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30 Sep 2013
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Fix for Xolo A500s low mic volume problem.

As mentioned by Gaurav Shah in his review, I too had problem with the mic of the phone where my voice was inaudible to the receiver. Luckily I have found a workaround to this problem and if anyone else faces a similar problem they could give it a try.

First enter *#*#3646633#*#* on the dialer. This will get you onto the Engineer Mode of the phone. Then on this mode swipe sideways till you find 'Hardware Testing'. Then from Hardware Testing go to 'Audio' and then to 'Normal Mode'. This will open up Audio_ModeSetting. There will be a Type field with type set as 'Sip'. Tap it to bring a dropdown menu and select 'Mic'. After selecting 'Mic', on the Level field, change the values of all the levels (0-6) to 255. Set this value and go back. Once this is done, reboot the phone and check whether the phone mic works properly. This did the trick for me.

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Gifton Samuel
17 Aug 2013
Best phone under 10k

I dropped my decision of getting lumia 520 and got this phone and I never regretted .
The phone generates too much attention it looks like a high end phone .slim and sleek just grabs eye balls.
And then when they graze over your display their eyes opens even wider saying wow which is just awesome for this cheap phone.
Jellybean interface and the display are in the likes of 20k phone .
it has some dedicated graphics card so you can play all games in a much better way than its competition. I checked with Arcane legend and the output is tremendous .
Camera has low pixels so the pictures appear grainy in system.
it can't play 1080p but works well with 720p which is enough for 4inch screen.
1.looks like HTC or Sony
2.feels like HTC or Sony (I mean it )
3.display is just awesome
4.performance is on par with all device under 10k
CONS night mode
2.can't play HD
3.finding the brand name on phone is difficult when they make a product this good they can start building their image too .
4.stock headsets are of very poor quality spoils the music experience

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07 Aug 2013
my wait is over

waiting for a phone like this to arrive, and the moment has come, yes i already ordered it,
trust me this phone configuration and its build quality (xolo always excel in this department). This phone ppi (almost retina display), Anyone wants phone should be a phone atleast hold on to one day atleast not like new phones with highend quad core processors and big screens force you to charge every after 17 hours. I think xolo people know their indian customer very well by launching this product. If they fix the price at Rs.6499 then this phone will rule. Anyway I dropped the idea of buying Q800. Will write a detailed review after the arrival. As per the specifications mentioned in XOLO site, this phone packages good cocktail of sensors as well as on board memory. the best part is it has V3 blue tooth and autofocus camera. A-GPS is another added advantage. Simply go for it

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16 Sep 2013
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Good Smart Phone...

Xolo A500S is best smart phone among the same prize smart phones.

1. Very Slim and light weight. Feels smooth in hands.
2. comes with xolo power software, which is really smart power manager, prompts about idle running apps, auto switch off's the wi-fi/ gprs/gps when battery is low and keep battery power for little long time for phone calls which is the main purpose of
3. Screen size and resolution is good. Fits in hand and able to handle with one hand.
4. Got flash led. 5mp primary and VGA 0.3 secondary cams. My feeling VGA is more than enough for skype/viper/whatsapp usage...else network usage will more.
5. Signal strength is good.
6. AGPS is good. I used for Mapmyride and mapmyrun apps they very accurate tracks.
7. No RAM Logging so far...using it from a week.

1. Complete plastic body. afraid what happens if it slips from hand.
2. 5mp is not so good quality. picture is not good enough.
3. Battery is only 1400mAH not enough for the 4inch size smartphone. Battery drain very soon. need to carry charger/USB along with you.
4. Phone is heating up soon. 15mins phone call you will feel your ears heated up.

Overall Xolo A500S is very best choice smartphone in the prize range.
I like it.

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24 Oct 2013
don't Buy These type of phones

after buying the phone within two days the screen turned white and nothing was visible,called the customer care for help i.e xolo care they replied that you need to do a hard reset ,but the method which they told was not working for me so they further replied that you need to take it to a customer care centre where proper inspection would be done
and the phone will be ok ,i was shocked after hearing such type of nonsense as if after buying two days after the phone's condition is as such what would be it after 5 or 6 months guys please don't compromise on quality rather go for branded items such as samsung as they might charge you more but they offer the quality for value, i would rather call these phones as cheap chinese phones which were available 4 to 5 years ago ,only the names have been changed but the spare parts remain the same
guys please believe in the best go for the best

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30 Sep 2013
Mic volume is very Bad ! Please Check when you buy !!!!

hi guys

i got this product from a local dealer in mumbai , the producr xolo A500s is really beautiful , its very smooth and good deal at this price range , but i was fooled buy its charming looks and design when i realised when my friend said he couldn't hear a word i said !!! , for the same problem i contacted the service centre but seems no response from them ! i request you to buy from a good dealer and please check microphone the first thing !!!!!

rating below

Design : 8/10
Screen ( TFT ) : 7/10
Camera Day time : 8/10 (5mp)
Camrea Night time : 1/10 ( BAD )
Flash LED : 1/10 (BAD )

Touchscreen : 6/10

earphones in box : 5/10
charger : 5/10

you get a extra scratch guard in the box with this product !

NOTE : XOLO service Centre are hardly found ! please check around your area or ask you Mobile Dealer to inform if any near by you !!!!

After sales and support is BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 Aug 2013
Decent Phone

I will review the phone shortly in following points. :)

Contents in the BOX- 1battery , 1handset , 1earphone , 1data cable along with adapter (CHARGER) , 2scratchguards (1 set already on the display) , 1 Warranty Card and 1 Quick User Manual

Bad Things- Just 2-point touch (greatly reduces the usability of the phone)
Camera is pretty descent

Good Things- Except for the bad things , everything is good about the phone! :D

Battery Life 10/10
Value for Money 10/10
Camera 6/10
Performance 10/10 (NO LAG while moderate multitasking which is good)
Touch 6/10
Looks 9/10 (M a fan of BOX type phones)
Music 10/10
Display 8/10

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16 Dec 2013
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The name A500[s] means it! Style up!

I'm an android developer (both, apps and ROM). So I'll be giving a complete in-depth review, for both hardware and software. Also, previously a user of XPERIA NEO.

Build quality: 10/10.
The overall build of this phone is just amazing. The moment I took this phone out of packaging, I was already in love with it. Feels perfect in hand, very slim, easy one hand use.

Battery backup: 7/10.
It is just fine. It would last a day IF you are a casual user, you only check mails, average number of calls, average browsing time.
IF you play games a lot, watch movies/videos (any activity that uses screen/processing) then the battery would last only half a day. In this case you'll have to charge it at least 2 times a day.

Camera: 7/10.
Being a student, in many cases I have to capture class notes or documents. This phone camera is JUST NOT MADE FOR MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY. Being a fixed focus camera any macro/nearby shot is completely out of focus (I can't read a single word in captured document).
However, the camera CAPTURES BEAUTIFUL SCENERIES, MONUMENT PICS, or any other scene which doesn't requires close focus. But then again, the flash is of almost no use so night images are not at all good.

Display quality: 8/10.
Being a TFT display, I didn't expected much out of it. But to my amazement, the display quality is BRILLIANT (APART FROM POOR VIEWING ANGLES). Color reproduction is accurate, picture is sharp and the display is NOT AT ALL DULL as some people commented.

Touch screen (response): 5/10.
This it the part where this phone disappoints me. The single touch response is perfect/accurate. Only in rare case (1 out of 10 times) the touch is not detected. However the double touch (2-point touch) response is just pathetic. Any activity that requires use of two fingers will not work accurately. For example in the case of pinch to zoom, I'm not at all able to zoom to a particular point in the pic in the portrait mode. In landscape mode the 2-point touch accuracy increases, but still takes patience to zoom into pics.
Same happens while gaming. For example you require 2 fingers to move and aim in a FPS game. Then one of the function will not work very accurately, however it is manageable.

Now comes the awaited specifications part. 10/10 here.
Remember, all this is considering that it is a budget handset!

RAM: 9/10.
At this cost and rest of configuration, 512MB is enough! You'll be able to do decent amount of multitasking, and play all the games that the GPU supports.

CPU: 10//10.
The phone is absolutely lag-less. For your info, the background apps that are continuously running are: FB, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email sync, All google services, Google Now, Quora, Weather widget, Calendar widget, Truecaller, App lock.
After all this, I have >100MB free RAM, and still phone is lag-less. App switching is smooth. Webpage rendering is smooth.

GPU: 9/10.
The GPU used is the same as Galaxy S2. At this price bracket, it is more than what this device should had!! It runs all games very smooth. The games which I tried are: Templerun 2, Subway surfer, Dead Trigger 1,2, Plants vs Zombies, Asphalt 7. All these games were lag-less.
The GPU also plays 720p perfectly, and 1080p with a bearable amount of lag.

Call and functionality: 9/10.
The handset which I got was working perfectly. The volumes on mic and call speaker were decent. However in handsets of some people they complain about low mic problem. (for this problem refer to SSK's post).

Music: 8/10.
The stock headset is useless if you've been previously using good headphones. The stock headset quality is not at all upto the mark for music lovers. For the loud speakers, just the volume is a bit low . However if you use good headphones, it is a nice music phone!

Software: 10/10.
It has stock Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. There are only 3-4 XOLO bloatware apps. Because of Android "project butter", the user interface is lag free. There is not at all any customization done. However there is a preinstalled app "xThemes" using which you can change theme to other than stock one.

Now for all the developers/modders/mod users out there:
There is a lot of development going on on this phone on XDA and AndroidJugaad. However the development is only limited to custom ROMs. Custom kernels cannot be developed as MediaTek does not publicly provides kernel source, and neither does XOLO.

Final verdict:
I'm happy with my purchase, and would recommend this product to those who have their budget inside Rs. 6,000/-. Now what I've to watch out for is how long this phone lasts, because as all the people say, the customer care of all Indian modile brands is simply pathetic.

Hope my review helped you all!
Thanks for staying with me till the end of this long review! :P

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08 Feb 2014
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Around 6k = XOLO A500S

Unbeatable handset compare to other phones at this price range...i was hesitated to buy glancing my eyes on the new brand Xolo...but after seeing the user reviews on flipkart website i decided to take a chance on this,fortunately it worked for me with the performance of Xolo A500S...When it comes to say on this phone..
a) Phone design is really attracting,slim looks like sony phones ( it is not only meeting sony by its physical appearance but also by its performance )
b) It has got 5MP primary camera, which gives you good quality pictures than your expectation. Secondary cam is fine as well.
c) Touch is best i must say,it senses even with lighter touch on the screen.
d) Display is good with 4inch screen.
e) Sound clarity is good, it has inbuilt 3D booster effect in music ( some says bass is not good c'mn guys go to play store and download some equalizer which works for you)
f) Battery life is best as compared with other phones,it last longer than some phones)
g) browsing speed is really good (experienced with opera browser)
h) Xolo power,xolo care,xolo secure are some extra good applications with this phone
i) You can schedule switch on and switch off of your phone at your desired timing is another good thing...
*** Only thing which disappointed me is, it was mentioned 4GB on flipkart website and also on the Xolo A500S box but it was not that as mentioned, the one which i purchased via flipkart came with 1.27GB (internal storage) and 1.24GB (phone storage).
****** My final words on this phone as on my experience is,it is a good phone with its performance and features at this price, one can buy without hesitation, i really liked it...

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30 Oct 2013
Well, why pay extra bucks when you can get this?

I bought this phone from a local retailer for Rs.6500, so can't really complain much about the price at which Flipkart offers this. The phone is a beauty! Dull black fiber covering, vivid screen, sleek structure and an overall satisfying look. The specs as mentioned here are all true, though I'm doubtful about the auto-focus feature. It can handle most basic games well, and I've tried NFS: Most Wanted and it ran without a stutter. The display is wonderful, and you can't get any better with a non-IPS screen.

Cons :
The portion below the camera gets overheated with prolonged use of a game or video, possibly because of increased rate of data-transfer of the SD card which is located there.

Battery life is okay. Not great, not good, but okay.

The fiber covering is risky.

Flip covers are available, but silicon back covers are not.


All other features are great! It has all that an Xperia J has, at less than half the price. So, all those who've been eying this product, go for it. XOLO service centers are common here at Kolkata. And many retailers also offer pick-and-drop facilities. And probably you won't need a service center :)

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