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Nokia Lumia 630 (Black, 8 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9999
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Satisfied user of Lumia 630. :)
on 24 June 14
Swarnava rated:

I bought this phone from two weeks back from today. The white version is available there forr 500 rupees less.

Anyways, so I waited two weeks before writing my review. I was in a lot of confusion whether to buy Lumia 630 or Moto E. Mircomax and XOLO phones were there too in my 10k budget, but I didn't want to take a risk by buying those.

This cell is amazing guys! The UI of windows 8.1 is buttery smooth. It hardly got hang in the past 2 weeks, infact there was no hang at all. The display is as good as MOTO G, so dont think that less pixel per inch will cause any issue.
Let me tell you the detailed analysis of each sector of it:

Looks- The design is awesome. It looks like a iPhone at times 'cause it got such a classy look.(the white model)

Call- I have faced no issue so far in calling. Sound quality doesn't get any better than this.

Processor speed- A quad-core processor is all you need. What's the point of having a 1GB ram and dual-core processor like in Moto E? If your processor can't perform well, RAM can't help.

RAM- Many people complain about 512MB RAM! What do we need RAM for? For playing high-end games right? Let me tell you, Lumia 630 plays Asphalt 8 smoother than Moto E can play it. Windows has modified the games in its App store in such way that 512 MB ram is enough to play any game.

Camera- Ahh this is the sector where Lumia 630 crosses Moto E by miles. Moto E's fixed-focus camera is not good at all. Whereas Lumia 630's camera is superb, got a auto-focus feature, so photos are crystal clear in daylight, maybe a bit problem at night due to no flash. But at this price, only micromax and xolo will give you flash. :P

SAR( This is important, which not many care about while selecting phone)- SAR value is very high for Moto E, which means you are more prone to health risks by using Moto E constantly. Nokia would never compromise on quality and risk your health, so when you are paying 10.5k for Lumia 630, you are caring for your health rather than buying Moto E for 7k and risking your health.

Build quality- Excellent build quality. Feels good in hands. The back cover is of excellent quality.

NOKIA service- You can't say that NOKIA customer care has got many is best in customer care.

Windows app store gives you all the apps you will need. Only very-important apps like "kill mosquito", "battery charger", "fast internet", etc wont be found on windows app store. So choose android if you want those :P

Overall just go fot it! You won't regret :)

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Nokia Asha 200 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 4055
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
BEST at this range of Rs3000-Rs 4500!
on 11 April 12
Swarnava rated:
certified buyer

Before buying this, i was confused between SAMSUNG CHAT-ON, SAMSUNG CHAMP 2, NOKIA c2-03 and NOKIA ASHA-200. But i felt that NOKIA ASHA was a better deal. And now im holding this great cell!

Let me give u all a specific rating of its rating, rather than rating it as a whole:
Looks- 10/10! Others would not be able to make out that it costs only a 4K by looking at it!

Music quality- 9/10! Crystal-clear sound quality!

User interface- 9/10! It's quite fast in working! Never hangs!

Messaging quality- 8/10! Fast sending of messages! But only problem is that it might be tough to type since the buttons r really small..but one would get used to it soon!

Call quality- 9/10! Very clear sound during echo of ur own sounds is possible but it doesnt affect at all!

Internet- 9/10! Very easy to work on internet!

Camera- 9/10! A 2MP camera is what u expect at this price! And it works great and takes awesome pics!

Overall,its a great product! There are hardly any cons of it! You should surely buy it! And don't confuse yourself between other phones and this one, like the way i did! haha!

And thanks to! What a great deal was that and delivery and packing was awesome!

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Koss ESP950 Wired Headphones : Headphone
Price: Rs. 80000
Available. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Aim of my life, reached finally.
on 23 April 14
Swarnava rated:

This is it! Since my childhood, I was after it. In my dreams, day-dreams, night-dreams, all sort of dreams, i dreamt of it!After searching whole world, i found it in I wanted to buy it immediately, so i sold my heart. They said it works as a pacemaker too! So selling heart dint matter. And here i am tday, listening to its crystal clear sound. Its so clear dat u cn hear music evn when there is silence in the song. Its like 24x7 music. Buy it mates, buy it! Everyone got hearts, its common yar! Buy this and your life wil be worth living :)

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I Too Had a Love Story (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 125
Available. Delivered in 7-8 business days.
Best indian-romance available in the market of books.
on 07 July 13
Swarnava rated:
certified buyer

If this wont make u miss the person u love the most in your life, then be sure that u had never loved any person in life yet. This will make u realise how much the girl/boy u love means to you. After reading it, one will do everythng to ensure that the girl/boy he/she loves always remains safe in his/her arms.
Ravinder Singh is just way too good in this book. He knew how to connect to the hearts of his readers, but most importantly, he didn't care to impress his readers with something beyond the lives of normal Indians. His tribute to his Khushi would be remembered by everyone forever now :) . Great job mate!
I had tears in my eyes after completing it. The next thing i did was swear to my girlfriend that il be there to protect her at all stages of life. :) If you would complete this book, then you wont b able to stop yourself from calling up your girlfrnd/boyfrnd and tell her how much she/he means to you.
The end-part in that bus-journey was way too good. It can make the strongest hearts sob, if not cry aloud.
Cheers to Ravin-Khushi's love-story, which is immortalised now by this novel.(y)

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Orpat OEK-8127 Electric Kettle : Electric Kettle
Price: Rs. 780
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
on 17 November 11
Swarnava rated:
certified buyer

Hello!Im a 16-yr old boy!
At first,my parents were nt realy interested in buying this product!but i forced them,so they they bought it unwillingly.But after it reached us and my mom started using it,she was really happy!my dad was happy too since his investment paid-off!!

This product is a real gem at its price!it looks nice too and mechanism is really good and satisfying!only problm is that its CORD is a little short,but i guess thats usual with the rest kettles too..So,overall,its a great product!A must-buy for the ones looking for a ELECTRIC_KETTLE!

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SG Roadster Sneakers : Shoe
Price: Rs. 1799
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Nice shoes at a very affordable price.
on 20 September 13
Swarnava rated:
certified buyer

This pair of shoes is one of my finest purchases from It has hardly got any cons as such. Everything is good about it.
For your convenience in choosing, let me give details about this product:

Quality- The seal SG is more than enough to guess its quality. Still, when you feel the material of the shoes with your hands, you can make out how tough and durable it is.

Comfortable-factor- I've been wearing it for a few days now, and I dint find it difficult to walk in this new pair. The cusion around your feet gives you all the comfort you need.

looks- Obviously, this matters a lot! So, lookswise, this looks fabulous. The quality didnt go out of style, its a perfect blend of quality and style.

So, overall, you should go for this product and not confuse yourself with FILA Surveillance and this one( like d way i did). HAHA!

And once again, great service from delivered.

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A perfect finishing touch for boards' preparation.
on 12 September 13
Swarnava rated:
first to review certified buyer

I was probably the first person to use this book, pre-ordered it and got it delivered even before it was officialy released on
Thanks to the superfast services of
Now coming to the book, I must say that this is the perfect finishing touch you would need after you are done revising all the chapters for your board exams. Especially the analysis of the questions that might be asked in 2014 is the most helpful part as you can prepare yourself accordingly to the requirements. This set of three books is a gem really, a very different kind of QUESTION BANK, one which surprised me in the beginning but soon i found myself getting used to it.

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Never Let Me Go (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 140
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
A good story with a predictable-monotonous climax.
on 07 July 13
Swarnava rated:
certified buyer

The name and the preview made me buy this book. A good book. I read it within 2 days and it did keep me hooked into it for a long time, unlike most of the romantic-indian-novels these days.
The story is good, except the last part! It was too cinematic and predictable. A mouth-to-mouth asthma? After a long-good plot, would u expct a mouth-to-mouth asthma to be in the climax! Hindi-soaps have got those reasons-leading-to-misunderstanding much before. You expct somethng different from a novel atleast.
And once more, in the end, the girl dies! That too in a ICU, once more! It was like you are reading I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY towards the end.
Please something different next time? We dont want to see the movies with same climaxes everytime.
But one thing is that Sachin Garg has got a top-notch writing style :) He blends things well and he can keep you reading the books for hours at one-sitting. You wont find it too heavy to read, nor too boring with vivid philosophy/
Waiting for a good story from Sachin Garg soon. Would love to read him again and again, unless and until the story is at par with his writing-skills.

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A good material for quick preparation.
on 14 September 13
Swarnava rated:
first to review

I first read this book from one of my friend and found it really helpful as it tells only the essential details of the chapter, which sounds more like 'data abstraction' feature of OOP, isn't it? HAHA! I bought this book from another website, which was selling it at Rs.160 ;-)
The questions in it are very helpful and the quick-notes in the beginning of every chapter are time-savvy. It's a great book for the preparation of board-exam, alongwith the thick textbooks!
So if you dont have d time to read from the textbooks all over again, then go for this book and you'll be confident enough to answer any questions from any chapter.

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Magic of Saida; The (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 350
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
What an amazing story that was!
on 20 December 14
Swarnava rated:
certified buyer

MG Vassanji, I'l remember this name forever.

What a narration style this man has got! Simply genius! The way he writes sub-plots in the story, connecting them so well. And he plays with the sense of time- you will suddenly find yourself in the past then suddenly realise you are back to present.
The story is brilliant. The ending of the story got me shivers. None would believe in magic and hallucinations, but this man, Vassanji, makes the reader believe in those!
A story which doesn't promise HAPPY ENDING or even a SWEET ROMANTIC STORY, but it's a very strong read, which everyone should read I feel. :)

Now, I am gonna read his Assassin's Song. Can't leave reading such talented writer's works.

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