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2 States: The Story of My Marriage : Book
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'fare' enough
on 07 October 09
first to review

well, five point someone came out when we'd just entered college.. and i'm talking about one of those residential colleges where hostel life is the most important aspect of college life, per se. got quite blown by the mere frivolity of it, the dashing cheekiness. it was probably the worst bit of english literature i'd read till then, and though i was aware of that fact, i couldn't help the laughter and the adrenaline rush that came with reading through the bittersweet exploits of that blundering adoloscent troika.
Five years down the line, Mr Bhagat has produced two more 'novels' in that confused Indianised english lingo. Probably he should've stopped at FPS, probably he shouldn't even have written FPS itself, given that in the 'accepted' sense of the expression, he's by no means a 'real author'. Instead, he went on writing his boorish stories, returned to India and finally quit his job in order to "devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in the country".
i can't say he is by any means a good writer, but i must say i have to respect his guts and his philosophy of life. English books at 95/- was never looked at as a good idea in India, but he made that idea transform the very definition of 'English readers in India'. and that's what i like about this man, he probably knows about his own limitations; he writes bad english and haven't had a mature plot to offer since FPS (though i'm not sure if the word mature really goes with FPS). but he wants to write, and he has certain opinions that he wants to propagate through his books and articles (yes, in the much-maligned TOI itself!) and he goes on doing that. and in doing that he's already en route achieving that thing which, eventually, is the most cherished goal of all well-intentioned art, IMPACT. and probably the same logic holds with Bollywood and TOI.
i, for myself, will buy this book and read it. thumbs up, Mr Bhagat!

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