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Reviews by Siddharth (3)

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Updated Review
on 31 May 12
Siddharth rated:

I personally use an iPhone and have an iPad (my Dad uses it) at home; I purchased this device from flipkart (received the order in the 2nd working day without any flaw).

My first impressions using this device is that is very raw and unrefined. I am unimpressed and sad that I spent 25,000 on this when I could have bought an iPad for myself.

My basic use of the tablet was simple multimedia (facebook, skype, youtube and ebooks). It turns out, unlike the apps in the Appstore, the apps for android tablets are difficult to come by.
Most of them are made for the mobile device and need to be stretched to view them.

The interface is slightly confusing and the resolution and quality of icons is sub par (compared even to the ipad 2).

Even though the dpi of this device is more than that of an ipad 2, the quality of the colours, the display and the feels repulsive.

There is an occasional lag skipping pages and a constant 'loading' whenever i try to open any app that requires the internet.

If you are looking to buy a tablet, don't buy this device. It is a waste of money and I regret buying it. Go buy something superior to this.

The tablet i had received had a little problem. The new tablet I have received from flipkart is as expected.

Thank you flipkart for your amazing after sale service!

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on 03 September 11
Siddharth rated:

Currently I am using Nokia, but I wanted to shift to BB and I waited for the Bold 4 to come out. But I waited in vain, the Bold 4 is just outrageously expensive. Now I am having second thoughts on buying this phone.

I don't know much details about the tech specs, but I liked the 9780 design much better than this one. This phone is a bit bigger and wider than 9780 and feels a bit different in the hand. I guess one could get used to.

I will probably wait a few months to buy this one, or just go for some Android phone.

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Great Watch!!
on 29 September 12
Siddharth rated:
certified buyer

Great watch!! I needed it something for jogging and it is perfect! Nice large display! Easy to set up, easy to toggle between modes.

Good quality, light and sturdy! I like it so far.

Worth the money!!!

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