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WORSHIPPING FLASE GODS (Paperback) Price: Rs.595

In Worshipping False Gods: Ambedkar, And The Facts Which Have Been Erased, readers are offered a critical perspective on Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and his involvement in the Indian constitution.

Summary Of The Book

This book is a critical analysis of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who was chosen as the greatest Indian by History TV and CNN-IBN. In Worshipping False Gods: Ambedkar, And The Facts Which Have Been Erased, Shourie attempts to provide readers with what he states are the “real facts” about Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Through extensive research on the topic, Shourie has divided his analysis into three main sections. The first section addresses areas such as Dr. Ambedkar’s role as a freedom fighter and his opposition to the Congress party, Mahatma Gandhi, and the freedom movement. In the second section, Shourie addresses two perspectives on social reform, both Gandhi’s and Dr. Ambedkar’s, with references to the Pune Pact. In the third section, Shourie talks in great detail about the evolution of the Indian constitution since 1925, and the contributions made by some important figures of that time.

With his book, Worshipping False Gods: Ambedkar, And The Facts Which Have Been Erased, Shourie aims to make his readers re-examine their earlier beliefs about India’s freedom struggle.

About Arun Shourie

Arun Shourie is a journalist, economist, author, and politician. Apart from this book, he has also authored notable texts such as We Must Have No Price, Courts And Their Judgements: Premises, Prerequisites, Consequences, Mrs Gandhi's Second Reign, The State As Charade: V. P. Singh, Chandra Shekhar And The Rest, Symptoms Of Fascism, Institutions In The Janata Phase, and Falling Over Backwards.

Shourie’s book is written in a narrative manner, and contains content that is supported by his extensive research. Arun Shourie has a Ph.D. from Syracuse University in the United States. He has had an extensive career in politics and economics. He is an active member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Rajya Sabha. He has also received many awards such as the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which he received in 1982. He is married to Anita Shourie, and together they have a son.

Specifications of WORSHIPPING FLASE GODS (Paperback)

Book Details
Publication Year 2004
ISBN-13 9788129105790
ISBN-10 8129105799
Language English
Edition 01
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 0 Pages
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Most Helpful Reviews (10 of 29)

02 November 09
first to review
A must read book

All those who accused BJP of attempting to saffronize History when Murli Manohar Joshi spoke about re-writing Indian History must read.

This book contains incontrovertible evidence to prove that we as an Independent country are, beyond any trace of doubt, guilty of distorting history!! That too within the first fifty years of independence itseof!!

When this is the case, how much an alien ruler should have done that if only to retain power for over 2 centuries.

If the truth revealed by the book that Dr. BR Ambedkar had not even once spoken in favour of India getting freedom should shock a few, impressions held about him by the erstwhile Vice-roy as conveyed in the exchange of tested telegrams etc., more that prove that the British regime had a very opinion about his integrity itself!

How many people are able to relate to the import of his one sentence 'When concessions are granted politics evolve around those concessions? Indeed this thought line is thought provoking to say the least.

This is a great book, it is a MUST READ for all educated people in the sense as defined by Nani Palkivala: Education enables a person to think for himself independently.

To my mind more people would have read it if only size of the book was reduced to just around 250 pages or so.

Eknaath Nagarkar

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61% of 46 users found this review helpful.
27 July 12
he preferred freedom from social inequity.

While all other taller leaders of india were attending to the task of liberating us from the ENGLISH, someone was required to do correction within the system, to liberate us from ourselves, for without internal vibrancy no social fabric can sustain for long. and india's society was rotten to the core.

Right from brahmin, to kshatriya, to vaishya everyone was suffering.
a brahimn suffers because inspite of having all the good qualities of a student, he cannot go abroad for studies.

a kshatriya, alone had to shoulder the responsibility of defending the country, which was full of immoral bigots, sycophants, so the motivation was already in short supply.

likewise a vaishya was looted everytime the governmet changed. and so his loyalty was towards the king he was having a good relation, than one of the same religion.

and lesser said the better about shudra.

we were in dire need of someone who could take us out of this morass, we were in.

and it is here that DR. AMBEDKAR played his role brilliantly.
he liberated us from ourselves, and made us realise our mistake.

AND yes there was a reason for him to be apprehensive of INDIA's independence.
for, history has taught us, and to him as well, that whenever the guards changed at delhi, not much happened in society with respect to social progress.
when the power passed into muslim hands from rajputs, nothing substantial, nay nothing indeed, was done to help oppressed, and the when RAJPUTS converted to islam, shudra's to islam, and the status quo neevr changed.

what he was up against was a 3000 years old tyranny, and i will certainly ignore his negligible contribution in direct freedom struggle, but he more than made up for that by championing the cause of oppressed castes.

in my opinion, this book does not even make a scratch, let alone a dent, in my respect to such a great luminary.

PS: and yes as you can see from my signature, that i am a BRAHMIN, but sorry, not a bigot.

JAI BHEEM(saying jai bheem, doesn't mean that i am disrespecting anyone,but i am offering my respect to one great STATESMAN)

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17 January 12
Reply to Mr. Eknaath Nagarkar

Mr. Eknaath Nagarkar the only reason he was not to call for full independence was his people were not to get any freedom. it was the upper caste who would be benefiting from any kind of freedom. His saw these people were not in favour of social reforms and hence his fight for freedom was from the Hindu mentality. the changes we are seeing in the society is only due to his effort. and more over he only gave women right to vote of which the upper caste were dead against..

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15 August 12
good for business

you cant expect more from such politicians. Main problem with the writer is that he has quoted incidents without context. Even Lord Krishna statements during Mahabharat seem to be that of a criminal, if talked without context. So, dear readers its a book with incomplete knowledge. But definitely if you already hate Mr. Ambedkar, then this book will promote your such feelings.

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75% of 20 users found this review helpful.
20 February 12
A pointless book!

First of all let me state that i have not read this book.I am not here to give a review of arun shourie's work.

I am here to debate about the necessity of such a book.No dalit will ever stand up against Ambedkar and No person other than a dalit is interested in knowing about Ambedkar.So whats the point in writing such a long book which will be read only by dalits who will never go against their God-Baba Saheb Ambedkar!

By the way Mr Arun Shourie here is a quote :

"Every man who repeats the dogma of Mill that one country is no fit to rule another country ,must admit that one class is not fit to rule another class" - Dr B.R Ambedkar

I pity Shourie because of wasting his time in writing a book which reflects his chauvinistic attitude!
We can be patriotic and human beings at the same time.Ambedkar was a living example of this.I am a dalit(So stop guessing about my identity).I find Ambedkar's ideas to be the most useful if we are to become a modern and a free nation.And Mr Shourie ,a free nation does not mean freedom just from colonial rule.A nation free from poverty, a nation free from discrimination-social,economic and political,a nation free from untouchability.This is what Ambedkar dreamt of.Unfortunately Shourie could not see things this far.He thinks life to be a battle between the good and the evil.In that case who will watch the battle?.
Enlightened ones like Ambedkar will watch the battle!
Mr Shourie,give a thought to changing the way you look at things and dont provoke the future generation to commit the same mistakes again.

Ambedkar is the last social reformer known to dalits.Dont waste your time in tarnishing his image .His popularity can only grow with time.Today U.P is the most sought after constituency in India.All the campaigning is done in the name of Ambedkar.Be it Congress or BSP.This is because he was not a politician ,he was a Social Reformer!

Jai Bhim!

"Political tyranny is nothing compared to the social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.

."-Dr B.R.Ambedkar.

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20 January 12
Eye opener

This book has been an eye opener for me.

I have always been told that the Constitution of India was written by Dr. Ambedkar and hence he was the Father of the Indian Constitution. Only after reading this book I realized that the constitution of India was a collaborative effort, the result of over three years of effort by the Constituent Assembly, which was chaired by Jawaharlal Nehru. Dr. Ambedkar was an important contributor (he was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee) but by no means the sole contributor.

Arun Shouri describes in great detail the structure of the Constituent Assembly into Committees and Sub-Committees and brings to life the proceedings of some of the debates to give the reader a clear understanding of the painstaking process of discussion and debate by means of which the Constitution was framed. His descriptions of the debates also give an indication of the high intellectual caliber of the people who were part of the constituent assembly such as TT Krishnamachary, Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer, C Rajagopalachari, S Radhakrishnan, KM Munshi, Vallabhai Patel, Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Azad, et al.

Of particular interest to me was the fact that a number existing constitutions (including that of the USA) were examined and liberally borrowed from (and debated and modified) with no shame attached since it was simply foolish to reinvent the wheel and smarter to reuse available material. The caliber of the debates and discussions also seem to have been way higher than what the modern wallkout-filled Indian Parliament of today can achieve.

It was also news to me that Dr. Ambedkar allied himself with the British (and so did the Muslim League) because of his deep suspicion of the INC which he believed to be Hindu dominated. While the reasoning was understandable (Hindus had oppressed the Dalits for centuries) it was still a shock that the Father of the Indian Constitution would have rather preferred the British to continue to rule India!

A great and well researched (though it makes for heavy reading) book which is guaranteed to increase your respect for the Indian Constitution. While the Americans have a habit of continually referring back to their constitution and their Founding Fathers, we in Indian do not have that habit. This book will make us respect our founding fathers (i.e. the Constituent Assembly) a lot more.

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31 January 12

the book just seems to be a work of a political man of a political party which has been most important thing I would like to tell that he has quoted without telling whole seems through this he has targeted his traditional votebank i.e. pandits through his work........

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10 February 12
The problem with Arun shourie!

One thing that Arun Shourie suffers from is an utter lack of imagination.He has a way of looking at the world and has strong and, i would say, unreasonable beliefs and anybody else who does not look at the world in the way he does is wrong.Everything is black and white for Mr Shourie.

eg.Not once does Shourie question or wonder why Ambedkar supported the British,he never gives any thoughts to the humiliation that Ambedkar had to face throughout his lifetime or for that matter the humiliating treatment given to Dalits for centuries.He never mentions the regard that Gandhi himself had for Ambedkar and Gandhi himself said that if he was in Ambedkar's place he would have done the same.Look at the facts that you have erased Mr. Shourie!!

One must read the critique of Shourie by Ramachandra Guha.You can get that by typing "Gandhi's Ambedkar" on google which is an excellent caveat before one reads Shourie.It exposes how Shourie manipulates facts to suit his agenda.Reading Shourie without reading the opposite point of view is extremely dangerous he does have the ability to turn people into bigots!!

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52% of 21 users found this review helpful.
28 July 12
Valid Question What Abedkar Had Done for India?

Arun Shourie Again Brought Very Intersteing Political View to light..

After Reading Book from other Source There Are Question Raised in My Mind.

1 ) What Abedkar had Done for India?

2 ) Where he was When there Freedom Movment Going on?

3 ) Why he back Stab Freedom Fighters from Behind?

4 ) When all freedom fighter Denounced 2 Round Table the why All Sepratist Jinnah,noon(which 1'st pm of pakistan), Ambedkar Gone to Englad?

5 ) What is Major Contribution of Ambedkar in Indian Freedom Movment?

6 ) IS converting to Buddsim was Face Saving Tactic of Ambedkar?


8 ) EACH and every Law which was Inducted in Indian Constution was Passed after intse Debate Then How Mabedkar is Father of Indian Constution ?

9 ) Why Sardar patel Oppsed Abedkar in Inculsion In Indian Constutioon?

10 ) Is Ambedkar was only Leader Who was Working for Uplifment of SC/ST or there Where Other Leaders also y They are over Looked Now?

11 ) Why Ambedkar Oppsed collection of 25 lac ruppe by congress, Opening of Temples other Events?

12 ) is Ambedkar is InSecure Leader or He cast Leader not Leader of India?

People Who want to understand 3rd class person with 3rd class mindset How was Ambedkar he/she should Read this Book irespectice of caste and class.

If many People say that He trying to remove caste System The I want ask By Giving Reservation he Created Creamy Layer in SC/ST which more oppsing the Uplifment?

If Retortic of Bhraman,Kastriya and Vasya was Brithisers Script and Which Was Coming from Mounth Of AMBEKAR?

Was this review helpful?  / 
5 of 8 users found this review helpful.
01 September 12
pity on your knowledge .. speically the one with name "abhijeet kumar"..

buddy you must Read the Book.

Some of question which raised By other People in The Review Should Be answered?


Where Ambedkar was Durning Freedom Movement?

Why Goverment of India Took 5 decade to award him Bharat Ratan at time when mandal Commsion report was used by VP singh?

has Not Ambedkar made Caste even stronger by Providing Reservation?

Buddy U require to such answer then Pitying on Others knowedlege .. Please to donot take it personal

Was this review helpful?  / 
5 of 7 users found this review helpful.

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This is the worst book I have ever read. This book is written for the sole purpose of spreading venom and inflicting hatred in the minds

This is the worst book I have ever read. This book is written for the sole purpose of spreading venom and inflicting hatred in...

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11 October 13
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