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Reviews by Nanu (2)

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Logitech Z103 Portable Laptop/Desktop Speaker : Speaker
Price: Rs. 1570
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
good sound output at lovest price
on 09 October 11
Nanu rated:

I bought this product last week.It have remote and bass control button(placed inappropriately at the Back of the woofer).In 2.1 category its the lowest priced product as per my knowledge. The highest volume is not at all highest due to limited watts power but I am impressed with the good output and no crackling effect even at highest point. At this price point its really worth. I suggest to go for this model in this price range.

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Apple iPod MD778HN/A 16 GB : Home Audio & MP3 Players
Price: Rs. 3700
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Pure awesomeness comes in small package.
on 23 September 12
Nanu rated:

I bought this product and comes to conclusion that this is the best buy I have made over a time.
Good Quality Music.
Crisp and clear sound even at the highest volume level.
Quality Earphones.
Strong built device with really nice finishing.
One year company warranty.
At Rs.3200/- for 2 GB it's of course very expensive but its the price that I am paying for an invention and not a copycat product.

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