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Reviews by Saurabh (10)

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Godrej Car Perfume Liquid : Air Freshener
Price: Rs. 265
on 07 April 13
Saurabh rated:

Really a disastrous product from a big name like Godrej.

Guys please don't buy this product. It leaked onto the front dashboard panel of my new Honda City removing all chrome polish from it and leaving a dark black vertical line. :(:(

Cost of new panel is Rs 4000 :(

Its an alcohol based liquid which expands @ high temperatures. So if your car is parked in sunlight it will rise up through the wick and come out and the alcohol will do it work...!!!

I could have post the pics if possible.

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Good bed time speakers
on 13 October 13
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

Wanted an FM radio for my Mom's kitchen and a pillow side speaker for me, went for the cheaper single speaker options from a Chinese company and it was unusable after 3 months.

Went for a better company this time and its worth writing a review for.

-Battery Life (6-7 Hours)
-Portable (= Size of a 250 ml shampoo bottle)
-FM Reception (in Delhi - Runs without any external antennae)
-Loud (Gives a decent sound @ half the max vol.)
-Digital Tuning (Big Big advantage over sony and philips analog tuning models available in this range)
-FM Channel Storage
-No flashy colorful lights
-Decent Build
-Avg sound quality (Not a match for Sonys/JBLs portables but then it costs half as compared them and has FM also)
-Wall USB charger unit in the pack (Its a boon)

-No audio out (So can't be connected to the bigger speakers)
-Buttons layout is cluttered (Hard to identify between buttons when the lights are off)
-Shiny grey text over the buttons is hard to read as the body color is white
-Power button feels fragile

Nice overall product from iBall. Very satisfied with the product. Buy it if you need a portable FM radio + USB player. If FM is not you primary concern then the options are plenty.

Would have given 5 stars if the Audio Out is available.

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A mouse for notebooks
on 14 April 12
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

Pros : compact, precise, no flashy lights

Cons: very small cord(hardly 1 mtr) so can't use with desktops until cabin-ate is on the table or u have a USB extender

Not as small as a tiny retractable ones that are hard to hold neither as big as a full size desktop mouse. Fits nicely if you claw it. Not very suitable for palming.

Rest everything is cool about it. you will not be disappointed.

My suggestion is to go for his bigger brother(Microsoft Optical Mouse 100) available at FLIPKART only as it has a longer cord, better grip and almost same weight and precision.

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Good multimedia device with pathetic call quality
on 15 January 14
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

I bought this phone 3 months ago and here is my take on it. I choose this over Nexus 4 because of the expandable memory hence it can be connected to my car audio using Mass Storage Mode which was missing in Nexus 4.

-- Slim form factor
Beautiful looking phone with glass back.

-- Bright 5'' display with customization White Balance settings
Its just a treat to watch. Color temperature(Warm/Cool) can be set accordingly to match you usage with both Hue and Saturation adjustments.

-- Awesome Audio Quality
Audio quality through the supplied earphones is amazing. Sony's Walkman app along with the supplied in ears gives smooth experience.

-- Expandable Memory
Extra storage for your multimedia stuff. Supports Mass Storage mode and can be easily connected to car audio system using USB connection.

-- Water Proof..!!
Can resist accidental splashes because of the uni body design and all openings are covered but definitely not waterproof.

-- Awesome Specs
Hardware specifications are just awesome, plays anything thrown to it without any lag. Can smoothly switch between running apps giving a delightful android experience.
Games played so far : Asphalt 7, 8, Subway Surfer etc. 12 GB of internal memory gives ample space for all your apps.

-- Sony's inbuilt Apps
Only Album, Walkman and Sony Music is good rest all is just bloatware and takes up few hundreds MB of you storage.

-- Stamina Mode
This is the feature from Sony to save battery life. It turns off all the data communication when the screen is off and resumes when the screen is on again thereby increasing the battery life. Apps which should fall under this settings are configurable.

-- Battery Life
Its not exactly a + but mentioning it here as the battery life has significantly improved after the 4.3 update. Its increased by almost 25-30%. Battery currently lasts for 12-15 hours on a single charge with Normal usage. Bit disappointing but too much to ask from a 2300 mah unit on a 1080p display.

-- Rest all are the common Android features available across all brands.

-- Call Quality
Its a total miss from Sony in such a High End Phone. Earpiece is pathetic and not at all audible in loud environments. Audio through it is shrill and unclear. Once I had to take a call beside the busy highway and not only the earpiece but the loudspeaker also gave away. It was Horrible..!! Buy this phone only if you work and spend most of the time in calm environments. Because of the poor loudspeaker even the ringtones are not audibles, so be prepared to miss some calls when the phone is on charge in other room.

-- Camera
Its usable only in daylight till the ISO is 100. Lot of noise creeps in as the ISO increases.
HDR Mode comes handy in low light situations but still the quality is not at all par with the standards. Lumias take better pictures that this.

-- Fragile screen
Read a lot about this so bought a bumper case to protect the phone.

-- Stupid lids
Charging and Audio ports are covered with lids to make it waterproof but its a pain remove them every time you have to charge/listen to music.

Overall a good phone for Sony lovers. Rough user should stay away.

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Clear but too much Treble
on 24 October 14
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

I am using it with Sony XPERIA Z. Sound is clear but treble is way too much. I have to pull the treble to the lowest in my phone to make it sound better.

Mic is good. Catches even the slightest of "hmm.."

Not for bass hungry people but overall a good purchase.

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Awesome Product | Love the ease of adjustment
on 09 December 14
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

-Solid Built
-Solid grip
-Awesomely easy adjustment makes it the best suitable for use in Weddings as you don't have to waste time in unscrewing each section.
-Easily supports 5D Mark III with lenses like (16-35, 70-300, 85 1.8 etc). Not tried with heavy weights like 70-200, hope it will work with that too.
-Very easy to pan because of the ball like base.
-Extends to more that 6ft to give you a very flexible operational height.
-Panning is not that smooth

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Easy to apply
on 09 December 14
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

This is the first screen guard that I was able to apply without getting even the single bubble on the screen.
I give it 5/5 for its matte finish and easy application.

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Not for heavy usage
on 09 December 14
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

Works perfectly with Canon 550/600D cameras with almost all light weight lenses.

Not suitable for 5D and other heavy units. Even with the lightest lens like 50mm 1.4 mounted with 5D this is of no use.

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Nice Purchase | Fully Loaded with Features
on 24 March 12
Saurabh rated:
certified buyer

PROS : Good Range, ADSL Modem + WiFi Router, Optimum price for a 300N Modem + Router, Stylish Looks, Security Options
CONS : USB Speed 2.5 MB/s max

Searching for a ADSL + WiFi router to get rid of the basic ISP provided modem & wires at my home and also to enable multiple access to my MTNL Broadband Connection so after searching zeroth down to this one.

Setup :
A bit tricky to setup at one go as the configurations are a bit more segregated(on diff pages) as compared to other routers but if you have configured Routers before it would not be a problem.
Strange that you will get only the advanced Setting while setting it up through Default IP. For wizard you have to connect the CD.

Range :
Main concern for a WiFi router is the range and it didn't disappoint me in this aspect. Easily crosses 2/3 walls to covers my 1000sq ft house even when its currently placed at one end of the house. Easily able to to stream video to my Xperia PLAY even at the end of farthest room.

Features :
Have all the basic features like IP filtering, MAC address Binding, Firewall, WEP & WPA security also it includes options to setup guest networks, save profile settings for later use, different access privileges to admin, support and end user. have to explore more on this :)

A nice feature but the Data Rate(UP/Down) is restricted to 2.5 MB/s. It will not be much of a problem while accessing the data directly(Movies etc.) but copying takes a lot of time.

Overall :
A nice purchase for this price. Does perfectly what its intended to do.

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Dead in 3 months
on 22 August 15
Saurabh rated:

just when the warranty ends..product is also dead. Have to keep it plug in now continously.

Dont buy such cheap replacements.

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