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Reviews by Kunal (8)

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Amazing for the price!
on 04 December 11
Kunal rated:

It isn't fancy, it isn't top of the line but it gets the job done. For the price, you get more than what you bargained for. Top notch performance for everyday computing. Got it running @ 1600Mhz 8-8-8-20.

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A pleasant surprise!
on 15 December 12
Kunal rated:

Fenda has now become my official favorite brand of multimedia speakers. Extremely well built, thumping and powerful bass with good highs and mids with near negligible distortion at full volume. Perfect for a house party (yes, they are THAT good). Well done, F&D!

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Asus M5A78L-M LE Motherboard : Motherboard
Price: Rs. 28193
Value redefined.
on 12 January 12
Kunal rated:

This little board just screams value. Backed by ASUS' trademark quality and features, it's the perfect board for building a home HTPC/entry-level gaming machine. It unlocked my Athlon II X3 into a stable Phenom II X4 effortlessly, at the touch of a button. It has pretty nifty overclocking options as well, for users who like being on anything but stock! Definitely recommended for those on a shoestring budget.

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on 28 August 14
Kunal rated:

To all who may be in the market for a new 1TB Hard Drive and are looking that this one; please do NOT go in for it.

There is a known issue with Seagate's 1TB (as well as 1.5TB) desktop HDDs. A lot of them randomly develop problems over time, such as making clicking noises, with the main header suffering from mechanical failure. Mine started going to hell after a month of buying it. Just a month. Instead of getting into further technicalities and jargon,I'd advice potential customers to look elsewhere for their 1TB needs. Seagate knows about this problem, yet they choose to cheap out on production standards.

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Pure awesomeness
on 01 March 14
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

I'll keep it short. Well built, excellent performance (seriously, it's exceptionally good for the price) and most importantly, the display is phenomenal; very bright and good viewing angles.

Cons? WiFi connectivity range could have been better and the battery more powerful. Oh, the camera is truly horrendous, especially in low light. In good lighting conditions, it's OK.

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Worth it!
on 05 February 14
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

I'll keep it short and sweet. Extremely light and VERY comfortable. I cannot stress this enough. Quality is top notch, albeit thin. Kudos to Flipkart for the prompt delivery :)

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Bang for the buck.
on 27 August 12
Kunal rated:
certified buyer

My crappy EL-cheapo headphones weren't just cutting it anymore so I decided to go in for these based on the good reviews it got. After using the pair, I mostly agree with the integrity of the reviews. The proverbial "you get what you pay for" takes a hit here since these headphones offer more than what they're worth. The highs and mids are clear, the bass is subtle and relaxed and negligible distortion at high volumes. They especially shine while gaming. Cons? Well the casual user really shouldn't have any gripes with it but for the more intermediate user, you might have to play around with the graphic equalizer and fine tune the frequency level to get comfortable with whatever genre of music you're listening to. I should probably stress this since this particular trait is the deciding factor for many - These headphones are EXTREMELY comfortable

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Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus (Metallic Grey, 160 MB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 6334
Android for the masses!
on 12 July 12
Kunal rated:

Taking the price of the phone into consideration, this little baby just screams value. Based on version 2.3.6, you get an unadulerated Android experience for a price that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet. Granted, the screen resolution and loudspeaker are pretty poor, but the pros make up for these setbacks in pretty generous way :). An 800+ Mhz (832 to be exact) at this price range isn't something to scoff at. This makes the phone extremely zippy in performance, with little or no lag at all. It comes replete with all standard connectivity options you would expect from your smartphone..3G, WIFI,'s all there.

For the more experienced lot, being an Android, the phone can be modded to custom ROMs as the user deems necessary (this applies to those who hate the stock UI, not that anything is wrong with it). I've rooted my phone to make it a little more aesthetically appealing, get rid of bloatware. I've even got the processor running at 900Mhz. NOTE: Rooting your phone voids your warranty.

The MAIN con, if any, is the battery. While it's fine for nominal everyday use, it really takes a hit while on 3G/WIFI which barely gets the phone through 8-9 hours of use, tops. The Resolution makes the screen look a bit grains, but hey, for the price who's complaining :). Definitely recommended!

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