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Reviews by Keira (2)

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best card for a better price
on 19 May 12
Keira rated:

first of all the card looks awesome with the shiny black coating
for starters its great it clocks upto 900MHz make sure you have a good motheboard else you may find it hard to work,
cool and silent, no additional power cable required 450 watts means you don't have to worry about your smps's power output
i played lost planet 2, it was just awesome with the colour and performance it gave for 1920*1080 with direct x11 it goes upto 57degree celcius and around 34deg for normal operation power consumption varies from 54 to aroun 156 watts according to the load.
automatically adjust with the epu software in shifting between overclocking or power mode and normal mode, good to watch movies..
AMD FX-4100
ASUS m5a78l-m lx PLUS
Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM 1600 MHz

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great game for short time gamers
on 31 May 12
Keira rated:

The RUN as officially claimed in the trailers promised a stunning imagination and visual experience having been roped Michael Bay for it in the productions.
there are a few pros and cons with the game
providing with all the best cars in the upper class range right from the start gives a great advantage and helps to easily pick the cars.
the turning of the cars in the curves seems more precisely done and can dominate it with practice but the physics in turning looks dumb the way the cars slides to the side rather than actually turning as in real cars.
turbo reset a new addition has revolutionized the game-play in run with people not having to restart the whole game when falling behind in the last few seconds you can just reset it to a last checkpoint. however it frustrates you when it automatically resets when you just move a little bit out of the track and when you have all the possibilities to get back on track you will still be automatically reset.
shortcuts are not just optional in most of the races you have to take them if you have to beat the opponents.
cops don't have a big role to play in this edition like in the others where most of us would just play with the cops to pass time.
the animation while telling the stories just blows us away with its stunning picture clarity and detail when you play it in 1080p, which could have been a bit more with the installed size being above 15 GB more animations and talking sessions would have been great but not disappointed with what i got.
another great addition is with the user stimulated action and escape sequences with brilliant computer graphics where you need to press the specified keys quickly to perform an action or a fight or an escape, for which i believe you need a game-pad synchronized with the Xbox game-pad keys
it took me just around ten hours to complete the run..
i did not get into the challenge series and other racing stuffs

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