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Sony Xperia Sola : Mobile
Price: Rs. 12990
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
on 17 June 12
subhodeep rated:

Using it for a week now & quite satisfied with it. This phone has a premium feel to it. The display is of far better quality than those with more catchy names. Its fast, has amazing audio & video playing qualities, haven't played a game though. Floating touch doesn't work too well for me but social networking is just awesome.The headphones packed in belt out sound like a dream. Download a good video player like MX and feel the difference while watching movies.Battery works very well provided its on power saver mode and should last through the day. Go for it & you wont be disappointed.Its a gadget to flaunt at this price range.

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Tintin in the Congo (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 552
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
on 01 February 12
subhodeep rated:
certified buyer

this novel displays a very dark & despicable side of tintin hitherto unknown to everyone.those of us who have hero worshipped him would be it.rating is purely based on the shock & revelation factor.

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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara : Av Media
Price: Rs. 299
Available. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
What a film
on 28 January 12
subhodeep rated:
certified buyer

ZNMD is one of those rare films which influences you.It actually inspired four of us friends to take a trip..a bachelor trip at Goa (DCH anyone??). Subtle yet layered, ZNMD is a masterful piece of work just like Zoya's extremely under appreciated debut film, Luck by Chance.Superbly acted & brilliantly executed,ZNMD is a cult film as far as Hindi cinema is concerned.The fact that the director respects the intelligence of the paying audience adds a cherry on this delicious cake. And three cheers to flipkart's service as usual.

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Angels And Demons (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 310
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
on 12 March 12
subhodeep rated:

Ok it is indeed true that a lot of the sensational stuff in this book is made up & that is Brown's specialty. However having said that, if you can manage to suspend your disbelief, there is perhaps another thriller which will enthrall you so much. Angels & Demons is textbook material when it comes to what we describe as racy. In fact it is so fast & so gripping, that you wouldn't even realize that how the time has flown away & you have not even thought putting the book down. There is a lot of criticism by the purists regarding Brown's writing style or even his language.I am no expert but its easy for me to understand what he wants to convey & for that is just enough. His plots though often far fetched are tautly bound so you often get the feeling that you are actually watching a damn good action thriller. This without doubt is Brown's best work, yes I know he followed it up with The Da Vinci Code, but A&D is pure entertainment from the very first line. Don't know how did they messed up the movie. I'll read the book anytime compared to watching the film. A compelling read.

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Inferno (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 560
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
on 23 July 13
subhodeep rated:
certified buyer

Dan Brown had quite "lost" his marbles er "symbols"..the last time we met & went on an adventure with Prof Robert Langdon but with Inferno he has managed to redeem his reputation & also his worth as a writer to a great extent. To those who are familiar with the first 2 adventures of Prof Langdon, let me warn you, Inferno is not on those lines. It was believed that Brown specialized on sensationalism & he knew how to sell it. Da Vinci Code is the best example of that. But this time he wants to prove his worth his salt as a writer, so Inferno will not break your neck when it comes to speed & intrigue. With Inferno, Brown has tried to address some real burning issues for which he needs to be appreciated. Now for hardened Brown fans, who swear by their Da Vinci Code & Angels & Demons & another killing suspenseful gem called Deception Point(that includes myself), Inferno might be a little disappointing simply because that simple sense of tension of a great hidden "truth" being revealed(da vinci code) or a catastrophe about to happen as in Angels & Demons is clearly clearly missing.For me all factors considered & sensationalism kept to a minimum level, Angels & Demons remains the benchmark for any thriller I have EVER read. I consider it to be better than Da Vinci Code any day. But compared to his last outing in the Capitol Building, Inferno's core message leaves a lot to ponder & shows that Brown wants us to think & before that is thinking himself, and perhaps is ready to move out of his comfort zone. Give it a try.

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