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Reviews by SHELLY (5)

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EX-119 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 3643
not a good phone at all..
on 18 November 11
SHELLY rated:

I bought this phone just yesterday and I am ready to give it away ..few things 1 its not user friendly i.e there is not call key ( green one ) and disconnect key . you have to go to menu then dial 2- if you press any key other than number key, nothing happens to the screen I mean YOU would guess that if you press P THEN it might go to phone book and start showing names starting from P, BUT , nothing happens and you have to go all the way through menu. ITS very irritating.
3- also function are also not easy to understandable.
I bought this phone coz I SAW great reviews of this phone and it looks great , but , now I know that looks are deceiving
I wish now I had gone for a simple bar phone of SAMSUNG rather than going for this good looking shit.
one more majot thing when you are taking and your ear touches the screen it vibrates since its touch screen,I was wondering myself when it happened as whats happening and I could not concentrate on the call. as its very annoying.

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CorpWed Self Design Tie : Tie
Price: Rs. 399
Bad quality
on 13 August 17
SHELLY rated:
certified buyer

It's ok.
Nothing great about this.

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Certainly Not worth!
on 28 October 14
SHELLY rated:

I have been using this phone for about a year now. I had written a previous review giving them good rating, which was sort of just after buying ...and it seemed great then ..but I must say even then for the price I paid, i was certainly not a best buy! Well, over the time I experienced some radical flaws which were initially not experienced. They were:
1- I dont have much of data and neither I play big games but still phone lags sometimes and hengs a bits ( not too often though)
2- processing is slow when I open call log to dial a number, most times, it takes a while to show the recent calls.
3- most annoying is phone going on "hold mode" while talking to someone. This happens because when you are talking your ear tend to touch the screen frequently. but, if it touches , which of course you cant take a track, the right top corner twice, it goes on hold. I am used of this shit happening most times now. to continue, than manually you have to press " Retrieve call" or else you will talking to yourself for sure. I thought this will be improved with new updates ..but NO and now i have given up.
4- Camera is ok...nothing great ..
5- battery is decent.

Screen is amazing though... my suggestion : even if Sony sells it for 8K, dont fall for it!

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Its ok..
on 20 July 13
SHELLY rated:
certified buyer

I ordered Inferno and ATME together. In spite of being a huge fan of Dan Brown, I decided to first read ATME. Honestly, I didnt find much of magic in Khalid hosseini writing. I only bought this book after reading almost all reviews posted here in flipkart about the book, but to my surprise there wasn't much in the book.. It did start well, was gripping and riveting in some parts but, majorly it falied to impress me .. I am sorry to say this, but maybe I was expecting too much from him. It was unnecessarily stretched and most of the time I thought about putting it down and start Inferno, but I wanted to finish it and so did I. Let me tell you guys who dont quite agree with me and consider K.H. best emotion writer. read "Premchand", the great Indian story- teller, and you will realize how he can make your eyes wet just in the introduction. I read many stories by some of the prominent writers of India but, but none could leave such an impression in my mind as Premchand did.For those who have no idea about Premchand, they might consider reading - Idgaah, Bade bhai saab, Kafan, Raam leela, Gulli danda, Namak ka daroga, panch parmeshwer, just to name a few. ( these all are shot stories and of course there are many more)
Now I have started with Dan Brown, and I must say I am quite pleased with the way he nit this novel, of course not as great as Angels and Demons or Da vinci code, but still a gripping read.

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A great phone with this price range!!!!
on 07 November 13
SHELLY rated:

I bought this phone after my Nokia Lumia 800 failed miserably in terms of battery back up, ease of operation, and I must say this is the best phone I have ever bought.
this is brilliant phone with great touch, amaazing battery life ( after the end of the day there is easily 30-40% battery still available after a moderate use of games, calls and net). Most important thing which I was missing in Nokia terribly was ease of operation..everything is so damn complicated in Nokia that it makes you annoyed . I mean, a simple thing which can be done in few touches, Nokia will always take 5-6 touches that to you will have to figure out.
Only great thing in Nokia I found was Nokia Music- Simply amazing..I wonder if there is any such thing in Android.. I have been missing Android badly, and I am more than happy to switch back to android.those who want to buy any windows OS phone , please think twice..
This phone has many great feature which of course anyone can read on specification.. Only downside, however, I find is Camera, its ok, but with few settings you can manage to take a decent pic.
Go for it if you want a decent dual sim phone within 13k with great features, wonderful touch, battery life, ease of operation, no lags and an Android device. I can assure you it wont disappoint you.
For Flipkart: I used to buy a lot on flipkart but, not anymore . It seems to me and many more that they have lost a sense of pricing..this phone you can easily get for around 12.5-13.2k in other online stores. and on a local market for around 13K.. But they are pricing it here for 14.5K..what do they think people are fool??? I now use Flipkart only for genuine reviews as far as buying concerned there are lot other places one can use..Thanks.

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