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Reviews by Turyya (3)

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on 03 February 12
Turyya rated:
certified buyer

I got this netgear WNA1100 today.I ordered 2days ago.It's packing is too good.Installation is very easy and this device performance is also very good.My budget was 1000.So,within 1000 it is very good and useful device.

Thanks flipkart..

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Very good pen!!
on 24 February 12
Turyya rated:
certified buyer

I bought this pen from flipkart..It is a good pen and also the budget is affordable.Within 500 we can get this pen which better than vector.Flipkart's packaging is also very good..Nib of this pen is very good.. This pen will write very smooth in any paper,it doesn't matter whether the paper is soft or rough.

Thanks flipkart..

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About flipkart
on 16 August 13
Turyya rated:

I am planning to buy this PSU.But here flipkart saying that this SMPS has 3yrs Warranty,where seasonic give 5yrs warranty.So, I am totally confused. I have to search this PSU in market for this matter.

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