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Sony SRF-18/BC FM Radio : FM Radio
Price: Rs. 1290
My wait's over for a Pocket FM/AM radio
on 26 July 12
G1 rated:
certified buyer

I always wanted to buy a portable Radio which is pocket sized.Went on to buy this beauty..I'm very Happy with my Purchase
1)Light weight,Pocket sized,Very similar to Galaxy Note dimensions except for the thickness.
2)Clean Signal Reception, with stereo out put.
3)We can use this as a Speaker for Apple iPod or any other Music player (Have Audio In feature, A tiny Aux connector is in d Box).
4)Has got a dedicated ear phone socket and An Audio Out for Connecting to external Speakers (Checked the ear phone socket by connecting to external speakers, it didn't there are two seperate channels for Audio out function.
5)Tuner is grippy with nice feel.
6)Telescopic Antenna is of top notch with smooth finish
7)LED Tuning Indicator.
8)We can record The programs by connecting it into a voice recorder through audio out socket.
1)For the Price they must have given a Pouch or atleast a Wrist Strap, sadly none in d package (No Probs what so ever).

Final Verdict: A very good Pocket Radio.

Note: This is my personal opinion about the product which has nothing to do with others satisfactions and dissatisfactions as happened with A radio Called "PAGARIA".

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TATA Photon Supported
on 14 January 12
G1 rated:
certified buyer

Yeah It does support TATA Photon
Quick Start Steps
1.Install the contents of the CD into ur computer
2.Connect the Router
i)first with RJ45 cable from router to computer
ii)You should connect both the USB cables to Computer from the router,if u wish to use ur computer as a power source
3.From the start menu of ur computer select WPS Wzard
4.It'll automatically configure wireless settings
5.If u face Problems in getting started still use the settings as quoted by the Doc in this review thread
6.Important settings being "Enable HSDPA?:CDMA 2000"& "APN Service:TATA"
Now i'm able to Connect my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus,Galaxy Note,Dell XCD 35,Nokia 5800 & Spice Mi Tab seamlessly..
Nice Product..
The Irony is it's Out Of Stock Now..if at all its available in near future it's Worth buying

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Worst Toy
on 19 July 12
G1 rated:
certified buyer

At this price point one expects it to be of at least average quality on d contrary its built with cheap quality platic
Finishing is also very very poor
Mfg Year 2009
With insufficient specifications in here we are not at all in a position to chosse better products
Highly disappointed for d second time while buying Toy Cars..

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Realised the meaning of "Brand value"
on 19 July 12
G1 rated:
certified buyer

Cons:1)Worst Finish
2)Moving parts inside the Radio while operating,if u tilt it u can feel the rumbling sound
3)Metal was peeling off from the antenna while pulling it
4)Stinky leather case,i think its absolutely useless
2)Cool remote n USB Play
Final Verdict:
Its always better to go for Branded Goods as u will get Gr8 Finish and superior quality even though they r costly..
i was very disappointed with this product.Hope to buy a Sony or Philips Pocket Radio if by chance it'll be available here

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Worst Flipkart Service
on 05 September 14
G1 rated:
certified buyer

I bought this worthless product on 01/09/2014
after loading just few mp3 files(20)
While scrolling down the menu
it got struck
I tried the Reset button
again the same problem
the cycle went on and on
I have requested for a Replacement
to my surprise Flipkart told me that It's not possible, and All their Products are 100% Genuine
so what,What about my Problem
What I finally got was A sorry for the inconvenience
So I just Lost my money on this
I was shopping on this portal since 3 years
got similar problems many times
..I think its time to move on to Some International Online shopping portals
who I guess will listen to their valued customers

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Excellent Ruck Sack
on 25 July 12
G1 rated:
certified buyer

1)Pocket on the waist belt is missing in my product(Red Ruck Sack)
i think this may be the cause for d price reduction..
i hd called up customer care prior to buying,they told me the price difference is just for d color.
2)webbing is also missing on d waist belt
these may be silly complaints, but they do give lot of functionality on d move..

1)Excellent build quality
2)Gr8 looks
3)Anatomical comfort design
4)Lot of utility features

Final verdict:Best in class Ruck sack..
Disappointed a little bit for the missing features from the Instruction guide enclosed in the package

Suggestion for Flipkart:
All these days my shopping experience with u was a pleasure, no complaints, but of late,i think with the increasing shopping categories, the focus on THE DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS is being taken for granted, which caused me a lot of discomfort, as i was on the receivng end very often. If u can please take care and describe the products with much light on the specifications as they are, that will be a lot of help for all the LOYAL Customers.
I even heard the same complaint from few of my friends too..
What i personally felt about Flipkart few weeks ago was "Amazon of India", to live upto that name i think a bit more improvement in product description is definitely needed.
The products which disappointed me:
1)Pagaria Radio: At d time of purchase, the picture displayed was a wrong one
2)Carrera Toy Car:I thought its a die cast model,it turned out to be Plastic electric car which needs seperate track inorder to run it; if thats d case i wouldn't have bought it in first place,i lost about Rs:1000
3)I don't want to reveal all my Issues as it may give bad impression to d customers

I too have lot of very Happy memories from the flip kart..

Thats ok Flipkart i will bear these disappointments, please do consider our problems n do the needful from now onwards..
Way to go "Amazon of India"

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Received an old and Dust laden product-Couldn't get the Replacement too
on 08 March 14
G1 rated:
certified buyer

Worst Flipkart service
Being a loyal customer
I had to pay d price
Time to move on from flipkart to elsewhere

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Please Review
on 03 August 12
G1 rated:

Somebody Please Review this Product
- Battery Life
- Quality
- Control of vehicle
- Thanks in advance

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