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Karbonn SPY K595 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 1399
Awsome Phone for the Price
on 09 November 12
Sashi rated:

Pretty impressive phone for the price....

Good call clarity
Good speaker phone
Excellent screen for a sub 2k price
Huge battery...
Reasonable length usb cable supplied in the box (not a tiny 2 cm type wire like nokia)
......... and hold your breath.............
usb charging from laptop and from mains
usb tethering
LED indicator on AC charger
16 gb sdhc card capability (not in box)

Only cons i find are that the keypad is a little small and takes a little getting used to, and the torch is not very bright. But these are very minor issues.

Every hour i find out new things about the phone that amaze me..... maybe it will fry me a omlette, automatically call my boss and tell him why i am not in office, order my groceries or even babysit my kid ;-)))) Gosh i do feel like James Bond already....

.....Oh i almost forgot has a Spy cam too.....Kewl!!!

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Awesome Cooling - Hyderabad to Switzerland in less than an hour
on 27 May 12
Sashi rated:

Bought this 1.5 ton cube ac about 3 weeks ago. And all i can say is WOW !!! In searing hyderabad Heat of 40+ degrees this just brings the mercury level down in less than 15 minutes. That too in my fifth floor west facing apt bedroom, with west facing and south facing glass windows in a 14*12 room approx.

Surprisingly it's moisture removal ability is really good for a ac that cools fast, giving you a very comfortable climate in your room even when the compressor is off, unlike some other AC s where you can feel the humidity in the air when the compressor is off.

Only downside is fan is noisy in meduim and high setting (but who needs a high or medium fan when the lowest setting cools this fast). What i do is use the AC blower on low setting, and use my regular ceiling fan as well. These 2 combine really well.

Also the AC Remote is not backlit, making it difficult to operate at night. The unit also deos not have a temperature display.

These are minor issues. The cooling of this AC is much better and really fast compared to many other split ACs of the same tonnage.

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Loudspeaker Volume is Low even at the highest setting. Battery is Average !
on 20 September 14
Sashi rated:
certified buyer

The first thing i noticed is that as soon as put in your SIM, handset sends out automatic registration for xiaomi cloud messaging by itself. Uses data and sms, without confirmation or consent of the user.

This happens each time you change the SIM, and even after updating to the latest MIUI sw. This definitely should not be happening !

Battery is a bit on the weaker side. Again maybe a software issue hopefully.

The Speaker Volume is low even on the highest setting. I've routinely missed calls due to this. The speaker grill could have been a bit bigger too.

In addition even to change your ringtone, you will have to accept a big disclaimer and impunity message and stuff. No idea why so many disclaimers are needed to simply change a Ringtone, that too with a small file from my own SD card, not even a download !!!

There are certainly many quirks, Hopefully they can all be fixed with Software Updates.

However in general the phone build quality is excellent. The display screen and camera at this price point are simply awesome.

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Trio Aakash : Mobile
Price: Rs. 1299
Good Phone, better than most in its class, but with a few quirks !
on 05 September 14
Sashi rated:
certified buyer

Even in this age of smartphones, the simplicity, charm and allure of a candybar is undeniable. So i decided to get this one.

The Good
Nice trendy fashionable and a different looking phone. Good quality plastics.
Keypad, especially is quite good for a phone in this class.
Excellent form factor, light, small and easy to carry.
Speakers and ringtone are quite loud, but do distort at high volume, but it's ok.
Call quality and earpiece volume are ok. Voice calling was stable with no problems.
It is a Java Phone and comes with Facebook, twitter and Maps though i haven't used it, as it will be pretty slow on GPRS.
Micro-USB Charging + data port, and an additional provision for a round pin charging port as well !!! Very interesting. I tried my old nokia round pin charger, and it works. Wooohooo !
The micro SD card has a ZIF type socket which is very good.

Since i use it a secondary backup phone, contact management was important to me. In this respect this phone is pretty good with 1000 contacts, 4 numbers per contact, and support for groups. I just had to export contacts fom my smartphone, copy onto this phone's SD card, and import. No problems at all.

Using it as USB mass storage (with sd card) was no problem. I got 800 kbps - 1mbps write speeds. Better than other phones in this class. One accidental good thing about this phone is that it exposes only one drive in Mass storage mode (your SD card). This is excellent because, now my USB car stereo sees only one drive, and has no problems playing music from this phone !!! With some other phones which expose 2 drives in mass storage mode, my car stereo will not work, as the stereo sees only the first drive (phones internal memory, which is generally very small) and says no music. Pretty cool. Sometimes less is more ;-))

The Bad
The main issue with this handset, is the 3.5mm headset jack. It works only with a few 3.5mm headsets, not all, for some strange reason. The supplied one worked ok. Nokia ones seem to work ok. However it did not work with my smartphones headset (eventhough that was 3.5mm as well), and one other headset i had. Even a small 0.1 mm difference with different headset connectors will confuse this handset, and produce disturbance and noise on the headset. Definitely the headset jack on this phone could have been designed much better, and should have been tested with different 3.5mm headsets, to have some tolerance for minor differences in headset connectors.

The quality of stereo audio output via the 3.5mm jack could have been better. Even with a high quality headset, output is average. Volume is ok, but the quality of sound like bass and treble is very average.

The center navigation button, opens the Radio. And there is no way to remap it to something else. Normally on most phones this opens the Menu, so i keep hitting it by mistake only to see the radio instead ! Maybe easy to fix with a software update.

These few things spoil the thrill of what is an otherwise Brilliant Handset !!! Even so, overall it's a very good phone for the price.

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Excellent Reliable Class 10 card especially for non-uhs1 devices
on 04 August 14
Sashi rated:
certified buyer

This is an excellent non-uhs1 class 10 card. I used the supplied sd card adapter to check speeds.

On my laptop I got 11.6 mb/sec Write consistently, and more than 75 mb/sec read speeds using a single 6.63 gb file to test the speeds. Time wise 9 min 45 secs to write a single 6.63 file onto the card, and 1 min 34 secs to read the same file from the card.

Many reviews online pointed to problems with UHS-1 cards especially on smartphones (leading to reboots and crashes), unless your smartphone camera of other device specifically support uhs-1, and says so in the tech specs. That's why i got this one. Absolutely no problems at all with my smartphone. Quite happy with this one.

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Nokia X2-02 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 3325
Good Phone worth the price. Very good voice and speakerphone clarity.
on 27 May 12
Sashi rated:
certified buyer

Got this last week. Excellent service as always from flipkart! The phone itself is basic but very good at what it promises to do. For starters, it has a surpisingly good screen for a phone in the 3.5k range. The phone is all plastic but the build quality seems good. The call clarity on voice and speaker is very good. The music player is pretty basic, but the sound output if you use good quality headphones is fantasic. The supplied headphones are not great, so best to get your own if you listen to a lot of music.

Not great for browing or apps, but that is not what people buy this phone for anyway! For good apps, browsing or better phone camera, look elsewhere. Also i would really recommend getting a Class 4 or Class 6, micro SD card. A poor quality micro sd or a class 2 will really slow the phone down. A lot of the crashes and slowness that some users of this phone complain about may be due to the quality of the sd card. Cretainly a big thumbs up for this GSM only phone (no 3g)!!!

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Average basic Keyboard mouse combo
on 15 January 16
Sashi rated:
certified buyer

The mouse is quite good and comfortable to work with. But the keyboard is too soft to type fast. Not very convenient for regular use.

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Very good Card for normal Mobile Phone use
on 27 May 12
Sashi rated:
certified buyer

Got this 8gb card last week. With most new phones i guess it really makes sense to go for atleast a class 4 card. With bundled sd card offerings one really does not know what one is getting (so i opted out for my phone). I've used 4 or 5 Kingston memory products before, and must say all of them have given me years of trouble free and reliable usage. Highly recommended.

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Size Variation is significant
on 15 January 16
Sashi rated:

The bought the same size, one month apart. The first time size was ok. The second time i ordered the same size it was 2 inches shorter and chest size varied by an inch, making it a tight squeeze. Interestingly both batches were manufactured in the same month ... April-2015.

Certainly some quality control issues here. Product is otherwise ok for the Price.

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