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Reviews by Krishna (6)

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Nokia Lumia 925 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 16999
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Review updated- (Not) fair on Flipkart.
on 11 September 13
Krishna rated:
certified buyer

After posting my disgust on Twitter and Fb, flipkart generously refunded the discrepancy amount within 24hrs in my bank account. Kudos to their customer service team. Happy customer again.
This isn't a product review or thoughts, I haven't received the device yet. I ordered L925 yesterday at 4 am.(yes awkward time to order an high-end phone, because of my work time). The same afternoon I was surprised to see the price to down by 1000Rs with few free items, which was unfair and I was like WTH?

Now today, within 24 hours the price is now reduced to 2500INR!!!!. This is unfair practice at its phenomenal best, I feel cheated now Flipkart, never expected this from you guys. I have e-mailed them regarding this. A disgruntled customer.

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ASUS RT-N10 EZ N Wireless Router : Router
Price: Rs. 2900
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Feature rich wi-fi router
on 28 April 12
Krishna rated:
certified buyer

I was a tiny bit worried when I saw diagram showing connection with Modem, my BB doesn't need modem, all I have is a cat5 fiber optic cable which comes directly to my bed room from the provider's switch box in the premises but setting it up was a breeze I just connected my fiber optic cable to WAN port and boom it auto-configured connection itself and ready to go. You have tons of options to play with the web interface.

Love its ergonomic design pattern on its body and coverage was awesome. I could even get one bar on my phone after stepping out from the premises. Top notch coverage. Flipkart's packaging of item was excellent. Overall, well I'm hugely satisfied for money I paid for.

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Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB External Hard Disk : External Hard Drive
Price: Rs. 3999
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Excellent product.
on 04 October 13
Krishna rated:
certified buyer

As usual, no complaint on Flipkart delivery, they are well ahead of their promised or proposed deliver date.

Coming to the product itself, I bought the red one which looks stunning, it is not thinner as I expected it to be. Transfer speeds are great on Windows8 machine and Ubuntu, touching 30Mb/s, my laptop doesn't have USB3.0 port, sure that would give insane transfer speed. Seagate software in good but UI could be better, still not explored more on it but I see there are good back-up features present.

Overall a good purchase for me.

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SRA VGA12 VGA Cable : Data Cable
Price: Rs. 137
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Very good!.
on 03 December 13
Krishna rated:
first to review certified buyer

I was worried a bit when I placed order for this VGA cable thinking whether it would work well, my laptop screen is not working properly so I was in need of a good VGA cable so that I can connect it to my TV. To my surprise the quality of the cable is really good and works perfectly. Never I thought I would solve my laptop issue with at this price.

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