, kudos Konami :D
on 25 September 13
Jayesh rated:
certified buyer

PES 2014 isn't a strong comeback that dethrones FIFA but rather shows the promise for a brighter future & i am willing to support konami to reach that

The strong aspects of the game come from the New Fox Engine used for development of the game. The Graphics are great & provide for a PS4 like experience on a PS3, the lively crowd, the chants set the mood for a typical UCL matchday atmosphere, my family members walked by when i was playing & though i was watching a football match.

The passing is accurate as expected from PES, shooting is rewarding, goal keeps have new animations & they are tougher to beat than before, The AI is great, not too dominating not too noob, even on normal difficulty i had a challenging, realistically awesome & a believable game.

The game lacks a good UI design, the main menu seems like it's borrowed from a PS2 game & compared to FIFA there are no custom celebrations

But both FIFA & PES have their strong points, Licenses for FIFA along with lots of modes, while PES being more focused on gameplay. I personally went for PES this year as i loved the new improvement & after a few months i only play kick off games.

People can find custom kits online around a month or two after the game release, created by the PES community for PS3 & X360 version, so you wont miss your favorite club in the game.

Buy whichever game you like but don't be a fanboy, appreciate both games, if not for GTA this year i would have taken my chance with FIFA too :p

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Best enjoyable fighting game ever !
on 05 April 12
Jayesh rated:
certified buyer

This is the best fighting game that anyone can enjoy & have a good time , learn it quickly while still having the room for pro. players to have an edge over others with tactics & strategies

The new story mode is just perfect for a big game like this which has many stories to tell

The AI seems really challenging & help you develop your skills , you can't spam & win the game forces you to play strategically

The online mode rocks with multiplayer tournaments , free endless battles , ranked & unranked matches

The game has got you covered , people of all ages can enjoy the game , it is really that good

It's been a long time that fighting game fans had such a legen.......dairy game to play , but the wait was worth it !

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Let loose young grasshopper
on 26 June 13
Jayesh rated:

The newest addition to the Naruto storm series takes anime storytelling to a whole new level.

As soon as you dive into the story mode, you are taken through the turmoil of the kyuubi's attack on konoha. As soon as the initial chapters are over, the game is quick to follow with exhilarating storylines of 5 kage summit, naruto's birth, 4th Great Ninja War, some of the stories are created so perfectly it gives you a mirror image of an anime, but this time around you actually get to control the events as they unfold. Free roam & side quests are back but of course with a limit, not much freedom like you would have in storm 1, but of course with good BGM & cell shaded graphics it makes for a joy to play.

The game has usual, offline MP, online MP with tournaments, trading card exchange over online etc, you can unlock ton of stuff like, custom ninja cards, titles which you can use for your profile.

The game is highly enjoyable played with Japanese audio on with english subtitles, i wouldn't recommend using the english audio which is there. The game is well dubbed considering how dubs are hit or miss when it comes to anime, though anime is best enjoyed with Japanese, just like how you would enjoy the quirky humor of a movie in it's original language.

The game does what no other game has & that is let the player be a part of the anime world & did i mention it has 3D too :D,let loose young grasshopper

Dattebayo !

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Assassin's Creed III : Av Media
Price: Rs. 850
A Open world with charms of it's own
on 19 January 13
Jayesh rated:

Reviewed it for friends long back , hope it helps people here ,

So yeah played & completed Assassins Creed 3 , i guess it took me 14-15 hours to complete the main story alone , Sequences are quite big & some missions are annoying at first till you get the hang of it , so here are my thoughts / review if you will of the game , I'm keeping it spoiler free as much as possible ,

+ves :
- Great environmental graphics , good character models though the graphics for then could be a little better but still they are really good
-Desmonds missions are quite well done though they lack a map to guide but navigation is relatively simple so not a biggie
-The ending ties the story together very well so you don't find any lose ends to criticize
-Haytham is an awesome character introduced in the series , stole the show for me
-Audio is class , feels like you are living the revolution
-Rope darts are a joy to use , purchasable weapons help , swords , axes are really useful to killing big commanders in case there is no ammo or rope dart is used up

-ves :
-Weak individual character build up except a few characters who are really nailed spot on , some characters storyline seem to take a odd turn and while not bad at all they aren't digestible
-Hunting is poorly inspired , they could have done so much better , the QTE events just take the fun right out of it
-Naval combat is a interesting concept & while it does work good to the point of no serious issue , complains do arise due to tight handling of the ship & navigating & defending the ship amidst of a enemy attack while rotating a confused camera is a annoying job
-The world doesn't encourage you much, to explore it's beauty , and it still feels like jumping from one sandbox to another
-Tomahawk is a overrated weapon , weapons available for purchase are overpriced
- Tree climbing is not a very helpful skill that it could have been & if not properly skilled the player is slowed down , and finding the 2-3 specific types of trees in a situation of danger is troublesome

Overall for a first outing by a 3rd person open world game set in colonial America it does a real good job of capturing all the important events while keeping you entertained , some of it's flaws aside , this is one game that any open world enthusiast and above a conspiracy theory nut should not miss :p

AssassinS Creeds 3 >>> 8/10

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Fine update to the Hot Pursuit Series
on 07 May 12
Jayesh rated:
certified buyer

It's been ages since i played Hot Pursuit 2 , frankly i played it on PS2 & for me it's the best NFS Game , the console version for that game was better in all aspects from the PC Version

So i just went for the console version of the game & this game is really awesome , the handling feels much tighter than the PC Counterpart & you have to time your brakes & turns

The AI is tough as ever in the HP series of NFS & that is always a good factor , it is not overwhelming though so no worries

The one thing that this game lacks is split screen multiplayer than is where it loses some points , a game like this one is epic & should be playable with your brother or friends

Nevertheless the game is a good but for the current price :)

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Time to face the hammers of Justice B)
on 23 April 13
Jayesh rated:

My Review of Injustice Gods Among Us,

For a long long time now i have been begging for a good 1v1 superhero fighting game, with the current age online gaming, this sort of game was a mandatory creation from Devs, with MvC 3 series of games we got an awesome superhero fighting game featuring capcom characters as well, but team battles are not my thing so i prayed for these dark ages to pass, with injustice it felt like NetherRealm Studio heard the prayers, but is the game worth it ??? read ahead

The game builds itself more for the fighting game niche crowd than the mainstream players, this is a good thing since the game isn't a MK clone with DC Characters, combo mechanics are detailed, how swiftly you can perform combos depends on the character you use, guys like superman, doomsday are brute strength characters while batman, green arrow can provide you with some eye candy combos. Super moves are done well, but only a few of em seem to have loads of load put into creating them.
Story mode is short but keeps you interested, some rather bizarre choices of QTE like events that you have to play before some story battles were fun but felt unnecessary. With the option of S.T.A.R. Labs missions you can squeeze out more juice out of the game.

The heart of the game though is the Multiplayer mode, either layin the smack down on your friends offline or Spreading Justice over online, either way the game wont disappoint comic book fans or mainstream people alike, thankfully this time around the netcode is decent & with little wait you can access the online menu & with a bit of patience find ranked matches easily, player matches were hard to find though. With the option of private games i can imagine you can get games with people from the same region without much effort.

To wrap it up, the game does a good job with,

+New combat engine with more pro centric skill levels
+Good roster of DC Characters which will satisfy most of the fans
+High replay value

My minor gripes would be,

-The story is good but still a bit over the top to believe.
-Mainstream roster, characters like Blue Beetle, Dr. Fate, Huntress, Spectre, Darkseid & more are missing

The game isn't the best fighting game out there, nor is the benchmark of it's category, but is rather a good all rounder of a fighting game, that is just right.

I would definitely recommend people to buy it, it's worth learning it's mechanics & spending time with it's community.

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Being a god has it's Cons
on 13 March 13
Jayesh rated:

I was excited to see what new was there in the new GOW, sadly the game felt the same as the old one , it was nothing but mash this, kill that, after all these years i expected the combat to change but it was the same more or less.

The game was slightly better than DmC but overall felt like a beat em up than hack & slash , the chain blade weapon is slow this time around giving the illusion AI being challenging a bit, the sound effects are good,but i overall didn't like the too dramatic scripted boss battles, the world feels empty & hollow at times & i couldn't wait for the demo to end, sorry this is the truth, IMO after so many years of GOW sony could have improved the game

If you weren't into god of war before then you wont be now, with the Online MP said to be underwhelming, i don't find anything appealing about the game

In the end it's just another button masher & gore game for fans of such thing, which is a shame really since santa monica have developed quite the repute, mainstream gamers & GOW cult gamers will love it, not sure about people like me who want challenging grunt enemies, fun combat with loads of weapons, live surrounding which lets you soak the atmosphere & less brainless button mashing

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Good price & a better product
on 25 September 14
Jayesh rated:
certified buyer

Got it during the fashion sale for a nice discount. Now been using it for a few weeks. The print is great & hasn't given any problem after washing it as of yet. The shirt for my size is quite breathable & comfortable. The design is great & shirt being grey is a welcome change than the usual red, white or black you would find for such a design.

Overall i am happy with this purchase.

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Nice product for the price
on 25 September 14
Jayesh rated:
certified buyer

Bought the Large size jersey. Comparing the same with the Chelsea FC 2011-12 jersey i bought from Adidas store, i see some differences. This one seems to be of a more rough fabric than my silky smooth chelsea jersey. maybe this is because this kit is of 2012-13 season of AC Milan & Adidas did some changes. This is smaller than the chelsea jersey which is of UK Large size. I don't know where this was manufactured but it doesn't seem to be UK Large. The red color is dull too & mine is missing the black Adidas stick out logo which is there on the bottom of my chelsea jersey.

Though i don't particularly feel hot in it & for a great flipkart price i got during the fashion sale it's worth it. I hope flipkart takes these things in notice.

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Dead Or Alive 5 : Physical Game
Price: Rs. 1219
Experience the Adrenaline Rush of being Alive
on 19 July 13
Jayesh rated:
certified buyer

When i bought the game i was a bit disappointed with a 22 character roster but went on to buy it anyway since i missed out on DOA4 because it being a xbox 360 exclusive.

When i started playing the game seriously for the past week i began to enjoy it's fight mechanics, the game is easy to pick up for new players, it will give you the feel of a pro player, it's fight engine & audio capture the feel of a real martial art fight & the impact sounds for punches & kicks feels like you are really breaking your opponents bones, that was the one thing i could never experience with tekken. The cinematics and environmental destruction make the experience complete.

Pro gamers need not stay away, this is not a casual fighter by any means, the game has a steep learning curve for those who want to master it to the core. The fight system works on a rock-paper-scissor mechanic, strikes-throws-hold are the three types of skills, each has a advantage over one while being vulnerable to the other. There is a big combo list to satisfy your hunger of conquering the game.

Online mode works well, though i suggest playing simple match with anyone or lobby matches with friends, ranked matches & lobby matches are too demanding for internet connections, our indian connections obviously are not mostly up to normal global standards, apart from that there is no lag that i experienced on my 1 Mb/s connection :D

I have not even started the story mode, which for me is not that important in a long running fighting game, considering how good tekken is and still the story is way too complicated. But that's the beauty of fighting games if they can make a solid fighter then we tend to love the game for what it is & not for what it could have been :)

There is something for both Casual & Pro Players, and both can step into the others shoes to enjoy the game from either perspective.

For me this is the definitive fighting game of this generation, i only follow something worthy of my loyalty & this for me is one of those things that completes my soul.

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