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Reviews by Vinay (3)

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Acer Iconia A500 : Tablet
Price: Rs. 26660
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Message for ACER
on 16 October 11
Vinay rated:

Hi Acer,

I Love this tab. The design is incredible but No 3G is disappointing. Also I would like to tell u that I could see nice products from ur end. Like Acer s3 laptops. I would prefer 15" over 13".... Good work keep going. Please release 3G version with same design.

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Karbonn A21 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 7402
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Worst phone ever
on 24 October 12
Vinay rated:

I bought this phone from infibeam. I would not recommend this phone as it is very very slow and hangs a lot. I have not installed a single app yet. Just started using the phone as it is after unboxing. I wonder why the hell they say it is dual core ?. Even just to call someone I have to wait for 10 seconds after hitting call button ?

Karbonn is just cheating consumers by quoting high spec for under performing phone !!!

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Worst Author ever
on 16 April 14
Vinay rated:
first to review

First of all the technologies and tools used for development of any projects in this book are out of dated ( back to year 2005). There is no way you can get the updated source code and all the projects are filled with enough bugs. Some bugs are really naive and shows that author really have to reinvent himself. It looks like a book written by high schooler.

Waste of Money and Wast of Time..

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