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Reviews by Vipul (4)

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Dell Case Werkz 16 inch Backpack : Bags
Price: Rs. 682
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Amazing Service! Amazing Product!!
on 11 October 11
Vipul rated:
certified buyer

Product was delivered in less than 48 hrs. Amazing service flipkart. Good packing and everything.
Amazing bag for such price. Although a missed a cheaper deal of 590/- on the same but still not complaining.
Enough padding for laptop, fair enough space, and overall a great product.
Only one improvement I would recommend is a better explanation of the product online so that its easier to make a decision.
But all in all, Good work flipkart. keep it up.

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Barron's TOEFL iBT 2013 Guide (With DVD) (English) 13th Edition : Book
Price: Rs. 563
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Not very impressive
on 12 July 12
Vipul rated:
certified buyer

I ordered this book from flipkart a while ago but did not have a chance to use it up till now. The service as usual was good but the book was a little bent out of shape..which does not usually happen with flipkart..
About the book I am not too impressed. The quality of print and paper is not very good because of which you are not encouraged to read the book when you pick it up. Refrences to the DVD enclosed are not to be found and the DVD enclosed only has audio files and no actual sample mock tests. Over all I think there must be better options available in the market. I have also heard one can go to a toefl centre and buy material from there.

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F&D V620 plus 2.0 USB Speakers : Speaker
Price: Rs. 940
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Surprisingly good
on 10 May 12
Vipul rated:
certified buyer

Earlier I was put off by the brand name. I had never heard of F&D as such . But quite frankly, most branded products in the market start to loose quality once they develop a reputation. These on the other hand are amazing despite of being a product of a not so popular brand. The bass quality is amazing for the size. The sound is clear and crisp. Sound quality differs a little with source but is still the best I have heard in this class of speakers.
All in all great product. I think even better than logitech or creative at some level. Go for it.

And Full points to flipkart for the quintessential service. Almost unbelievably good.

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F Gear Adios 31 L Standard Backpack : Backpack
Price: Rs. 695
In Stock. Delivered in 3-4 business days.
Good...Not Great.
on 08 December 14
Vipul rated:

The bag is not as large as I thought but its average size.

Plenty compartments
Padded straps
Sturdy Construction

Not enough small pockets inside
No holders for pens, cards or keys

All in all..not bad but not that great either.

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