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Not only a MP3 Player but also a powerful PDA .... Brilliant piece of technology ... Must Have !
on 13 February 12
Shubham rated:
certified buyer

I must say I am a bit too late reviewing about this product but however , I am finally here . Had a few transaction issues before I actually got this in my hand from Flipkart in December , 2011 but Flipkart is really awesome . Spectacular service and quality .

Before I go into the review , I would like to be frank . I used to hate Apple like 6-7 years back from now especially due to the price they generally set against their products . Moreover , I thought , Apple is only meant for rich people but I was proved wrong later . Steve Jobs and his garage-found-company turned into a global leader , really inspiring . I became an Apple fan , hence and long cherished to own an Apple product , so I finally join the league .

Technically speaking , you would basically use the device for :

1. Entertainment - Music , Videos/Movies , Gaming. (Game center)

2. Everyday Activities - Messaging and Chat , Facetime HD over Wifi , Social Networking , normal Internet browsing and photography .

3. Reading newspapers and books .

I have got the white version of this and I suggest you too get the white one as it comes preloaded with iOS 5 . Also , I think the 32GB is the best deal and 32GB should be enough for you , so you should go for the 32GB model .

Things that you will fall for and would love in this device are
especially ,

1 . Its beautiful build , incredibly thin and lightweight (may trip off your hands) structure and elegant looks (something what Apple is known for) . However , the back is made of stainless steel with a nice Apple logo , but it tends to develop scratches over time , so get a decent cover .

2 . Entertainment - Music , Gaming and movies , everything that you love you will get it all on this device . The sound quality of the speakers , although is not good neither are the apple headphones . Therefore, if you are an audiophile or if you are a music/movie freak , I , suggest , get a Sennheiser or a Skullcandy and life is good .

3 . Photography and recording at 720p HD is an appreciably good experience . Camera not as good as in iPhone but still serves the purpose . The Retina Display , however is truly
phenomenonal that makes reading books and newspapers an eye-popping experience .

4 . The itunes app store is really good and you will get tons of apps there . Go for the free apps and the paid ones if you want , some are really good but be careful some are also fakes .

5 . The battery life of the iPod is really good and edges past most of the other media devices available in the market .

6 . Don't forget to showoff this one to your friends and colleagues . You will become a celeb overnight if you are not one already.[:P]

Last but not the least , I also did not like something about this device and I feel you also may not like that too . There are two things you possibly would not like - the cross-platform bluetooth sharing and the non-expandable memory feature , something which Apple never implemented . The first one is likely to bother you more because files can only be shared over bluetooth between iOS devices only and not any iOS and non-iOS pair , neither there is any app for that . That's really disappointing . The non expandable storage feature is ok until you still need higher storage (>64GBs).

Overall , this is a hell of a device . Nothing less than a mobile phone except the calling capability . I have been using this one for almost 3 months now and it's going great guns and I am in love with it . I also feel proud to have it by my own salary . This is definitely something I would recommend . Do not wait , just go for it .

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