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basic headphone, average performance and value for money.
on 21 November 13
manish rated:
certified buyer

There are many cheap and bad quality headphones available in the market. This Philips, is of fairly decent quality, and comes packed, with all the import stickers, hence is authentic. This one is my reserve headphone in case the main is busy. Quality is what you pay for; still I will buy again, if my reserve also gets, busy :) The cord length is just enough for a front panel desk top/ lap top use. If you need it to connect it to your Small TV, go for the ones with bigger cord length.

Edited: 9January2015-long term test review.
People this headphone has extremely good quality strong cable and jack. We are using this headphone daily since November 2013. It is connected to my desktop cabinet Cooler Master K281, and, occasionally used by my Music Critique Dad when connected to his mobile phone in coat pocket. This phone's cords have been pulled accidentally and jack; stressed many times. By this time a cheap chinese import would have been rendered useless. I will buy this again if the seller is WS Retail. Small length cord makes it ideal for mobile phones and they are not loud enough so that you are deaf while listening to music; that is to ambient sounds; especially while walking in dangerous Delhi roads. Though my journalist dad scolds everyone in the road he finds listening to in-ear headphones. In-ear have caused many road accidents in New Delhi.
Lastly, this headphone has low price AND average bass and low, high, frequency response. I am ultra-happy that this has lasted 15 months of daily use. Worth the money.

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stainless steel version of F-91W
on 22 April 13
manish rated:
certified buyer

i had already reviewed f-91 w on july '12. just adding to the is same as F-91 W.the strap is light weight stainless steel. the case is chrome plated plastic. strap is single locking, should have been double locking...though the size of strap is big, OK for adult size wrist. double locks are more safe as i had my single lock 12 year old timex ironman stolen on crowded mumbai locals right from my wrist!!!
but over all THIS WATCH IS SIMPLY AWESOME, VERY MATURE LOOKS. ultra high recommendation. mind u the LED is Dim and if u have reading glasses more than +2.0 u will need to have then on to see the time.
go for big display electro luminescent backlight watches, if u want to see time w/o glasses or a big numbered analog one.
this time the watch came packed in super sexy casio box and all the papers and manuals.imported in april'13!!!
i have learnt that though it is assembled in china(case+strap+packing) the main module and display are still made in japan - in the original factory!!! amazing watch as it is a 2 decade old design - unchanged - collectors item :)

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dig into your past and wonder that was india:)
on 12 July 12
manish rated:
certified buyer

Brilliantly written* by A.L.Basham, who taught the Noted Historian Ms Romila Thapar...a must read for every Indian...delivered express speed by Flipkart in New Delhi(w/o bubble packing:( dad and i are rekindling our book reading and adding on to our home library from always i wish they give 30-40-50% discount on ALL BOOKS so we can order least two-books-a-week:):):)...*=with some mistakes which my Sanskrit Scholar Dad noticed i.e translations of Sanskrit and Hindi/Vernacular Language.

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One of the best heavy cable lock with unpickable computerised keys
on 17 October 12
manish rated:

got it few months back(white is the best) you a comfy feel to lock your cycle with it...can be used for motorcycles/helmets...but it is a bit heavy as the steel cord is thick.I Hope Flipkart adds to their catalogue the high risk b'twin chain and lock & the Rs1500 thicker version of this lock which has a one inch thick steel braided cable and weighs 2Kgs!...this is highly recommended.thx flipkart now i know where to buy the second one...and a bit cheaper...delivered at home :D

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Thanx Mubarak Darbar !!!
on 31 August 13
manish rated:

as i was building my first hackintosh(tonymacx86) and was wondering where to get a z77 version...^^^ yer review made my get a GA-H77DS3H ver hackintosh is up and running. the feeling of making it yourself including all the hardware and software is of immense happiness and satisfaction. though now 4th gen has come. my build is lite-on ihas 124-04 dvd writer, seagate barrracuda st31000524as hdd(both from flipkart), vengeance 1600 4gb ram, cooler master k281 cabinet and sea-sonic s12 II 430 psu(again from flipkart- but read my review), cpu i3-3225.

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just be used with a wet loofah sponge only.
on 16 July 12
manish rated:

I bought it as the sticker said "Voted Product of the Year 2011"-Consumer Survey of Product Innovation.though the fragrance is excellent...a loofah sponge should be given free with ALL Shower Gels instead of any rebate and as one shower uses atleast 25 ml...should come in a bigger pack say 330 ml.will not buy it again...will try Pure Game Shower Gel from Flipkart instead.also the date of manufacture/batch is at the transparent bottom(bubble jet black print)barely visible in the Mall i bought it from.Price should be less or more quantity given.

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Legendary watch...:)but small size strap and...:(
on 19 July 12
manish rated:
certified buyer

Got The Legend Delivered Today from Another Legend in India--Flipkart:):):) imported from japan tag...just plain white cardboard-visiting card size insert and polythene packing...NO Warranty Card From Casio India...first reaction is a Genuine Casio as there are so many fakes around...but the buckle strap is small for an adult(only three holes left in my case,i have a normal size wrist and like to wear digital watches in a loose fit)...the watch slipped to the corner of the wrist after some hours...strange that the strap on the holes side is long but on the buckle side is short...though it will fit school going kids below 15 years, correctly...flipkart should have mentioned this with an option for an adult size larger one more thing i want to this watch bring my teenage memories from mid-eighties when digital watches were, the in-thing and very costly...anybody with more than +2.0 reading glasses will not be able to see time clearly w/o them...infact w/o my +1.50 i cannot read the date and day properly:(though with some practice i will get used to day light it is much clearer...and yes the display is Crisp...i got this watch for timing my 3km jog and 30 km cycle rides on my 21 gear hybrid in the monsoons...i just love the light feel,hourly chime and the alarm(though i will download the manual from net to fathom so as to how to do lap timing for two laps)...also the LED light bulb is dim...i will buy another casio/QnQ watch with electro-luminiscence and BIGGER TIME DISLAY SIZE from flipkart but the wrist size + manual + correct size in milimetres of the entire watch HAS to be mentioned in the product information on flipkart...minus the irritating watch dial going to the left side of the wrist and while zeroing the stop watch,the light bulb is switched-on as it is the same switch...i still give this Legend five out of five stars*****and yes the 7-5 Year battery replacement(more light bulb/alarm/chime/stop watch use,less it lasts)is very easy 10 minute DIY just need small philips size screw driver...tutorials are on youtube:)...DoNotMissBuyingThisLegend...and yes this blue colour lined model looks better than the yellow-ocre lined model:) though i would have loved it more,if the buckle intead of black plastic,be in stainless steel,so that the CASIO embossing can be seen clearly...what i like most about this watch is that the stop watch on/off/on switch is the right-down alone switch...incidentally i surfed the net/wiki for this particular info before ordering :D...i pray it was useful reading.God Bless Flipkart.OM.

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Excellent for connecting to LED TVs for watching movies
on 21 October 13
manish rated:
certified buyer

Firstly, this is a USB3.0 drive and it is mentioned on the pack itself, Read upto 55MBPS and Write, upto 5MBPS. Upto means maximum speed. As I have been using these(2.0) retractable Transcends for the last 4 years, this one did not disappoint. I am getting speed transfer of an average upto 300MB/minute, while writing a 2GB movie. Read speed is blistering at 50MBPS.
Secondly, I bought it specially to transfer movies from Desk Top to USB. Our new TVs have double USB ports, so they can duplicate on the LED TV itself. Small size drives are a pain to connect at the side of the Wall mounted TVs. Dangling USB cord connectors are a no-no, and may even degrade quality if watching a FHD Movie(thru USB Cords). So Size Does Matters.
Thirdly, I got the drive on 4 Oct'13 and it was imported brand new on 7/13(August'13), with all the import stickers, from Transcend Taiwan.
For High Speed Data transfer from Computer to Computer, I will go for a 16/32 GB USB 3.0 drive and faster ones than this. But remember, the real-time data transfer speed depends a lot upon your computer configuration, and RAM Speed i.e of both the connected machines. Whether you have SSDs(solid state drive) installed or not, and the kind of data being copied also effects the transfer speed.

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Excellent Light Deo, not for those who like strong ones.
on 02 July 13
manish rated:
certified buyer

just the right light-strength. it does its job, that is to de-odour. sporty and for those who do not have strong body odour. does not overwhelm. highly recommended for guys travelling Delhi Metro !!!. ordering again as it is n/a at the local mall.

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Intel i3 3225 : Processor
Price: Rs. 10350
grab it before it vanishes...ideal for macosx86 enthus!!!
on 13 May 13
manish rated:

this proccy had gone dark for months, its good news it is available again. the only i3 with hd4000 which has 1700 Mb of on-chip grfx. 28% of CPU is grfx...great buy for those who do not want a separate power hungry grfx card...

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