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Reviews by Sachin (4)

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Compatible RAM to my Dell Inspiron 6400 (DDR2 667 MHz)
on 15 April 12
Sachin rated:
certified buyer

i was bit hesitant(infact a lot) to open upgrade my dell inspiron 6400 laptop myself. I had 2 modules of 512 MB (total 1GB RAM) of type DDR2 and speed 667MHz in my laptop when i bought it. To confirm the compatibility of RAM module i was about to buy, i searched on the web and found that Most Inspiron 6400 laptops use DDR2 667 /PC2-5300 ram. I even opened up my laptop backpanel and confirmed the ram module specs(opening laptop is very trivial job, these laptops are organized in a neat way to upgrade or change things, i just needed to open 2 screws to access my RAM modules. There are lot of youtube resources you can checkout for doing this).
i ordered 2X1 GB = 2GB modules from Transcend and upgraded my machine. and voila!! it's working like charm.
I could have sourced the memory modules from nehru place in delhi, but such is the trust i have on Flipkart that i feel guarantee provided by flipkart is more valuable than any local nehru place vendor. And i was really pleased to see my memory modules delivered in sealed condition in a very nice packaging.

Thank Flipkart!!

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Very Good Product
on 04 April 12
Sachin rated:
certified buyer

Received this hard disk in excellent packaging (Thanks Flipkart!!). This is a good product if you are looking for backing up data reliably. USB 3.0 is just an advantage to buy even if your current computer supports only USB 2.0. In future if you upgrade to a machine with USB 3.0 controllers, you would have very high transfer speeds.

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Brilliant Netbook!!
on 03 April 13
Sachin rated:
certified buyer

This netbook is awesome when it comes to size, color and usability.

It has an AMD core as opposed to Intel Atoms more popular these days. But, believe me this c70 core is as good as anyone in this price range. This machine comes with an 11.6 inch screen backed by a very high resolution and is far better when compared to it's 10 inch cousins. Bigger screen is a huge plus.
Other salient feature of this netbook is that its memory is upgradeable. You could upgrade the RAM upto 8GB (eventhough it says 4 GB) which you can't do in other netbooks notably the Asus 10 inch notebooks. upgradable memory could stretch life of your netbook for some time.

If you are a Linux/Ubuntu user, you should prefer this netbook over Asus simply because the graphics chip used with the Atom 2600 is not well supported in linux (Though there are some drivers and hacks available to get it working, you should avoid Asus if you are not a geek).

One advice to Ubuntu users is to use 12.10 version onwards as the support for the graphics chip in this netbook is better. Ubuntu 12.10 graphics rendering is smooth for this graphics core and saves some precious battery life.

Only drawback with this netbook is smaller (compared to Asus) battery life (~3 Hrs). If you can live with that, then go ahead , this netbook is best in its class in all aspects.

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Poor Quality stuff
on 01 June 15
Sachin rated:
certified buyer

Don't buy this stuff. Extremely poor quality.

Seller sent some old worn out piece which was bent and folded.

I do not know why flipkart is endorsing such sellers.

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