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Reviews by Sakthivel (2)

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Belkin M250 Premium Wireless Optical Mouse : Mouse
Price: Rs. 600
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Belkin M250 vs Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000
on 23 July 12
Sakthivel rated:
certified buyer

Well, I have been using both the mice for quite a long time. I should say,

Belkin M250- wins in features, but fails in reliability and quality. Good features like magnetic holder for the USB dongle and automatic switch off that saves a lot of battery. But the material quality and build quality is not so good, and quality is just decent. The size is a little bigger, resembling a typical desktop mouse.

Microsoft Wireless MM 1000, lacks fancy features. Though it has a USB dongle holder, you have to remove the battery cover everytime to place it inside. No magnetic holder for USB dongle. And no automatic switch off option. However this one wins with its quality and reliability. The size is optimal too.

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Microsoft WMM 1000 Wireless Optical Mouse : Mouse
Price: Rs. 748
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Quality speaks
on 17 May 12
Sakthivel rated:
certified buyer

I am very satisfied with this product. The quality is good, very user friendly and comfortable.
It also has a slot beneath ,to store the usb plugin.
It might be priced a little high, but a very reliable product

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