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Reviews by Anand (4)

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too bad only ten episodes
on 06 February 12
Anand rated:
certified buyer

Too bad they made only ten episodes for this. Very sarcastic on the various issues. Some of the things shown in the show are still happening

Wish there were more starts to rate this.

Any way its a clean good family fun.

And of course thanks to flikpart for delivering it at my convenient time.


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Great novel read it 5 or 6 times
on 03 February 12
Anand rated:

I read this novel 6 times already and that too while traveling on a plane.

Each time I read this novel I was really engrossed and it felt like I each reading it the first time.

Without giving away the plot. It is about air crash investigation that should be completed within a week other wise the company is finished.

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haven't read the book, but I guess it can happen twice
on 30 December 11
Anand rated:

When you love a person so much that you are afraid to say some thing or you are afraid you'll loose the person, you can easily hurt yourself and not them. You can't handle the pain of not being able to spend the rest of yourself with this person. When you speak to this person your mind goes blank, and you can talk to her only looking into her eyes. You feels so crazy about her that just listening to her speak or hearing her smile or giggle over the phone, or seeing her in person and seeing her smile and giggle would make your day. You are so scared to loose her that you'll pray to god that every time you see her, you desperately beg god that you wont' doing anything stupid and get her angry with you or hurt her feelings. Her wish is your command and no matter what you do all you can think of is her, even when you have lost things like vehicle documents, house key or something other thing. You keep a dairy with you so that you can write about her, you are not courageous enough to tell her or when you see her you would forget what to say to her. You beg god constantly that you want to get a opportunity to spend the rest of your life with her, and grow old with her. Every second you spend with her you wish it would last forever. The mere mention of her name would make you feel on top of the world. You would give anything to just to spend with her and listen to her sweet voice and see her smile. All you want to do is make her feel good the way she makes you feel. You are ready to give up your life if she says. And you wouldn't want to do anything to risk this thing and at the same time you want to tell her how much you love her, how much you want to spend the rest of your life with her, and how much you care for her. You are not afraid to be vulnerable with her.

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Stephanie Zimbalist Steele Rocks
on 16 December 11
Anand rated:
certified buyer

Laura Holt the character played by Stephanie Zimbalist is her best. She is a great actress, and she has done great as Laura Holt. I saw Remington Steele when it used be aired on Star Plus. It has all the elements of a nice TV show. As Laura Holt, Stephanie Zimbalist is so sweet I bet without her the TV show wouldn't be that good. She is awesome, superb, brilliant actress. Hats off to her

Thank you FLIPKART for delivering this DVD much faster than expected.

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