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on 04 February 15
sapan rated:
certified buyer

I used this cutter to cut wine bottles and other bottles at home to make decorative items.
It worked very well. The glass was about 3 mm thick. I have not tried thicker glass.
The score line made by the cutter is good.

A lot of people have complained that it does not cut glass.
Glass cutter don't actually cut glass, they just make a score line on the glass.
Please watch a youtube video on how to cut glass before you buy this.

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Very good quality gum boots
on 09 September 15
sapan rated:

Me and my friends used these gum boots on our bike trip to Ladakh.
We were very happy with performance of these gum boots.
We went through ice, mud, rivers, etc with these boots.
They provide very good protection. Not a scratch on the boots.

Good -
- Very good build quality. They look like they will never wear out. The material is very durable.
- Comfortable - They are lined with a cloth like material inside which make them very comfortable. Also the upper part of the boot is soft.
- The sole provides very good grip.

I have used cheaper gum boots in the past and these are completely worth the cost.

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How to Brew : Book
Price: Rs. 1153
Excellent book on homebrewing
on 23 July 14
sapan rated:
certified buyer

Must have book for any homebrewer.
It got me started with homebrewing here in Pune.
It is simple enough to follow and start brewing beer at home, but at the same time is detailed enough to improve on your homebrewing skills.

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Very good quality
on 30 March 14
sapan rated:
certified buyer

The capdase case is of very good quality.
Offers good protection, my phone has fallen quite a few times, and there is no damage.
The case has mat finish on the back and looks good.
All the cut-outs are well placed.

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Good case for galaxy S2
on 28 May 12
sapan rated:
certified buyer

This is a very good quality case for the S2.
I have not used the screenguard, so the review is only for the case.

Pros -
1.) Perfect fit. Good cutouts.
2.) Looks good.
3.) Case is made from a good material. Does not collect any dust, and feels very good to hold.
4.) Very thin, does not add weight/thickness to the phone.

Cons -
1.) The volume button and the lock button are hard to use with this case on. Although I got used to it in a couple of days.

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Very inspirational book
on 12 March 12
sapan rated:
certified buyer

This is a very good inspirational book.
This edition contains commentary adding more examples of today.
It will definitely change the way you think. I firmly believe that the methods described in the book can make anybody who follows them extremely successful.
A must read for anybody who wants to be successful.
I have just finished reading it, and I am going to go over it again.
This is not a "get rich quick" book.

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Good universal remote
on 04 January 15
sapan rated:
certified buyer

I brought this remote to use it with -
Panasonic LCD TV
Sony home theater
Tata Sky STB

Build quality - The remote buttons look a little fragile but it has been working fine for a few months. Rest of the remote looks sturdy. The back surface is very nice to hold but attracts dust.

Configuration - I had to use the second method to configure the remote. So I had to find the appropriate codes in the the manual for my devices. So it took some time, but was not difficult.

Good -
The remote a facility to configure a key to do a series of actions ( Macros ). Like turn all the 3 devices ON / OFF with a single button, which I find extremely useful.
Supports upto 6 devices.

Bad -
Requires 4 AAA batteries which are not included with the remote.

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Good Extender, the range could have been better
on 03 November 14
sapan rated:
certified buyer

I bought this extender wince me and my neighbor decided to share the Broadband connection.

Setup -
Setting up the extender was easy, I used the second method which is manual pairing method. Placed the extender where it was getting only 2 bars from the original Wifi, but it works fine.

Once the extender was installed, I had range all over my house.
Did a speed test from different places in the house and the speed was consistent.

There are still some corners of the house which get slightly weak range. I wish the extender had a more powerful Wifi signal.

But overall I am very pleased with the product, looks good, works really well, and is reasonably priced.
Highly recommended.

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Great Pair of Mouse and Keyboard
on 11 June 14
sapan rated:
certified buyer

I have been using this mouse and keyboard for a long time at office and home.
Works great.

Good -
- Smooth typing and mouse movement.
- Long lasting battery - The battery that came in the box has not lasted 6 months and still going !!!
- Works great with Linux also !!!

Can improve -
- The size of the USB receiver could be smaller. I always fear it will break.

Highly recommended.

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Great wireless headphones for the price
on 04 April 13
sapan rated:
certified buyer

I got the headphones for my wife for wireless TV viewing. So only she can hear the TV and I am saved from the TV Soaps :)
These were the cheapest wireless headphones out there. Rs 500 only.
Setup the headphones with the TV in 15 mins.

Wireless -
The wireless range is good. it works across 3 rooms in the house. Although the clarity goes down as you go far. But great if you in same room or next.

Sound -
While on wireless the sound is monophonic but clear. So the sound quality is not that great. But okay for regular TV watching. After all what sound quality is required to watch Saas - bahu serials ?
If you are expecting very good sound with wireless, these headphones are not for you.
I have not checked the quality with wired connection.

Radio -
The radio sounds good, and it is easy to just use the headphones to listen to radio.

Build quality -
The build quality of the headphones is average. But again, its great for the price. It works.

Remember that the set will require 4 AAA batteries, so just order rechargeable batteries with the headphones itself.
I am rating these headphones 5 stars simply because the it is impossible to get all these features for Rs 500.

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