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very good for the water boiling only ...
on 24 July 12
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

Hi I bought this for my fiancee who stays in a PG and thus would not have access to hot water when there is a need. It turned out to be a very good investment for the money that I paid. Delivery like always was on time by Flipkart two days later itself.

Its very good for the water boiling pretty fast. The only issue that I could see is that the design has its heating rods outside and thus over the time using it in the hard water may screw up the rods by forming a thin layer of salts. So for places like Chennai n some places in Karnataka it may not be right choice. You must have a kettle from these which has hidden rods. That is gonna be a bit expensive I guess.

Buy this if you are using it for the heating of water only.

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Excellent Product ... For your baking needs
on 04 February 13
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

Bought this as gift for new Year for my wife as she had recently started baking a lot, and we were borrowing a hand blender from our neighbour.

It turned out to be a veru good gift. We have prepared many cakes in this one month this Hand blender did its job very efficiently. We are able to bake a cake in 45 minutes every time we bake. Its powerful and the design is very good so that you can place it on the table standing straight, the dripping is taken care of that way. The material of the machine is also top notch and not some cheap metal and plastic. The cleaning can get a bit difficult, but that is applicable for all the blenders because of the shape of the metal blending pieces.

There is one more set for making bread and such tougher doughs, but havent tried that yet.

Buy this and you wont be Sorry ..... Happy baking !!!

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Ok so now you know the pattern of things ... And thus a bit boring
on 18 April 13
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer


I have to say that I was dying to get my hands onto the book. And as I started reading and got to kno more about the next Cliffton - Sebastian I realized that its a repeat of the last two book in terms of the conclusion of all the events that happen in his life. I.e. at last all will be well in their favor.

And the whole series starts feeling like on of those long unending Indian serials. The writing like always is top class cant deny but the story lags the punch you felt in the first and t he second book. And now with Jeff Archer declaring that there maybe 7 and not 5 book to conclude the cliffton chronicles, I am kind of not sure should I read ahead :-(

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Excellent Book ....
on 31 March 12
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

I have to say that this is my first Jeffery Archer book and I am feeling sad that i never listened to my bro when he told me about his other works ... Its during a minor surgery break that I got a chance to read this one. And what a read !!!

This is excellent work of fiction and very much of a page turner. I have to say that I kind of expected the book's general plot to take the direction that it took. Since, the work was similar to another book that I read called "The Shadow Of The Wind- By Carloz Ruiz Zafron" (another excellent work if you havent already read it!!!). But still there were so many twists that I couldnt wait to finish reading the book and order the Volume 2 (Sins of the Father).

The characters are excellent my favorites in this order - Harry, Old Jack, Emma, Masie, Giles.

Don't miss ... A good to have book for the fiction lovers.

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Excellent product ... Must have for all DIY fanatics
on 29 January 14
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

Like all fashions that return, Do-It-Yourself is making a return (our parents used tp fix all the simple plumbing and electrical issues un our home when we were young) and thankfully due to the companies like Bosch there are products to back up such interests.

I have brought this set for my home and I have to say that I have been very satisfied. The drill is a bloody robust material and strong motor. And you have enough other thing like hammer and pliers to get started with the other jobs in and around your house.

It also has some set of screws and when used along with the drill machine it turns into a high power screw driver.

If you are one of those who liked to do the simple to intermediately difficult task your self then own one of this. Lately the prices have fallen down big time, so makes it event more a better attraction.

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Nokia 108 Dual SIM : Mobile
Price: Rs. 1000
Nokia still stands strong when it comes to cheap robust phones
on 17 February 15
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

This is no frills simple cheap and robust Nokia phone which few years back would have meant a lot. I bought this for my MIL and she is able to use this effectively to make calls and receive calls. The speaker is loud enough and thus is doing its job. Thought cheap its still has a beautiful design and handy.

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Much impressed with the other book I would say - Barron's IELTS (
on 17 February 15
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

This has mostly modal papers and not much explanation as to what and how we should go about preparing for IELTS. That you can find in Barron's IELTS (With 2 CD) (English) 2nd Edition

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Just 1 day read ... Very good book .. Swift packaging by Flikart
on 17 February 15
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

I have just read the book for a night. I had no idea which book to purchase and had picked two books randomly. And I have to say that I am mighty impressed. This is very good book to start preparing for the IELTS exams with preparatory questions, explanations as to what you should expect in the exam and modal papers. Way to go guys.

As most of the times, the package was delivered next day.

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Great Mobile Phone... Worth the price .. Just pray for no Bugs ...
on 11 August 14
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

Sharing my experience of the ?#‎Xiaomi? ?#‎MI3? Purchase.
On the 3rd Flash sale, I managed to buy the #MI3 mobile which looked so good on paper and most of the reviews in Youtube. It was a Birthday gift for my wife.
I was logged in at 1.00 PM and clicked the BUY at exact 2.00 PM and though I was not able to add the product to the Shopping cart, ?#‎Flipkart? informed me that they have booked one for me which I can buy later on. After an hour (and going directly to the Shopping Cart) I was able to make the purchase. It was immediately dispatched and I received the product the next day. Since the SIM it uses is normal we were immediately able to start using it. I asked my wife to keep the mobile charged for 5-6 Hours. By evening we started using and we were loving it. The speed, the MIUI and the screen display was just too good for the money. Loved the flipkart speed of delivery.
Next day the problems started, my wife tried calling me while I was in office and the call was dropping after one ring at my side. I tried calling her back the effect was similar. We rebooted the device without much success. Then removed the whole SIM out and replaced it back in the SIM door. This time it started working again. Within an hour it started repeating the issue. I didn't want to take risk so decided to RETURN the product to Flipkart and get a replacement or money back. Flipkart took 2 days to call me back and the service adviser suggested few trouble shooting steps. And finally asked me to RESET to factory setting by switching off and rebooting by clicking on POWER and VOLUME - (which turned out to be wrong clicks, it should have been POWER and VOLUME +). And my RETURNs claim was rejected in Flipkart (Not a fussy guy that I am, I decided to do what the service guys asked me to do). So, the product went into this FASTBOOT state. Having no idea what to do , I called the Bangalore Xiaomi service centre in Koramangala and service guy informed me the selections were incorrect and he directed me that to reboot again and do the POWER and VOLUME + this time. I did that and selected the RESET Data option (mind it, it was my first time). And when the system rebooted, the system was up BUT it was nothing like I remembered from my previous experience. There were no Google tools (not even the Play Store). So after some googling around, finally I realized that when the RESET was done it also deleted the default settings that were provided with the product in-the-box. Few more hours of googling and found that I can try the latest GLOBAL version of the MIUI (firmware) and the issue that I am facing (no Google apps) will be fixed. Used the updater tool (that thankfully was available by default) and did the same. And now the UI felt more familiar (though still not the same that we had seen in the first time boot from the box). Now we decided to continue using and see if we face any issues. And I have to satisfactorily say that I have been happy with the performance (for the past 1 and half days). The display is excellent, the speed is good and the price unbelievable.
I am hoping that I am not going to face any more issue. Few things to note here:
1) Was this a good experience? NO, Not at all. I mean who resets to factory setting the moment they receive a mobile phone. Not the regular NON-DEVELOPERS like my parents, my brother and definitely not my wife.
2) What if this was handed to my parents and it did not work? And they also rejected the RETURN? I would have lost 14K?
3) Receiving a new mobile phone and the need for one to immediately head to service centre, is that a good experience (I didn't go to the service centre) , even if the mobile performs like it does now?
I would be happy to see some responses from the officials. I am not here to ruin #Xiaomi's market in India (not that I can either) but this is something worth knowing if you are really serious about making an impact in a new market.
NOTE: Just now my wife sends me a WhatsApp picture of a black screen. That the Camera next to the WhatsApp send button doesnt allow to take photos. Awesome !!!

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Moto G (Black, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9850
Its Fast very well designed and fits well in the hand.
on 10 March 14
Pradeep rated:
certified buyer

This is my review after the first week of use.

I am coming to Android for the first time in my life. I was using iPhone before this. The transition was not so difficult as I thought.

The Moto G is very fast and the touch is very responsive. So no lags there. The Display is very very good. A lot of people came over and had the same view about the display (who have been in the Smart phone fraternity for a long time). The sound is clear and the network fast.

I ma getting almost one and a half day of battery with the regular stuffs going on like whatsapp, FB, twitter, some phone calls, some messaging and a lot of synching for the TOI and the new app.

Maybe its Kit Kat feature, but loving the option to cancel the call and auto send the message. Happy with "Google Now" also.

Camera App is fast and love the fact that you can take photo even when the phone is locked. (You cant browse the Gallery - how sensible is that :-) )

Love the Motorola Apps - Moto Assist and Moto Migrate (make life easy when planning to shift data from Apple of other Android mobiles).

Cons that I feel:
1) No SD Card support (I am not so much into Songs so I guess that doesnt matter to me, photos will take some time before they bloat the space)

2) Camera is not that great, though your shots will look good thanks to the bright display.

3) Charging takes a LOT of time (it could be an issue with the plug point but I am experiencing this)

4) Vibrate mode is not so strong.

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