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on 06 December 12
shadab rated:
certified buyer

This is one of the best cameras in this price range-no other manufacturer comes even close.I have used this camera for 2 months, these are my observations-----
1)It has a sony bsi cmos sensor+ awesome sony g lens-the photos and videos are simply great-clarity and color reproduction is just fantastic. I am an average camera user, this camera was meant for someone like me who doesn't know very much about cameras n photography but uses it for important occasions, celebrations, events like birthdays, picnics etc. you just need to press the shutter button-no worries at all, it is meant for novices like me.
2)The camera focuses like a pro(pic and video) -very fast and accurate, the time between 2 consecutive shots is very minimal (about 1 sec-I am using class 10 sd card) so you can keep clicking and you wont miss any special moment of your small child as the camera responds and focuses very fast.
3) Video is great and sharp-avchd and mp4 formats in 1080 p quality ,the mic picks up sound very nicely.
4)Camera connects to pc very easily no issues extremely easy to download my pics n vids to the computer.
5)Low light performance is pretty good because of the special HDR mode, taking crisp close up macro pics is also possible, image stabilization is awesome for pics n vids. 10 x optical zoom is great and 40 x digital zoom beyond that surprisingly maintains A LOT OF clarity-you can zoom even in video mode.
6)The flash is pretty decent but some special modes like intelligent auto plus dont really require a flash to take a good picture, the camera automatically takes 2-3 quick consecutive snaps and joins them to make one sharp & clear composite picture-so YOU DON'T NEED TO KEEP USING THE FLASH WHILE TAKING PICS OF OTHERS LIKE SMALL CHILDREN N IRRITATE THEIR DELICATE EYES WITH THE HARSH FLASH.
Finally, I dont use panorama mode a lot but it really is effortless.This camera is so awesome, for some documents or newspaper clippings or business cards etc, i dont use a scanner to store it, I simply click an easy, sharp n precise picture with this camera to store the data.
I can keep going on and on but i will finish here by saying this beautiful gem of a camera has no issues at all and is better than any canon , nikon or samsung at this price, and i would suggest that you guys go for this without any worries whatsoever if you plan to buy this as your family camera & if you want to leave all the setting headaches & technicalities & tough decision making of taking good pics & vids to your camera-this camera will never disappoint.

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Dont worry bout ANYTHING, blindly buy this for phone for ur first android experiene
on 30 August 12
shadab rated:
certified buyer

All parts of the phone work flawlessly, the ear piece is gr8, the mic n rear loudspeaker is gr8, accelerometer n proximity sensor work gr8, no network problems no unforeseen software glitches at all. Just open the box n charge it n start using-this is d phone equivalent of hero honda splendour. THE BOX PACK INCLUDES EARPHONES AS STATED BY FLIPKART. Small things endear this phone to me, I dont need to hold phone to my ear when I call someone and listen to their dialer tune or tone, rather i hold phone in front of me and as soon as they pick up, as an indication, explorer will vibrate a bit, then i put phone to my ear.Also when i remove battery to swap sims i never need to keep resetting the time n date etc, phone automatically picks up time n date- ive used several samsung bada, sony ericcson, nokia n lg entry level phones none r so easy to use. smart dialing is just awesome- i have 500+ contacts n managing with smart dialing for names as well as numbers is just awesome.There's ability to block calls and also Fixed Dialing Number functionality for restricting outgoing calls when u give your phone to child or stranger.When u open web pages they download well enough and there is also text re-flow,also my eyes r slightly weak n there is pinch to zoom for sms messages which is just a life saver for me.The phone is elegant looking as well as rugged. touch response is fantastic too, music player app is good, rear loudspeaker has good volume but doesnt reproduce high bass properly.The screen is simply awesome at this price point. I was easily able to connect via wifi n download 4-5 simple games,(initially wasnt able to sign in to google play store-did a hard reset n then was easily able to sign into my google account) although here the 109 mb internal memory for apps is slight letdown but u can always download apps2sd n make some space available. FINALLY DONT LISTEN to anyone saying that samsung galaxy y or lg optimus L3 is better because specs wise all r same n HTC's screen is head and shoulders above them some say lg optimus L3 has 1 gb internal memory-that is false, "real" internal memory is only 157 mb for apps n games -1gb is just marketing gimmick.

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This phone IS NOT value for money. HTC EXPLORER only 700 rs more
on 03 July 12
shadab rated:

On paper the LG L3 has a good 800mhz qualcomm snapdragon processor, a 3 megapixel camera and a 1500 mAh battery n 1 GB internal memeory, 4 areas where it SEEMS better than SAMSUNG GALAXY Y n HTC EXPLORER, but only on paper.

1) IN REALITY, the CAMERA is BELOW par, the TOUCH RESPONSIVENESS is slightly below par, the call reception is slightly below par, the screen is low resolution, and all-in-all its a very mediocre n moderate phone not worth 7800rs. You see, phone makers have to optimize the operating system software to work well with the processor, this is what samsung is really good at, that is why even with slightly less powerful processor it works butter smooth.People actually LOVE GALAXY Y,see all the reviews n ratings for the GALAXY Y on flipkart itself, it is a top seller and is a tried-n-tested product.It is also cheaper than L3!!!

2) ALSO, HTC EXPLORER is only 700 rs more expensive and that was once a 12000rs phone it is an awesome built to last phone with almost no negatives compared to L3 even though its 600mhz compared to L3's 800mhz processor yet it felt more responsive than the L3 when I tried it at a store .Also HTC sense is a much better n unique interface compared to LG. Lg's interface is just so similar to samsung's interface that there's nothing unique n exciting about lg L3's interface.

Although the phone does have 1 GB INTERNAL MEMORY for downloading good amt of apps-galaxy y has 160 mb,htc explorer has 90 mb, u can save apps on SD card so internal memory is not an issue n anyway L3 has low resolution VGA screen so media n content arent going to look very good on the screen

FINALLY,if the L3 drops to around to 6000rs then it is worth considering

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Horrible phone disappointed by japanese company uniden
on 20 June 14
shadab rated:
certified buyer

1)Ring volume is pathetic ! if you are in the next room, forget it,you wont hear the call, be prepared for multiple missed calls waiting for you whenever you approach the phone Setting the ringer volume to max will not make any difference.
2) While conversing on speakerphone, mic does not pick up your voice AT ALL so other party cant hear one thing youre saying, you HAVE to pick up the handset and give up on the continue conversation.
3)ergonomic design of phone is not good- there is some imbalance in handset so the phone easily goes off the hook (gets disconnected) while placed properly on the phone, with even slightest accidental touch, so when you are on speakerphone and typing in a phone number it continuously keeps getting disconnected because if the handset gets displaced even slightly then phone will get disconnected and you have to reenter phone number

1)backlight display
2)quality of plastics good
3)big buttons

Horriblly designed phone- not expected of uniden-dont purchase you will repent as I did

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Buy this before lg realizes that the price of this phone is too good .............
on 10 December 12
shadab rated:

The cheapest (or atleast one of the cheapest ) quad core phone in india !!! BIG value for money.. Will handle games n multi tasking like a dream. IPS panel second to none. Optimus UI very much improved from the past,with many new features and functions, and is as good as htc's Sense UI, Samsung's Nature UI, Sony's Timescape UI. 2100 mah battery is pretty decent. Only complaint is-because of quad core chip, phone heats up quite a bit-firmware upgrade doesnt solve the problem .Doesnt get too hot though. Also camera is just OK, some software glitches solved by firmware updates, but camera was never a serious competitor to samsung galaxy s 3. Still if your budget is between 25-28 k ,this phone has to be on the TOP of your list. Infact, if you are considering samsung galaxy s2, don't, as this is better in every aspect and is more future proof compared to the samsung. Nowadays "Made in Korea" is a desirable nametag, and is a much better indicator of good quality than "Made In China" atleast for the time being, and this phone definitely does sports that nametag(atleast on my phone), so quality is 100% present.I remember owning an lg black and white screen "Made In Korea" phone for 7 long years and i had to deliberately smash it to pieces as it just kept going on and on without a problem n i was dying to get a color mobile. Black is nice but the phone looks very cool in white. Finally considering the launch price of this phone was SO MUCH more and it has seen such a huge price cut, it is definitely a solid bargain.

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Not good- below expectation, doesn't live upto asus name !
on 13 May 14
shadab rated:

Didnt buy this from flipkart, but my main cons are :-

1) Battery backup is very bad... lasts only 4-4.5 hrs !

2) Speaker volume is very very low-i had to purchase bluetooth speaker-needlessly had to spend extra money

3) Touch response isnt the best - sometimes i need to tap the same button 3-4 times before there is a response, very irritating & not expected from asus !

4) Gets very hot at the back, around the rear camera area while charging (with original charger) or while surfing the net

5) Camera is pretty useless. Stills are horrible & so are movies !

Shockingly, I have an old samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 that is better than this asus on all the above counts and I bought the acer thinking it would best the samsung, but no way !


1) screen is excellent for this price point !

2) wi fi radios on this are awesome ! The asus picks up wifi signals even behind 2 soild walls comfortably !

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Lifesaver for CDMA users
on 05 December 12
shadab rated:
certified buyer

As it is cdma users have very few choices for touch screen phones. This is really an awesome value-for-money phone. The touchwiz user interface coupled with gingerbread OS makes using this phone so simple and easy. I am a big fan of speed dialing and smart dialing as i have a huge contacts list-this phone is a god send. I was afraid about call reception but my fears were baseless - this phone has awesome call reception - i dont lose the signal even in the lift and have never had a call drop till now. The phone never hangs. It does slow down a bit even during light usage there is noticeable lag even on performing small tasks-but its really VERY manageable ,understandable also, since the processor of this phone is very basic . I am using this for tata n this works with reliance also. As other reviewers have said the phone really does needs recharging atleast once a day-so battery definitely under performs-but still this should not put a cdma user off as its other features more than make up for this short coming. All in all this is a gem of a phone that comes with peace of mind as this has samsung quality. This comes with a reliance coupon that you must show at your reliance store to get the dongle.

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on 11 July 12
shadab rated:

samsung galaxy s3 has internal memory of 16gb(actually approx 14gb as some memory is used by system)-ALL APPS N GAMES U DOWNLOAD WILL BE STORED IN INTERNAL MEMORY ONLY n u cant transfer apps n games to an external microSD. There is NO option for that on phone. So u r effectively limited to 16 gb for apps and games. other media n entertainment files u can easily store in microsd, but someone buying THE MOST expensive mobile phone on the market, would definately like more than 16 gb for their apps n games. If u dont believe me ask someone with phone or checkout on internet .HTC one x has 32gb internal storage is better that way although there u cant use micoSD in that htc :(

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Dont be misled -This is an awesome mechanical pencil
on 02 January 13
shadab rated:
certified buyer

@Vibhav Kunj has mis-understood this pencil. It is actually a very nice mechanical that has a sturdy plastic body, metal jaws to grip or clutch the lead piece-usually the jaws are made of plastic, but it is made of metal here. This is a very durable and light weight mech. pencil and with little bit of care it will last for 5-10 years easily. Grip is nice and you can use it for general purpose as well as graphics drawing-no discomfort at all. Pentel is one of the foremost makers of mech. pencil, its "p205" model was one of the best mechanical pencils ever, and this pencil has "made in japan" quality. It is very much worth the money paid n i am very satisfied

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This camera is AWESOME !!!!!-SUPER FAST AUTOFOCUS+FLIPKART is wrong -this has MOS sensor not CCD !
on 29 January 13
shadab rated:

What do we mostly look for in a camera ? quite often speedy reaction, sharp pictures & good clear video- this camera offers all of that. Check the reviews online -you will notice this panasonic has astoundingly fast autofocus performance. The main point is- flipkart has said in the specs column there is a CCD sensor here, yet at the same time in the features list it states there is a "MOS" sensor. In reality this camera has the better High Sensitivity MOS sensor which allows the camera to record video in full HD i.e. 1080p-the CCD sensor would only allow recording in normal HD i.e. 720p not full HD. So please flipkart correct your mistake.

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