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Reviews by Vineesh (10)

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Value for money product
on 29 April 12
Vineesh rated:

Good value for money product.
As the netbooks are used as ultra portable devices this product will meet your requirements on the go.

Good battery back up( 5-6 hours for normal use)
Nice display
Light weight ( charger too)
Soft keyboard
Decent speed
connectivity and ports
the two ends of a single button is used as the right and left selection in the track pad which is quite uncomfortable. Due to small layout, using track pad is not as comfortable too.( if you can use a mouse, fully solved)
Volume of speaker is very low and sound quality is not great.( With a good quality headphone, sound appears decent though)
As it uses window starter, you can not change wallpaper, screensaver themes etc ( Solutions available in net if you are a little technically sound)

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Mitashi Sky Kidz Fun Tunes : Musical Toy
Price: Rs. 749
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Nice product
on 13 September 13
Vineesh rated:
first to review certified buyer

+ Nice product, my 2+ year kid love it and he can use and carry it comfortably.

+ Instrument options and quality is good for the price, even though its a toy.

+ Flipkart Delivery was fast.

# Satisfied

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Dell 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack : Laptop Bag
Price: Rs. 540
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
on 12 September 16
Vineesh rated:

Durable and beautiful

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Khadi Herbal Olive Oil - Pure & Natural Essential Oil : Bath Essential Oil
Price: Rs. 280
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Excellent quality product
on 01 November 13
Vineesh rated:
certified buyer

This is the only item in flipkart that I am gonna order again so far.

About the oil, Good for the skin. Not sticky and smelly. Flipkart delivery was also good.

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Sony Micro Vault Tiny 4 GB Pen Drive : Pendrive
Price: Rs. 336
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Mixed response
on 13 September 13
Vineesh rated:
certified buyer

I bought it to use exclusively with my car stereo as it is light, but it didn't work with that even though both the device have USB 2.0 interface. Any way using that with PC and Laptop without any issues.

But can't agree with other reviews that it is too fragile. It won't break by normal use. I bought it only because it is light and I think the designed it like this way. Not as a mass product, but for specific use.

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Sony MDR-E8LP Wired Headphones : Headphone
Price: Rs. 469
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Good one for the price..but not great
on 13 September 13
Vineesh rated:
certified buyer

+ Sound quality is good with decent bass without distortion ( Not great bass like many other sony products)

+ Quite comfortable in the ear without any irritation or pain.

+ Flipkart delivery was quick and prompt; thanks.

- Sound is a little bit like a processed one than natural.

- Though the quality was good, it is lesser than my old Philips of same price range. ( I had big expectation with Sony).

# Overall satisfied for the price.

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Khanna Rally Bike : Vehicle Pull Along
Price: Rs. 229
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Don't expect too much
on 19 April 13
Vineesh rated:
first to review certified buyer

Thanks flipkart for the express delivery.
The finishing of the product is not as good as expected from the picture. Functions decently though. Overall good not great as the other toys I bought earlier.

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Micromax Aisha A52 (White, 160 MB) : Mobile
Price: Rs. 5299
In Stock. Delivered in 5-6 business days.
Good phone for the price
on 15 September 12
Vineesh rated:
certified buyer

You can have all the great features of android at this price.

The battery last for two days with one sim. But with two sims and wifi/data connection/ GPS on, it lasts hardly one day. Sometimes with heavy usage, needs recharging of twice in a day.( Common issue with android phones)

GPS and maps is simply the great. The navigation is very fast too.

after inserting the sim the phone configured itself and I started using net instantly. With win7, it will configure itself as modem to connect with PC. all u need to do is to turn on USB tethering or wifi. U need to download driver for xp.

So user friendly. There was no need to refer the manual for anything. but it took me some time to find out how to cancel a call.

The cons are some practical issues with touch and the interface.

For me its very irritating to turn the display on by pressing the power button each time. I set 10 min time out to minimise these even if it's eating out the battery.

Due to absence of any key buttons, its difficult to attend call/use with one hand.

The absence of arrow keys in the virtual keyboard irritates a lot while typing. Its somewhat difficult to go to column1 of line.

Due to less internal memory, u can not install a large number of applications. Needs to be satisfied with the pre-installed apps and a few less graphic ones.

These cons are minor and be negligible for the offered price.Overall a great buy for an android starter :)

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Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Mirrorless Camera : Camera
Price: Rs. 7070
In Stock. Delivered in 6-7 business days.
Good camera but dead battery given by flipkart
on 03 March 13
Vineesh rated:
certified buyer

the camera is excellent for the price...Delivery was also very good.

The only problem I faced is the charger and batteries given by flipkart along with this. The battery(Chamleon) was dead completely. lasted hardly 2-3 snaps after full recharge. Later I ordered fujiloop battery from flipkart itself, which works decently. The charger was also substandard. The battery will not fit properly in that, now require a band around the charger to prevent the cells from falling. even though these were given as an offer along with the cam, the lack of quality of them really disappointed. otherwise my rating would have been 5 for this excellent phone

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Lomani Cigar Deodorant Spray - For Men : Deodorant
Price: Rs. 195
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Poor delivery
on 22 January 13
Vineesh rated:
certified buyer

Though I am a loyal and satisfied user of flipkart, one thing I ve observed that whenever they deliver the product through firstflight, some or other problem occurs. I 've ordered two items together. One I got on the second working day. But this one, after around two weeks, the status changed to returned from transit. What the hell !!! Not received the product at all. Money refunded.

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