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Reviews by Anis (2)

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Moto G (Black, 16 GB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9400
Coming Soon.
Moto G - a good product to keep
on 24 September 14
Anis rated:
certified buyer

A very good - excellent - phone to keep with multipurpose uses. There are small issues which can be settled by their service centres. However, service centres are in worst locations at least in Kolkata and of very little use as such. If service centre location is primary consideration then do not buy Motorola products in Kolkata.

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Prestige PIC 6.0 Induction Cooktop : Induction Cook Top
Price: Rs. 2799
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Spill over concern
on 18 December 11
Anis rated:

There should not be any problem on a spill over of food on pan because the cook top does not respond to anything non-steel. One should make sure that the steel spoons and similar things are not left on the cook top while the cooking is in progress. That may heat the spoon or whatever. If my view is incorrect the manufacturer may correct the same through their own post. I am not a user but the view is logical.

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