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best in its range
on 03 March 12
kingcharalie rated:

i am using this product and this masterpiece has everything in it

cable adjustment!!
space for coolers!!
space to fit other fans!!
and cool blue light with turn and off option!!
sata port on front direct access to hdd(best part)

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just one word:mind blowing
on 13 March 12
kingcharalie rated:

this is the best card ever launched by any graphics company till date

as i am using ati raedon 7970 wind force edition/0c

it has 3 fans and so quite and unique

ati/amd have done it again

value for money!!

any game run on this card skyrim,rage,batman arkham city

feels like character will pop out of screen

if you have money just for this!!

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this will work with any ordinary pencil
on 27 November 13
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

i was scared ordering this prodcut but thanx to as they helped me telling that i can use any ordinary pencil in this extender and u dont need to worry!!

this information was not given by flipkart but i am providing it to u!!
its a lead aswell as a pencil extender u can use both things simultaneously!!

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i tell the truth
on 07 November 13
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

i have been drawing for like last 5 months and this a product if u going for some professional drawing
these stumps are really great in quality and u can sharpen them if they get dirty and will last way long as u can expect.
they were shipped within 48 hours of order placed on flipkart.awsome service
now the product
1) u use this product for smudging things like in eyes,nose,ears and hairs of human body

2)product is good quality all thanks to cretacolor

3) u get 5 sticks from small to the biggest depending upon the size of ur drawing

if u think u got what it needs to a professional drawing expert you came to the right product and use it as it will definetely improve your drawing.

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The cheapest and the best
on 27 April 13
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

i ordered this this product 72 hours ago and got within 48 hours of the ordered place

1st of all thanks to coolermaster for cheap and sound cooler

my config

ram: corsair vengance 4x4=16 gb
processor: core i 5 2500 k
hard disk: 1 tb cavair black western digital
psu:cooler master tx 850 v2
gpu: gigabyte amd 7970 oc edition
cpu cooler: cooler master hyper tx 3 evo
fans installed: 3 fans

now about the product i must say
as for the 1st year of my pc everything went all well as it was new in machinery
but in due course of time i saw my thermal paste getting old and over and temperature rising
while playing all high game at ultra settings sleeping dogs,bf3,hitman,tomb raider etc temp was like 75-90 degress
before cooler
idle was 60-70
on load 70-90

after cooler
idle :40-50
onload : 50-65 max till where i see
but after installing this cooler i didnt expect such a major differnce that my cpu temperature remains between 50-60 between

so the thing is this cooler comes with option to install to other fan on the mount of cooler and the thermal paste is cool with silver oxide in it

in my opinion if u want cheap and the best go for it!!

best in my opinion

thanks to flipkart for providing this product!!

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basic and great gaming mouse
on 27 November 13
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

i ordered this product 48 hours

and got it so quick and awsome delivery by flipkart like always

now for the mouse

its 2000 dpi which is more then enought if u are new to gaming world

as for the mouse its anti grip and anti slip and has 2 extra keys to help u out in games u can bind accordingly

no software to install go direct and play and enjoy!!

has fingers rest too for those long gaming hours session

9/10 awsome!!

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Staedtler Noris Pencil : Pencil
Price: Rs. 294
awsome as it says STAEDTLER
on 07 November 13
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

hey guys i am using staedtler products for my drawings from last 5 months and as i can say 80% of their products are MINDBLOWING.

the thing is if u want perfection and wanna do something great in life all u need is some good product which helps u entirely.

noris pencil is a really good product and will like last 2 1/2 times more then a ordinary pencil

the lead is unbreakable unless u intenionally try to break it out.

if u wanna try using staedtler products and want something cheap go for
Staedtler norica pencil and
after that u move along with higher products as keep growing big in drawing

so what u thinking just order and use and surely u will love it

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pay once and forget nxt 3 years
on 13 March 12
kingcharalie rated:

this card is a beast

you can unleash any game on this card for the nxt 2.5 years easily

3 gigs of ram oh my god!!

as for my self i am using

gigabyte ati raedon 7970 windforce edition/oc

its works like a sissy girl(quiet and calm) and performs like a monster!!

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dont buy(no replacement in india)
on 20 May 12
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

never buy these headphones from flipkart or anywhere in india

as tt service centre is not in india

and u would not get replacement

cheap crap made by tt....headphones wasted in 9 months and no service as if u courier back to them u can buy a new one for very same price!!

dont commit the mistake i did already!!dont get befooled by flipkart rest is all upto u!!

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Borderlands 2 : Physical Game
Price: Rs. 999
no premier club code on preorder
on 24 September 12
kingcharalie rated:
certified buyer

hey guys i got my product and i activated my cd key on steam and i didnt get my premier code neither in box nor on the email....i have been scammed and trolled what should i do....

as for the delivery by flipkart 10/10 and damn awsome game 10/10

how do i get my premier code i have bill it says preoder premier club access

what should i do>???

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