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Reviews by Anupam (2)

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Tall, White and Handsome
on 05 January 12
Anupam rated:
certified buyer

A simple yet brilliant wireless router (not modem) from Netgear this. Have used this for a month now without issues.

Installation and setup:
Let me just start of by saying that you DO NOT need to call a technician or the ever-so-busy internet company helplines to install this router. It comes with an installation CD that has versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. I set it up using my Macbook and it went seamlessly. The exact steps to be followed are given in the program you will run from the CD. You won't require any additional cables that don't come in the box. Every cable and adapter is labeled (yellow or black) and is thus referred in the installation (convenient for those people who do not understand what an ethernet cable is or what a power adapter is). The program even allows you to set your network name and password without you needing to go into the settings of the router through an ip address. Thus it, by default, makes the internet secure, unless you, for the benefit of the homeless, decide to make it unsecured.

Range and Usability:
Well in this respect I haven't really stress tested the router but generally it should be easily capable to handle as many devices a home can have. We use it 4 devices (2 laptops, 2 phones) and it works without any issues. Also, we haven't had any issues with the range. Full network throughout our not-so-big 2BHK house. Concrete walls do not seem to pose a problem but again it depends if the wireless signal is cutting the walls width wise or length wise. Again, not stress-tested, but will update if I see a potential issue.

Look: Just like in the picture, stands tall and delivers. White-silver body is excellent, lights are perfect (not too bright to disturb your sleep).

Flipkart: Got next day delivery in Bangalore. I am not sure about the price but I think it is cheaper by around 50 bucks.

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This Indian edition does not match the hardbound international edition
on 16 December 11
Anupam rated:
certified buyer

I think Pearson never released the new 2008 2nd edition of the book in paperback Low Price Edition for India. Specifically, I wanted a chapter called Computational Lexical Semantics which is the 20th one in the recent edition.

Other than that Flipkart delivery was awesome as usual. Got the book the very next day. The book in itself is worth every penny (especially for a LPE), heard a lot about it and lives up to the expectations.

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