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Reviews by Vijay (2)

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Good lens
on 27 March 12
Vijay rated:

I have owned this lens for over a week now. I was in need of:
1) Light weight
2) Fast
3) Cheap/Economical
lens for a wedding shoot. The experience of ordering the lens and getting it in 29 hours is extraordinary. Thanks Flipkart!

The lens meets and beats the criteria that I listed. I have a full frame camera and therefore the selection of lenses is limited and expensive. What I needed was a fast lens that I could use for wedding photography (I do not use flashes), with the limitations in lighting that goes at closed outdoors. I bought this lens with the idea that it is fast (F1.8 is fast enough with the right combination of ISO is not-well-lit places. I was amazed by the clarity of objects in focus that it delivers. I am yet to go through the pictures in detail, but I noticed a mild stretching towards the edges of the frame. Well, a slight crop solves the problem which otherwise would cost 20K more.

The image quality at the F5.6 is definitely inferior to the 35-350mm F3.5 lens which I have used all the while. But hey! what better can I ask for at 6780/-? Good enough.

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Good, but not great
on 26 December 12
Vijay rated:
certified buyer

For all those that are bespectacled, like me, this pair of goggles is like a dream :) Having wanted to wear some form of "cool" (for the eye) wear, I ordered this. Here is my take on it:

- Sleak and light
- Good clarity
- good, rather, great coverage in terms of field of vision

-- (applies to a limited set of people like me). People that wear thick glasses (mine is around -6Ds), even with a high RI glass, the corrective lens frame tends to bend inwards. And the problem that arises because of that is straight forward.... you cannot see straight :). I am not sure if this is making sense, but I will give it a shot. The normal corrective spectacles that we wear is parallel to the surface of the eye (For the engineers it would be "the tangent at the center of the eye"), but with thick lenses, the corrective frame inside, gets pushed inwards at the edges, purely because of the thickness and the curvature. So, the lens is less nonparallel when your eye sight is about 15 degrees or more away from the center of the line of sight (a line perpendicular to the surface of the eyes, drawn on your nose/between the eyes).

This tends to give distorted/unsharp/double vision. Strains the eye quite a bit. The solution to this is either 1) to pull the corrective frame a little bit out, and therefore, leading to it being lose or 2) having to wear these glasses a little away in the nose. Note that with 1), the corrective frame might come off sometimes and 2), the stick just above your ear might slip off

-- For people that oil the hair (like me, coconut oil :)), the rubber at the end of the stick, HAS to be on the scalp/skin, and once it has contacted the oil in the hair, it becomes slippery!)

-- These glasses are pretty air tight, so to say. Eyes need air circulation (which keeps them dry [the tear glands constantly excrete for whatever reasons]). Unless you are cycling or in fast motion of some sort, without fresh air coming in fast, the eyes tend to become watery.

-- The non-black lens are not as reflective as the black on. The corrective frame shows and looks very awkward on them. (I solve it by sticking to the black glasses, and during very sunny days :)) But, for a person that has worn glasses since seemingly the beginning of time, like me, that is too much to ask while I also want to live my childhood dream of wearing "cool shades".

So, effectively, thick glassed people, like me, need to keep the frame lose, not oil their hard, wear the glasses a little off the nose if not the edge (looking like a studious prof) to use it and not get the eyes watery.

If you have seen through the cons and think you can manage, then go for it, the product is good and worth buying.

I am marking 3/5 because I am certain that I can design "my perfect" pair of shades given the time and resources.

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