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Reviews by Pranavjit (4)

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driving simulator of 2012, cause it ain't a game!
on 23 November 13
Pranavjit rated:
certified buyer

it's a try not to hate game for me, i was expecting at least something fun from it, but i was disappointed at every turn.

but if you are stubborn to buy this game(driving simulator) on a PC: i will help you, here are some tips:-
1) better get a gamepad controller or die!
2) better get a good graphic card or die!
3) better buy an external hard disk(or pendrive) cause it ain't worth all that disc space on your PC.

if you wan't satisfaction - just close this window of flipkart(or browse anything else) and forget that you ever read all this.

if you wan't a good enough time thinking:-
"oh my god why did i do this, why did this happen to only me, i just spent a fraction of money buying this and wasted two hours of my precious life thinking it's a game and i get this shit? why god why.... what did i ever do to deserve this?"
- just go ahead and click the "buy now" button

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far better than expected and good cost.
on 08 June 12
Pranavjit rated:

i have used this product for a week now, and it works with almost all the big games like nfs most wanted , gta san andreas, for some games though like san andreas you have to turn the controls from keyboard and mouse to joystick to easily change the button setting but in rest of the games it does all that automatically. you just have to plug your usb and everything is done.

i thought that it was cheapest on flipkart so it may have any cons. but until now this works perfectly. the grip is good, however i do find that the buttons are not centered according to their positions but it doesn't matter. it's far better thana keyboard and does not pain your fingers.

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on 21 December 14
Pranavjit rated:
certified buyer

this sketch pad turned out to be great, the size is a3 and each page is of high quality,
the hardcover has a great leather finish which gives premium look to it.
ordered it on Friday and received it on monday, great delivery and packaging as always.

for beginners nd even advanced sketchers this is a great buy.

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best need for speed, or better than other of it's time
on 10 October 13
Pranavjit rated:
certified buyer

this game is better than any of the rest of the new batch of need for speed games, reasons:-
1) this game has a totally awesome story-line, which is much demand from need for speed these days.
2) best graphics and landscapes, frostbite engine has done an awesome job.
3) good enough cars you would like to play with, drive and experience.(all new lambo's,pagani's )
4) has also car customization and meaningful gameplay elements.
5) cops badass enough to be called cops of a need for speed game.
6) has awesome soundtrack

cons: at some places the game would glitch for a second or two, the first time it happened freaked me out.

why it's better than the rest

1) most wanted 2012 - has nothing, nothing at all to be called a game, infact, that should be called "pointless driving simulator in a pointless city"
2) rivals - same story, with multiplayer

if i still had to buy from rivals and most wanted and this game, i would choose this game.

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