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Reviews by Utsab (5)

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Parker Frontier Matte Black CT Fountain Pen : Pen
Price: Rs. 540
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
As expected
on 28 April 12
Utsab rated:
certified buyer

As expected from parker, the pen is cool .. both in looks and in usage. The ink flow is nice and smooth. Don't buy it if you want only a pen , but definitely buy if you want a parker fountain pen .. Only if parker inks were also available in flipkart !! still, cheaper inks also works well with it.

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HP F9B08AA On the Ear : Headset
Price: Rs. 327
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Ok, but not best
on 03 May 12
Utsab rated:

I am using it for more than a year. This one is good, both for laptop and mobile. Being small in size, it is portable too. But, personally I don't like on-the-year or in-the-year headfones as they cause pain in ear and stops free movement of ear.

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Delhi OMG! (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 170
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
A scattred storyline
on 16 August 12
Utsab rated:
certified buyer

I must admit I was really hoping for a man's journey from teen to forties. But instead I got to know many stories which describes the history and nature of many different places of a city.
While I enjoyed the narration of all those things, when it comes to the journey of the protagonist it comes below par. This plot had too many potential but only dealt with such a strange approach which leads one to doubt the book's intention. In short, it might be a good effort but certainly missed the perfect blend of plots and creativity.

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Sennheiser MX 170 Earphones : Headphone
Price: Rs. 664
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Quality product from Sen ..
on 17 September 12
Utsab rated:
certified buyer

Everything is good in this product. Far ahead of any other earphones in this range ..

If Sen could put some noise isolation in this earphone, others would be out of competition !! This lack of noise isolation is only bad thing and reduces the quality a bit ..The earphone should also go more inside your ear ... everything else is awesome !!

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Nokia Lumia 520 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 7400
Available. Delivered in 6-7 business days.
A great mobile .. Owner's pride ..
on 04 December 13
Utsab rated:

Just awesome phone, awesome delivery by flipkart .. only the battery back-up is not that great .. it lasts for a day in normal usage ..

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