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Reviews by Rohit (6)

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Razer Goliathus Fragged Alpha Control Mousepad : Mousepad
Price: Rs. 1189
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
on 02 December 11
Rohit rated:
certified buyer

A Must buy for games specially FPS games.
The Mouse pad is so cool and its really easy to get a good kill streaks.

Im using MX 518 and i must say it really rocks.
Awesome control and really must buy.

And Thanks flipkart for delivering in time :)

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Tt eSPORTS Black Wired Laser Gaming Mouse : Mouse
Price: Rs. 3150
In Stock. Delivered in 6-7 business days.
The Thermaltake eSports Black Gaming Mouse specifications:
on 22 December 11
Rohit rated:

At last! Gamers could have the perfect combination of gaming utility without the extra need for cash!


? Model : BLACK gaming mouse(MO-BLK002DT)
? DPI : 400/800/2000/4000
? USB data format : 16 bits
? Max Acceleration : 50G
? Max Speed : 90IPS
? Report rate : 500 reports per second
? Tuning Weight : Yes (4.5gx5)
? On the move DPI : Yes/4 levels (400/800/2000/4000)
? Buttons (Left / Right) : 5 million clicks
? Cable length : 1.8 m braided
? Feet material : Teflon
? USB connector : Gold-plated

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Mad Catz Cyborg V.1 Flight Stick : Joystick
Price: Rs. 1990
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
on 31 October 12
Rohit rated:
certified buyer

OK here is the Deal.

I bought this product just to play Battlefield 3, and it works pretty good. The stick is fully compatible with the game and No Drivers required to Install.

The Look is good but the Cyborg 9 looks beasty and sexy at the same time :D those who need looks and have cash then buy the other sticks from Mad Catz.

For Battlefield players i recommend this only for beginners but if you are a PRO level player i suggest the later version i mean cyborg 5 or 9 etc.

The only problem i found is the lack of keys.
there are only limited control keys and cant do everything on this but like i said its good for beginners and it wont get fucked up easily when learning to fly :D

Thanks flipkart for Delivering the Product in good condition
and packing.

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Roccat Kave Real 5.1 Surround sound Gaming Headset : Headset
Price: Rs. 8500
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
on 31 October 12
Rohit rated:
certified buyer

I Been using this Headset for long time now. I must say its best in its class. Its good for Both gaming and Movie.
You can feel almost everything when using this Headset while gaming or while watching movie.Can hear almost everything.
And the Material which is Comfy and good in looks but after a long use the leather kind of stuff inside the ear piece will tear off. Thats the only problem i encountered and the bass. Its kinda low but not a big problem.

I will give

8/10 for Performance
7/10 for Comfort

Thanks to Flipkart for Delivering the package in Time and the Packing was excellent.

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Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition) : Physical Game
Price: Rs. 1499
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Game is Awesome But Flipkart Failed!
on 01 November 11
certified buyer

About the Game , Its awesome and the multiplay is insane.
best online game available now.

Flipkart failed this time too to deliver the item in time.
Ruined the name of "PRE-ORDER".
I dont know whether they know the meaning of preorder.
game4u delived in time even this was a festive season.

Guys anyone gonna preorder any stuff in flipkart think twice.Cos u wont get the item in time for sure.i was gonna pre order MW3 but i changed my mind . . .


Game: 5/5
Flipkart Delivert :1/5
Flipkart Packing : 5/5

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BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset : Headset
Price: Rs. 299
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
\m/ Best Among Its Class \m/
on 29 May 12
Rohit rated:

BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset Was worth Buying.

# Clear Sound and Awesome Bass :)

I suggest this to every BB owners.
Buy it you wont regret :D

And Thankyou Flipkart For Awesome Fast Delivery and good packing :)

PS Flipkart : Where is my "Certified Buyer" Logo ????

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