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Worth each and every penny of it
on 26 March 13
Karthikeyan rated:

Before buying this phone, i was too a bit hesitant to buy this. Spent nearly 1 month on checking and reviewing specs and reviews of the phone. And with out any further delays went ahead and bought this phone on march 25th 2013 from Univercell since in flippy it was completely out of stock for more than 3 days.

I'm gonna be completely honest on my review now. I'm also gonna split the reviews as well into different parts. So please bear with me for this long review. And do remember im a very choosy buyer of phones and i dont miss a single thing when it comes to buying.

BUILD : The build quality of the phone is pretty sturdy and well built. The back panel is
plastic and it dosent feel cheap at all.

Battery : Now i have read in many reviews that the battery is its biggest weak point. Frankly it dosent perform all that bad at all. I have used Wildfire S.. that had the most worst battery back up in my opinion and this is a smart phone and not a feature phone to provide u huge chunks of backup so considering the price range and the usage its pretty good. SO STOP COMPLAINING.

Heating : Heating is something pretty common in all the smartphone when the cores are stressed out. Now before buying this phone i have read plenty of reviews on this problem.
The main problem for heating is that the phone somehow is not using the second core ... so when all the stress is handled by one core, heating is more. Now there is a way to enable the second core. I used an app called "MTK6577_governor_switcher_v11". Now to check if this works i first played Real Racing 3 and i found the phone heating a bit. But it wasn't that hot. So i downloaded this app and switched the mode from Hybrid to OnDemand that way both the cores work. Now i tried playing Real Racing 3, heating significantly reduced a lot, but i would say it dosent heat up, only that its a lot better than the previous state.

Touch and screen quality : TFT screen and a capacitive touch works how it should. It is really smooth and responsive. Though the only problem is it is a bit hard to touch really small icons. Apart from that its really neat.

Games : All games run pretty smooth in this device. No lags or tear in screen just perfect. The only game that was too heavy was Real Racing 3, had to turn of the volume since it was lagging from the visuals and it was a bit choppy. But the gameplay was good no lags while racing. Overall it can run a lot of games that the other phones under 10k range and 15 k range cant.

Apps : So far all the apps that i have downloaded works flawlessly. So no problem in that as well

Light and sensors : Now the phone has a couple of good sensors that all really work good. The only problem is that the bottom three touch keys dont illuminate. So at dark it would be a bit difficult to find the home, back and options buttons. Other than that everything works fine.

Wifi and browsing : One word AWESOME. Now i have a 16MBps connection and the speeds are awesome though the only drawback is, say ur wifi is in one room and u just move to the next room which is close as well the signal reception drops down to 2 points :( but apart from the the data transfer is pretty fast. Browsing is also fast and no hiccups.
Overall if you have a fst connection then it shouldnt bother u at all .

Camera : Nothing to say since its a FFC and the quality is pretty bad. But it is compensated by the other features it can offer :)

Overall for Rs.6,490 this phone offers an awesome spec and features that the rest of the smartphones fail to offer in the 10 to 15k i would say even the 20k range phones. So if u want to buy an budget android phone dont hesitate to buy this :)

Hope this helps you guys :)

EDIT : So its been 5-6 days now ... and im gonna leave the feedback of the phone.

So still no problem ... Though noticed heating in phone near the camera, which is cause the charging port is near the camera and also while surfing the net or playing games try not to cover the back panel. That is one reason why heating is more ... and dont install unnecessary apps like themes and shit ... it just makes it worse. For battery backup use only JUICE DEFENDER and task killer if you want one use Advanced App killer it works good. And also if ur not using wifi switch it off to get maximum battery life. And while playing high end games like Real racing 3 and etc pls switch off wifi ...

Noted : Played Real Racing 3 for half n hour straight ... battery was in 69% after playing it came to 60% with no wifi .. so hence proved data transfer sucks battery too much ...

Thanks Rahul Chakravorty :) for appreciating my review :)

How to use the MTK governor switch :) just install and select the profile

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Sleeping Dogs : Physical Game
Price: Rs. 499
Bang for the Buck Game
on 03 September 12
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

Action, Adventure, thriller, comedy when you combine all these things you would have a really good movie. But have you ever seen a game adapting to these genres. Well, you can find it Sleeping Dogs. Amazing game. Worth every penny. You are Wei Shen an undercover cop trying to unfold the mysteries of the Traids.

Set in Honk Kong the game thrives with colors flying all over the beautiful landmarks.

GTA as been taking over the Sandbox game genre for a very long time and still they continue to surprise us with their magic.
But when this trailer came out i thought this would be some dumb game .... cause im a die hard fan of GTA series and Rockstar. But when this game came out i tried it on the torrents and after 5 mins in game i quit it came to flippy and ordered the game ASAP.

I must a a true competitor for GTA but still a bit kiddish when compared to GTA cause GTA is real life sandbox game .... Sleeping dogs was more kinda of an action movie.

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One of a kind
on 31 December 11
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

Really when i heard motion capture was being used for this game i so wanted to have it. But, i didnt own a console. One day i was browsing through IGN and found out R* is releasing LA Noire for PC . I just jumped out of my chair. Wow, i was so excited and its one of the first orders in Flipkart to.

About the game: As i said its one of a kind and should be played by all the gamer's just to experience the dram of the 70's LA OMG R* are kings when it comes to create a sandbox game. The game features a wonderful story of crime solving by taking up cases in each desk (patrol, homicide, vice, arson). Each and every case unfolds upon how you find out the clues and the best part is you have to get it by judging and suspecting whether your victim or witness is telling the truth or not.

Must say great work by TEAM BONDI for their unique idea and story.

I rate it 9/10

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Spot on Time Flippy
on 22 September 13
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

This game is FRIGGING AMAZING WORTH EACH AND EVERY PENNY. Im a huge GTA fan and i was hoping whether i would be getting the game on release date. And to my surprise, Flippy did a great job in delivering the game on time for the day 1 experience.

If one thing i really love about you flippy is your support, service and logistics :) Hats Off.

About GTA V.... Absolutely no words to describe this piece of technical art work(game). Just mind blowing.

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Best Mouse i have ever used
on 03 September 12
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

I was using Razer DA black edition for almost a year when it gave me problems in between and one fine day the left click was gone kaput and then i was searching for a mouse that wont let me down and wont waste my money.... so was searching for such mouse and came across this baby. And also it was recommended by my friend as well.

One word AWESOME... If your gonna buy it and have any second thoughts.... just close ur eyes and buy this one...

Really worth your money

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A good end to its predecessor
on 31 December 11
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

Constantinople- A buzzling market,once a history brought back to life to tell a epic tale to the last journey of EZIO.... man UBISOFT really took this series to the next level. Amazing graphics with beautiful sights and people making it so real.

Game play: The pretty usual controls and some tweaked slow mo take downs keep this action adventure game so lively and un boring

Take a look at the game play i just put up

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is overhauled a lot this time and its neat and works more beautiful than that of the last.

My Rating : 8.5/10

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The Best FPS this year
on 31 December 11
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

Seriously one of the best shooters that i have played. The multi-player experience is just amazing and wow it will blow you away. The graphics are out of this world, great lighting, great physics all together bring out a realistic shooter.


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Bang for the Buck!
on 25 October 14
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

Perfect in every way. I previously had the BenQ V2410 eco model and was waiting to upgrade anytime soon. And guess what peeked by the window? Dang, this baby. A stunner in every way. The pictures are sharp and Big is better :)

Though i had some issues with Flipkart in delivering the product to me on time. Had to call up several times to check for the status of the product. Was let down for the very first time by flipkart. I do agree that it was Festival time and all but, in spite of the product reaching its destination it took 2 days to deliver it to my door steps. :(

Now the monitor is pretty huge and might take some time to digest its big size if, your upgrading from a smaller screen.

Overall i will rate it 5 cause im totally satisfied with the purchase :)

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Best for your PS4
on 25 October 14
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

I was pretty skeptical of buying this for my PS4. Had seen countless of reviews and was looking forward to get the best well under 5k. After through reviews, went ahead and ordered it and Dang! Its wonderful.

You can check my video review here :)

I rate it 4 cause the detachable mic is sort of a pain. Its not rigid and you have to be really careful when pulling it out from its port. Once, i pulled it, the encasing got removed put the jack was still stuck to the headset. I had to use cutting pliers to pull it off and fit it back in :(

Apart from that its a bang for the buck headset for your PS4 :)

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Defective Product- Didn't Expect this from Flipkart (Edited : GOT REPLACEMENT)
on 03 September 13
Karthikeyan rated:
certified buyer

Got this phone today from Flipkart. Was so excited, opened the box inserted the battery. Switched it on and the moment i did noticed something weird i couldnt unlock the phone and all of a sudden the screen started acting on its own. Pretty Weird. Didn't use the phone for long first thing called up Flipkart and asked them for a replacement. And i left for job. Came back to see if it works but it doesn't now the problem is even more worse it's almost as if the phone is alive :O

Lets see what piece i get next, I warned flipkart that i would be demanding a refund if my replacement is defective again... Should have waited and bought at shop :( Damn Xperia M price is increased or would have gone for that :(

But will be coming back to this section once i get my replacement. Let's see.


Got the phone replaced on 5th sept 2013 and its working good now. Im giving a 5 star to the phone. Why? Well read on. Well to top it up im a very choosy buyer.

First off i wanted to right the review right when i received the replacement but i wanted to test how its working. And a note to one's who think these reviews are fake, "This is 100% legit review by a normal customer". I have to thank Flipkart for the prompt replies and replacement.

Now that said lets get back to the phones review.

First glance... the phone is damn awesome and 2 major plus points- battery and camera.

The Pros :

>>The phones build is really nice and looks and feels sturdy in hand. And it does weigh light as well.

>>The battery is one of the best ever i have used in any micromax phones. With minimal usage i got pretty good backup of 1 day and 22 hr that to i was still left with 30%. The battery charges fast. While wifi on and the phone is in idle the battery drains approx.. 1 to 2% every 40 to 50 mins. While on usage its pretty decent. However i do recommend not to play any games when the percentage hits to 30% cause it drains pretty fast from there on eg. 10 mins of gaming and then it dropped to 18% from 30% so avoid that. When wifi is off and the phone is in complete idle that battery never drains at all unlike my previous phone Ninja a89 did. So its a big plus to get the phone lasting for calls and msg's.

>>The camera is also the best you can get in this price range. So cant complaint about it at all. For this price range its one of the best camera you could get on a smart phone. And im really loving it.

>>Under the hood this phone has a decent spec that keeps the phone really working smooth. Now that said this baby score pretty high on benchmarks cause of one solid reason its DISPLAY. Yes all games run smooth on it cause the phone is 5 inch but the resolution is small. Its like trying to play on a frigging 19inch hd monitor saying that crysis 3 runs on ultra setting at a lower resolution. Now im a casual gamer when it comes to mobile phones. For true gaming i have a PS3 and one power hungry gaming PC with GTX 770 onboard so dont care much about mobile gaming. But this phone is capable of running all the games :)

>> The call quality and signal quality is working awesome. 3g and wifi is working flawless as well.

>>Storage. Nothing much to say since you the option to write apps to Ext memory card.

Now the Cons :

>> Display. Yes its a let down cause its a 5 inch with a 192 to 200 px density. Which plays youtube video on 480p. So no good at the screen side. But you cant argue cause for the price and specs it can be neglected but still im posting so you could know. Im happy with it however.

>>The loud speaker. Wait it shouldnt be called as a loud speaker in the first place. Yes yes yes .. the volume of the loud speaker is low and its barely audible in crowded areas so do put your phone on vibrate cause the phone vibrates like hell.

Nothing else on the cons still yet to test the phone to the max. Will keep this post updated.


Now for people who keep complaining about some bug that actually gives you red text after clicking ... that is no bug that is frigging micromax's app called advanced search ... which when you double tap on the text it opens up micromax stupid search app. So please STOP posting it as a CON for god's sake. If you wish to remove it ... ROOT the phone :) its as simple as that.


It's hardly been a week and my phone is gone again ... WTH is wrong im getting the same dancing screen on my phone again. Raised a complaint to flipkart now awaiting for their response.

Seriosuly i just want to return this phone and get my money back :(

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