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Reviews by Surojeet (2)

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Sony Xperia S : Mobile
Price: Rs. 10000
on 19 April 12
Surojeet rated:

Hello everyone,

I bought this phone on 10th April. So it has been more than a week I have been using it. Following is my review (completely non-bias)

Battery : The major concern for many XPS users is the insufficient battery backup. I faced the same till my phone was on firmware 6.0.A.3.62. I updated my phone to 6.0.A.3.73 and there is a huge improvement. Infact, I would say, battery backup is near to perfect. My Xperia Arc used to back me up for 1.5 days with 3G/WiFi and 2.5 days without 3G/WiFi. My updated Xperia S now performs almost the same. 1.5 days with 3G/WiFi and 2 days without 3G/WiFi. So, all the users out there, pls wait for the 73 firmware to be available in your country. Keep your screen brightness less than 50%. I use it with 40% brightness, still its more than enough for office/home usage. Charge your battery from 0 to 100 for the first five charges. You will see the difference. Also, ICS may improve things even more.

Built Quality : The plastic used in this phone is premium. Handling the phone makes you feel as if you have an expensive device in your palms. Although the aluminum body on the upcoming Xperia P would be a better choice, but this is no less. Excellent built quality with an “out–of–the–box” design. The capacitive buttons will take a few hours (not days) to get used to. I don’t miss ANY hit now. It is definitely responsive.

Display : Amazing. Crisp, sharp, nice punchy colors, not oversaturated like AmoLED. I use this display with less than 50% brightness and still the screen is very punchy but pleasing. Regarding the YELLOW tinge issue, I was lucky enough to receive a perfect product. I played games for a long time, deliberately, to overheat the phone. No yellow stuff. I am happy and hope for the same for all users.

Audio : Sony can’t go wrong here. I heard a review saying that the earphones provided are crappy. NOT TRUE. The earphones are good quality and provide very nice bass n higher frequencies as well. With the custom equalizer settings, you can have punchy deep bass music or pleasant low bass music as per your preference. Loud speaker is also crisp and decently loud. Call quality is pin sharp. No issues in Audio department.

Camera : In par with Nokia N-8 and Sony Ericsson Satio. Images have huge amount of detail. Colors produced are decently saturated. Only thing I find missing is XENON flash, but I guess its too much to ask for.

Video : Can’t say much in this dept. Captured only 1 video as of now. Seemed pretty sharp but while capturing, I somehow couldn’t keep my hand steady. So can’t comment much here.

Storage : 32 GB inbuilt is more than you need. I can say that bcoz I am myself a geek. I store lot of images and movies in my tablet and phone. Expandable memory card could have been a plus point but onboard 32GB is not less. I have five 720p HD movies and a lot of Trance music (Trance songs usually weigh more than 10MB) and my recent craze for photography in my phone right now. Still have around 3GB remaining. Internal memory for apps is almost 2GB, which is LOT more than needed. As I said, I myself am a geek and have many many apps installed.

This is ONE GOOD product and I am ONE HAPPY customer.

Thanks a lot Sony.

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Sony (SGPT111IN/S) Tablet S : Tablet
Price: Rs. 17800
Great tablet
on 06 December 11
Surojeet rated:

All problems mentioned above have workarounds ..
Trust me guys.. this is an awesome tablet.
All u need is a good knowledge of Android OS and a "quest for more" ,, rather than a complaining attitude.
Go to Android market and find the solutions.

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