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Reviews by Thakur (2)

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HTC evo 3D (Black, 1 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 23349
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Outdated ! not to buy
on 14 May 12
Thakur rated:

1)good camera

2)one of the first phones to have 3D

3) An ICS update would be on its way

1.its outdated now (4d may come out anytime)

2.too expensive for what your getting .....rather get a nexus which would cost you rs23500 in the grey market

3. 3D strains your eyes and thus you may get headaches ( unless you hold the phone in a specific angle)

So overall i would not recommend this phone for the daily basis as there are many other phones like the galaxy nexus ,s2 which would be at a cheaper rate and would be much better

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Thrustmaster Universal Challenge 5 in 1 Racing Wheel : Joystick
Price: Rs. 2900
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
on 26 March 12
Thakur rated:
certified buyer

This racing wheel is truly amazing .. i bought this for the ps3 and its best in its type its good if you want some cheap racing wheel which can do the job .. if money is not a problem you should buy the logitech g27 racing wheel..or if u want a midranged wheel then the logitech gt is just perfect

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