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Reviews by Kunal (9)

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Great color
on 23 May 16
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

Good one. The Pink is slightly light in color than in pictures. My sis loved it!

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It's Wow!
on 09 September 11
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

HP V-250 W 16GB- Amazing finish, awesome quality!

Flipcart- Fast delivery (4 days when I missed their call thrice!), Competitive pricing, Very Decent packaging and free shipping! Very Satisfied!

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Worth the money
on 08 February 17
Kunal rated:

49UH770T isn't 3D as others have pointed out.

The TV is a great value for money when compared to similar specced TVs from Samsung and Sony. It played almost every format I threw at it.
Has an amazing Processor and hardly ever it has any UI lag. UX is great too and smart remote features are unbeatable at this price range!
Colors are natural and has a lot of customizations available to achieve your desired results; however, it's not on par with Sony's Triluminous displays.
HDR brightness isn't great but much better than non-HDR TVs. Another low point probably, would be not-so-great blacks as expected from an IPS display, however has great Viewing angles - another IPS feature.
Upscaling is flawless and even 720p videos from some distance look great - note that upscaling works best with media source is connected directly to the TV through USB pen drive/hard-disk. TV connected to a computer through HDMI didn't result in equally great result - however, it isn't bad at all.
Has 24p playback for movies.
All in all its a great purchase at this price point. If you're looking for better colours/blacks in a 4K display Samsung KU6470 or Sony 49X8300 would be what you should be looking for however they're available at a much higher price point.
PS - Unless you've good amount of 4K content available, or if your viewing distance is above 6-7 feet, you might be better off with a Sony FHD TV in this price range.

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It is FAST!
on 09 September 11
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

Seagate Freeagent GoFlex 3.5- 1TB: Very good quality with 3 yrs warranty sounds sweet. Great speed- experienced upto 36 MB/s while data transfer. Avg. speed was around 25-28 MB/s. Very Satisfied!

Flipkart- Very good packaging and decent delivery time (4 days for B'lore).

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Works much better on Android than on iOS
on 23 January 17
Kunal rated:

Experience on Android is much better than on iOS (10.2). UI appears more fluid and no connection drops - not something I experienced on iOS. Though not on par with Android, it's very much usable on iOS too.

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A great buy!
on 06 July 16
Kunal rated:

Amazing phone, as expected:

# Great build quality - Looks upmarket and premium; you hold it and you know Note5 wasn't made to budget; with minimal bezels and a screen covering 75.9% of the device is something you'd not miss noticing
# Great battery back up - I'm getting about 6 hours SOT with 24 hours between charging
# Great overall performance - No lags or stuttering whatsoever. Runs smooth; never heats up while using it. Monthly software updates is a welcome thing!
# Fast charging - Charges extremely fast, hardly takes 90 minutes from say 5% to 100%; here it heats up a bit, however it's under acceptable levels. Nothing really to complain about.
# Excellent display - Yet to see a phone display close to this (exception is Samsung's own flagship devices)
# Excellent Camera - Again a masterclass; with class leading image quality and a ton of customisations this should keep you happy most of the times. Under low light situations it's not as good as Nexus 6p, but nothing you'd hate.
# Good call quality, cleaned up UI with decent amount of customisations, a very usable and intuitive S-Pen app.

Not so good:
# Headphones - wasn't really impressed with the supplied headsets, could have been better
# Keyboard - Again, not impressed with it as it hardly offers customizations as I've seen on other devices. Had to resort to Google keyboard - yup, the Google keyboard offers better customization

Overall, quite satisfied and would recommend it. It's a bit pricey but you don't have many choices which provides similar hardware and software quality/experience.

PS: Per my understanding, Samsung provides premium service quality for Note5.

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on 05 July 16
Kunal rated:

Used it for a few months now. Seems to be a decent product for the price. Tastes good too. Haven't had any side effects either. Worth a try!

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Nexus 6P (Grey, 32 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 39999
One of the best Androids in this price segment!
on 04 June 16
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

Great one, as expected!

# Amazing Cameras - very fast focus and great image quality
# Started using Android N - possibly one of the best upgrades when it comes to customization options offered on stock Android
# Great build quality from Huawei
# Had been using a QHD screen on my last phone - so don't see anything spectacularly different/better. It's a great one for sure. Note 5 has a better screen, though.

Overal, I'm very satisfied with the phone for the money I spent!

The initial handset I received that had the notorious yellow tint. Flipkart was more than cooperative to replace it. The second handset is perfect!

Hats off to the guys at FK/WSR who aspire to give a world class service! Very much appreciated!

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Happy with the purchase!
on 25 June 14
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

The good:
A very decent product at this price range - good look and feel.
A premium feel of the product is what I like about the tab.
Speakers are nice too.

Not so good:
Screen is average - nothing special, I feel.

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