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Toshiba C640-I4010 Others - : Computer
Price: Rs. 0
This Item is permanently discontinued.
Quite good for the price
on 10 August 11
certified buyer

I needed a laptop for programming. Ordered it, Flipkart promptly delivered it the next day. Put a bootable LinuxMint 11.0 USB and installed mint. Everything works right out of the box. Very good ergonomics. I am getting about 5 hours of battery time on normal usage. While playing DVDs it goes down to 3.5 hours. The CPU benchmark test doesn't show good numbers, but I've not experienced any reduction in performance.

Been using it for a week. Backspace key makes a small noise at times; but other than that very good to work with. My only complaint (which is also there for most other laptops) is that the 2 USB slots provided are on to the front right side and if you put anything in that, it can interfere with your typing. Laptop manufacturers should put most USB slots at the rear of the laptop.

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Micromax Superfone Canvas A100 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 9713
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Decent Phone
on 11 September 12
Satheesh rated:
certified buyer

If your needs are (a) decent android budget phone (b) good display (c) good battery life and (d) ok camera, go for this. I got mine delivered in 10 days and have used this for 4 days now. Haven't tested 3G on it. I really like the battery life and speakerphone. The audio jack is 3.5mm, but has significant impedance mismatch with quite a few headsets. Some of the headsets have a slightly non-standard 3.5mm pin - those don't even go into the phone. Bluetooth file transfer works, didn't check it with headset. Skype, Viber etc work very well.

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HMT R4841 Inox Analog Watch - For Men : Watch
Price: Rs. 2300
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Worth it
on 02 February 14
Satheesh rated:
certified buyer

Looks very nice. Used it for few weeks now. Good quality build. Strap is also good - I thought I ordered maroon strap, but got one with black; not an issue for me.

This one has slightly better positioning of first, fixed loop in the strap than usual these days - makes it more easier on the strap when putting it on.

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Btwin Freeride Cycling Gloves (M) : Sport Glove
Price: Rs. 999
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Just about OK
on 11 February 14
Satheesh rated:
first to review certified buyer

Quality is good - I think the size definition given is not correct - it is too tight. I bought this for riding bicycle and motorcycle. Protection provided is good - doesn't get too uncomfortable under hot sun either.

The length of fingers are a bit odd - little finger is too little resulting in pain after a while. It is very hard to slip it on as well - that could be solved by putting it overnight over a medium coffee cup.

The stickers and logos on it flew out on the first ride!

Worth 950/-? No. Probably worth for 500/-.

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Along The Way PB (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 233
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Speedy narration, average language
on 28 October 11
Satheesh rated:
certified buyer

Author has kept this interesting enough to finish in one sitting. Relies heavily on regional stereotypes, but masked in good subtle humor for some part and SMS kind of humor in most. But the usual life of a software engineer in big services' company is very well captured. Quotes from The Godfather are used very well. If you've liked "Two States" by Chetan Bhagat, you will like this. Similar story, similar narration, less drama.

Editing could've been better. Some sentences have missing words.

Overall, a decent book to read on your daily commute to work.

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The Sins of the Father (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 399
In Stock. Delivered in 4-5 business days.
Superb Part 2 of Clifton Chronicles
on 08 April 12
Satheesh rated:

As usual, superb book from Archer. Since Flipkart had a 2-3 business day shipping time, I went to local bookstore (Sapna in Bangalore) and got it for 260/-. Except for couple of chapters where Maisie Clifton gets in touch with an American Major from North Carolina (for no apparent connection in the story line!), rest of the book was so good that I finished it in one sitting. And for good measure, went back and re-read the first part as well.

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Dell Vostro 1540 Laptop (1st Gen Ci3/ 2GB/ 320GB/ Linux) : Computer
Price: Rs. 34000
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Good one
on 20 May 12
Satheesh rated:
certified buyer

I bought the 4GB version. Good display, good keyboard, good battery backup. I bought some more pieces of this. Often touchpad is way too sensitive and unusable. It works when laptop is on battery power, but not on AC power.

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Huawei Ascend Y300 : Mobile
Price: Rs. 6444
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Quite nice for the price
on 28 April 13
Satheesh rated:
certified buyer

Bought this last week. Got delivery within a day of ordering. Product is good, I liked the black back panel better than the white one (you get both in the box and you can choose which one to use). I had a micro-sim since I was downgrading from Lumia 800, the phone had no issues with a sim adaptor. I actually liked this UI slightly better than the Jelly Bean native UI.

- price
- for most of my usage (calls, gmail, twitter, occasional browsing works very well.
- for the above tasks, very responsive
- facebook app pretty much slows down rest of the phone. I removed it.
- with this use, battery lasts for 2 days. In any case, it is quick to get charged.

- Overall, volume is lesser.
- Speaker is at the back. While the default ring tone is soothing, if you keep the phone on the bed or cushion, it is very hard to hear it ringing.
- Earphones supplied are very poor. Even in max volume setting, it is hard to hear calls outdoors.
- If you are used to hooking the audio out to car's aux-in (so that you can listen on car speakers and speak via normal mike), you are out of luck. Looks like it shuts down mike when you plug in a cable.
- It is not very thin, not very thick. It takes time getting used to to type longer emails using one hand while holding the phone on the other.

Haven't tested blue-tooth, wifi hotspot and gaming (temple run works nicely though).

Update on 25/Jan/2014:
Phone still works very well. Bluetooth, Wifi hotspot etc works as expected. Installed Dodol launcher for even better launch screen!

After using it for 8 months, battery is still good. I get 2 days per full charge. Note - 3G drains battery much faster. If I put 3G on, I get about 4 hours. On 2G, with internet on and sync on, I get a day. I usually turn on internet only when I need - so that might explain 2 days of charge I get.

Camera is ok for casual snaps.

Build is quite sturdy - I've dropped this some 4 times, to the extent that little bits of plastic has chipped off. But hardly any scratches on the screen (yeah - why spend extra on gorilla glass).

Like any non-branded phones, I guess if you are lucky and doesn't have to go to service center, this is a great phone.

Update on 20/06/2013:
It still works great! I got bored with the UI and rooted it with Slimkat ROM (search in modaco for y300 slimkat) - now I've Android Kitkat 4.4.3 on the phone. It is extremely fast and no bugs. Most of the time, I've now 130MB free RAM!

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Theodore Boone: The Activist (English) : Book
Price: Rs. 284
In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days.
Good read
on 04 August 13
Satheesh rated:

Bought this from Sapna Bookhouse, Bangalore. By John Grisham's standards, much shorter at less than 300 pages. But very nicely written and leaves you with a warm feeling.

He has very nicely articulated lot of things through children's eyes. Specifically, there are some sections where a boy explains his grandfather's farm -- it is so good that you can actually visualize it.

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Gas Campus Corporate Casuals : Shoe
Price: Rs. 2490
This Item is currently Out of Stock.
Looks good
on 21 September 13
Satheesh rated:
first to review

Had to exchange for 1 size smaller than usual. Good fit and finish. For this price, I'd have expected to have softer inner soles. The side walls are quite strong - so if your ankle bone is little lower, it will hurt you a bit.

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