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14 Mar 2013
Don't confuse between canvas hd and xolo q800.Gming and other things.

Now everybudy confused between canvas hd and xolo q800. but both mobile's have same cpu , gpu , ram but in some fetures xolo is better. Only in resolution and big screen canvas hd is ahead. If you dont have any problem with 4.5" screen then go for xolo. canvas hd have 294ppi resolution where xolo have 250ppi resolution. "human eye cant detect difference between 50ppi resolution!!!!!" canvas hd have too many problems like gps , camera, battery and flipboard but in xolo q800 there is no problems. Maximum resolution burns cpu and gpu. Xolo q800 is qHD mobile which is also very good. becouse of qHD q800 will work smoother and faster than canvas hd. Also there is 2x sensor's than canvas hd.
xolo q800 vs mmx canvas hd
canvas hd ==> 5" screen with 1280x720 resolution(294ppi). HD display.
xolo q800==>4.5" screen with 960x540 resolution(250ppi). qHD display.

Winner:- canvas hd. (but there are too many ppl's who dont like 5" screen they can go for xolo q800 :D)

2.Processor and Gpu:-
both mobile's have same cpu and gpu i.e. MediaTek MT 6589 chipset with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz coupled with 1GB of RAM. The PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Both mobiles can easily handle heavy apps and games :) but as xolo q800 have small screen and low resolution as compare to canvas hd q800 will work smoothly and fast also/

Winner:- none. Both are same but q800 is slightly faster than canvas hd.

Both the Xolo Q800 and the Canvas HD sport an 8MP camera but canvas hd dont have good camera as compare to xolo q800. canvas hd's 8mp camera gives same qality as 5mp camera give's. In night or low light canvas hd's camera gives worst photoes , not clear and blur also. Xolo q800 have 8mp camera with "BSI SENSOR" xolos camera is exelent and gives better qality :) also it can take good photoes in night or in low light. canvas hd's camera onl record 720p videos where as xolo q800's camera can record full 1080p videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner:- Xolo q800 :)

With average use and reduced display brightness, the 2000mAh battery of the Canvas HD makes it through the half day. On the other hand, the Xolo Q800 has a 2100mAh battery. With a slightly smaller display and slightly larger battery capacity than the Canvas HD.
Canvas hd have only 5hr. battery talktime but xolo have 16hr. battery talktime!!!!! We need to charg canvas hd twice a day becouse of low battery but xolo runs full day with advance use.

Winner :- Xolo q800.

xolo q800=== 12.5k (available in stock also).
canvas hd==== 14k (not available in everywhere).
q800 is 1.5k less than canvas hd. Total worth it.

there is double sensors available in q800 as compare to canvas hd. Also q800 have yamaha music search engine.
winner:- Xolo q800.

it seems that the Xolo Q800 will be a good performer device. If and only if you like 5" screen then go for canvas hd otherwise go for XOLO Q800.

canvas hd xolo q800
Antutu score 12500 12500.
benchmark 3800 3800.
nenamark2 40fps 58fps.


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31 Mar 2013
some people are misguiding others

Hi, Guys Please don't give 1 or 2 star rating, if you are posting queries or describing other products, since this product is worth for 5 stars, if you have some questions about the product go to some xolo forums and ask, don't give negative rating over here just because you have some query.
This is an awesome product, it got some cons, which are minor one and can be ignored

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03 Aug 2013
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A Masterpiece from XOLO

I purchased this mobile for my brother after 2 months of extensive online research and product comparisons.

The features and product specifications offered by this mobile are at par with mobiles in the league of Galaxy Grand.

An Antutu benchmark score of around 14,000 for a phone priced at around ?10k is definitely something to boast about.


1. A fairly popular phone among the new age of developers. You'll find a lot of custom ROMs and hacks for this device in the coming days.

2. 1 GB of RAM cannot be found in any other Android phone at this price range. Trust me, the extra 512 MB RAM makes a lot of difference to the performance of your handset.

3. A very primary camera.

4. Awesome battery backup. It can last one full day with wifi and GPS usage!

5. A lot of sensors.

6. Quad-core Mediatek processor. It's the next big thing guys.

1. The volume by default is a little low but it can be increased with some hacks.


Quite a number of people are worried about the new chipset v/s the older chipset performance thing. I have the new MTK6589WM chipset and the performance is very good. I am able to play all the videos with MX player.

2. Q700 v/s Q800
Q800 is much better than Q700 in terms of sensors, camera and the number of available customizations. If you need a sleek phone with 4.2.2 and LED light and are ready to compromise with a less decent camera, Q700 is for you.

I haven't yet had the need to contact them but will definitely share my experience if I ever encounter them.

This is one hell of a mobile. I can't seem to find any other mobile int vicinity. It is superior to all its counterparts. It is the best one out there. Xolo is taking mobile computing to the next level.And Q800 is a masterpiece!

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26 Mar 2013
The Mona Lisa of budget phones!

After thoroughly researching for the ideal budget phone, I was still sceptical about XOLO as I heard there were issues with after sales. Then I heard that a colleague of mine had got the A700. I went and checked out his phone and was pleasantly surprised at the build quality and overall feel of the phone. It was really good for the price. I decided to take a leap of faith, after sales service or no.

  I went ahead and ordered my Q800 elsewhere, which I paid 11.8k on EMI, because the "site" had birthday celebration offers (original is 12.5k). I received the parcel the very next morning and didn't have time to open it at home so I carried it to office and opened it there. :-P

  Once my colleagues ripped apart the packaging, I slowly opened the box hoping for the best. And there it was, the front face bears a slight resemblance similar to the new iPhone 5. The build felt solid. Simplistic design yet a beauty, not one hint of fancy designing on it. There's a solid metal strip going around the phone on the sides. The back is rubberized/soft plastic, doesn't attract fingerprints or anything else, scratch resistant even. The size of the phone is perfect, not too big, not too small, it's just right, but remember this phone not for someone who wants to make a style statement, there's nothing fancy about it but it does not look or feel cheap nor does it act cheap, looks like a perfect business phone.

  I took out the battery and put it in along with my SIM from my old friend, the aged HTC HD2 and then hit the power button. Fingers crossed, I hoped everything went well. And it did, within seconds it booted up and I was star struck at the quality and resolution of the screen! When I had seen the screen on my colleague's A700, it wasn't that great, but this, this was mind blowing! The camera has burst mode and the quality is pretty decent. This was the only part of the phone that was a bit mediocre, the camera. Everything else, out of this world! Sound quality, accessories, screen and touch quality, Wi-Fi signal strength, mobile network signal strength, GPRS speed (haven't got 3G so I can't comment on it) and lastly the battery. The battery is a monster! It's like a l'il Energizer bunny! I'll give you a hint of the battery life, I charged it for around 4 hours initially after I got home, then for the next nine hours I loaded all my softwares and downloaded 3 games along with it's data, over WiFi, that amounted to around 3 GB and then I tested the games for sometime as well, say about half an hour to 45 minutes in total (fyi, Most Wanted and Real Racing 3 have some issues with audio echoing and lagging, apparently something EA has to fix, the graphics and gameplay was super smooth though), did some benchmarking (the phone lands just slightly above the Asus Transformer in this, which is awesome again, for the price), then even played music for an hour while I was setting all this up. During this period, the phone got a l'il warm, that's all not hot like most other phones get. The end result after all that was 60% remaining!!!! WTH you say?! I said the same thing. And I saw that some people were asking about whether it has Wi-Fi tethering or not, well it does and also it has Wi-Fi Direct as well. All in all, my verdict for this phone is that it is the Mona Lisa of budget phones. I was won over within minutes of using the phone and so were my colleagues who passed the phone all over the office to get a look and feel of it. I have no regrets. After sales or no after sales service, I say go for it!



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22 Mar 2013

Part 2 of 2
11. The Build quality of the phone is also good. It dosn't even feel like a 12 grand phone. It comes with an extra screen guard and one that is already attached with it. So you get two.

12. Since it comes with the latest Android that is JB 4.1, you get a lot of new options and made the phone more interactive. Like for eg. you may save the entire voice recognition system offline, this means you do not need internet for speech to text.

13. It has a really good speech recognition system that recognizes very well no matter how much Mother tongue Influence you have.

Verdict:- Don't buy the Micromax HD as it is totally over hyped. They did a poor planning by not manufacturing the right quantity. Also reviews says that it hangs a lot and also when you do a factory reset there are several problems that come up. This is when XOLO & Karbonn pitched in with exact similar configs. Karbonn comes with a 5 " screen which again is too big to carry in an everyday life. Also the resolution for Karbonn is too less against its screen size.
4.5" is the most appropriate size in doing all sorts of work such as editing office documents, watching movies , browsing the internet and also it is very easy to carry.

The only Con is the earphone sound quality. However if you use a Sony Earphone the sound is awesome.

The phone slightly gets warm when used for long & making phone calls, but this is just normal. We need to understand there are like 4 (virtual) Processors in there as well as one of the top most graphix chip. Its is not just a normal phone, Its a micro Computer.

One suggestion is get a Class 10 UHS (Ultra High Speed) Micro SD card, if you are planning to buy one. In a UHS Class 10 chip, the data transfer rates are very fast (90MBPS while others are 4MBPS) which will be very helpful in playing large videos or even saving images off your camera very fast as the image sizes are really huge since its 8 MP. Also when saving HD recordings, the High speed cards really rock. You may get the Transcend PREMIUM 32 GB UHS CLASS 10 CARD. You will get it at ebay for around 1500 bucks with a life time warranty. Its a one time investment so think again.

I would have rated it 10 stars but unfortunately Flipkart only has 5 as max. The Management at LAVA has really done a fantastic job by positioning their product at the right time and effective planning as they have enough stocks. The pricing is really one of the areas that has boosted their strategies.

Note that Xolo has tied up with FEDEX for their reverse logistics, that is picking up the phone from your house, get it repaired and send it back to you at your door in case of any defects

Indiatimes shopping was giving away this phone with a discount coupon of 12% which made the final price 10,900 only. However it was only there for 2 days and there were many missed opportunities. However it was out of stock when there was only about 10 hrs remaining for the offer. Only a few buyers got lucky.

This means real enthusiastic, you really have to keep your eyes open if you want to grab this. Do not think twice and just buy it as the time you waste thinking, it would be out of stock again. Hope the above review helps

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14 Mar 2013
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magic mobile

Have a good day friends.... i ordered d product in flipkart on 10-03-13.. they said it ll b delivered within 20-03-13.. but luckily i got delivered on 13-8-13.. now im d proud owner of xolo q800.. im writing tis review based on my usage for the past 28 hours....

1. Screen quality is d best....
2. Front and rear camera both r so so good... bsi technology made me to open my mouth wide... very good quality pics.
3. Quad core processor with 1gb ram... oh my god no lags and i cant withstand to d speed of d phone
4. Look of the phone is killing
5. Plays 1080p full hd video very smooth and its preety cool
6. Hd recording is so so cool... i cant find any problem
7. Browsing is too fast due to d processor and other things...

I cant find any problem in d phone... project butter is wonderful


1. Battery is 2100 mah.. its quad core drains little fast but still its decent. Dont worry about that..
2. Lack of flip cover and other accessories
3. Lack of service centers but i found one in my area... ( guys phone comes with d software named xolo care.. if problems comes call d number in xolo care... they ll solve ur problems)

Guys... leave out d disadvantages.. lava gave everythg up to the mark.. at just 12499... really a very good job lava... now iam your fan and i ll surely buy your wonderful product and once again through flipkart...

Friends go for it.. soon flipkart ll make d stocks available... so order it and for it... 30000 rs product for just 12499..

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21 Mar 2013
dont hesitate...go for it.

let me answer some peoples query which can help in buying the phone.
first of all ive used the phone for nearly 2 weeks now and let me tell u its amazing.
1= its dual sim
2. it has no heating issues
3. it has more sensors than the canvas hd
4. camera quality is very decent for the price offered.
5. u can transfer all apps to ext micro sd card( for that u need to download apps from the google play)
6. it play hd videos
7. in mostly all benchmark test its better than the canvas hd(only on antutu benchmark test canvas hd scored higher than q800 by say 300 odd points.
8. and to my surprise a hd song was played on both the q800 and the s3......i was astonished to find out more pix elation on the s3 than the q800. played another hd song with the same result.
9. battery charges fast though but drains if on 3g all the time and if the screen is fully bright and mainly because of the quad core processors.
10. to summarize.....i did an extensive research to buy a phone within 15k but with the features available on high end phones. was about to buy the canvas hd but thanx to non avalibility i zeroed in on the q800. but not before checking every detail about the phone.
according to my experiance i say dont hesitate....go for it.

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28 May 2013
Beware Xolo's Chipset is now changed.!!

It shows in the website that Xolo is shipping Q800 handsets with different version of MTK6589M (Previous ones were just MTK6589) which CANNOT play 1080p videos. Even the official website is claiming only 720p video recording. I'm not sure if the info is accurate, because sometimes vendors really make mistakes in specifications. Check and for more info on the product.

You can try your luck too.
1. As mentioned by all. Easy one hand usage. Average Camera. Good 12800 Antutu Score. etc etc.
2.Mine plays 1080p videos as I bought it on May 23rd. I would rate this phone lower if they cant record/play full HD.
1,Charger gets heated too much, makes it feel cheap
2. Phone gets heated if you use it while you are charging it
3. Battery performance not upto the mark. 40% discharged when played a 1:50 hour movie (720p at medium brightness and full volume). Overnight discharge was erratic - once 4% and one 25% (over 2G data on, Auto Brightness, 8 hours of sleep) Discharges very quickly on 3G connection, 3.5-4 hour full discharge.
4. Not much options available for back cover/flip cover.
5. Service centres are very few.

Even after so many cons, I feel the phone deserves 4 rating because of its performance in all other parameters. Be careful while making buying decision if chipset is changed.

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30 Jun 2013
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GOOD at this PRICE.

Bought this mobile yesterday....and here my review is

Appearance : Not so classy as branded mobiles..and also not very cheap look..average look (i am using white color).
Rating 3.5/5.

Performance: The 1.2 ghz quad core works smoothly without any lagging. It can play hd videos of 1080p in mx player.(haven't tried any tough applications) Rating 4.5/5.

Camera: Both cameras are excellent...I got xolo q800 with mtk6589 w-m chipset in flipkart and i cant capture 1080*1090 hd videos.Some reviews show that the previous chipset version is capable of shooting 1080p vids.
Yet 720*1280 videos can be shooted without any flaws and it is crisp and very excellent.Rating 4.5/5.

Sound : Both in headphone and loudspeakers are good and average and pls dont expect the best in this price. Rating 3.5/5.

Display: Display is nice....touch is awsome...Rating 5/5.

Battery: I used this for the first time so the battery cannot be correctly reviewed...i used very heavily and the battery lasts for only 12 hours.

I was a bit unlucky to bought this for 103750 INR b'coz in two days it has an offer and the price has been reduced to 9750 INR. :(....

Overall worth for money if it is reliable.

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22 Mar 2013

Part 1 of 2

Due to lack of character limits, I am splitting this review in 2 parts.

There are may of you out there who are looking for honest reviews with details. Hope this review helps. My friend has purchased this today. After reading all the reviews and comments from Flipkart and watching some videos Youtube decided to go for this. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to think further and just go for it.

1. This comes with an amazing processor where there is absolutely no lag at all. I have multi tasked with it by running 10-11 apps simultaneously as well transferring files using Bluetooth at the same time. It is just amazing.

2. It comes with a 1 GB ram which makes the phone free and over 60 % of the memory is un-utilized even if you have over 15 16 apps on at the same time (including System Apps)

3 It is butterly smooth due to the inbuilt grafix card. The effects are really awesome and vivid. Transition between menus and pages is absolutely smooth

4 The Display quality is amazing. You would just have to buy it to believe it. It has a very high resolution with is more than enough for this screen size. Note that if the resolution was higher that it is now, everything would look really small and be unreadable.

5. It is able to play FULL HD videos very well. I played a high definition trailer and it was really lifelike.

6. Due to the screen size of 4.5" browsing, Facebook and chatting is really great. The keyboard is also quite big and has enough spacing between keys and you would not need rotate it in landscape to type. The feel of the keyboard is really nice and just require feather touch.

7. Camera is absolutely brilliant. I am really surprised how Xolo is able to provide such an awesome camera. It is 8 MP and the shots are amazingly sharp. It also has an HDR mode which will make the images vivid just like Sony Bravia. Since its has a BSI sensor it makes shooting in dark light or places bright and clear. The shots are also lightning fast. The moment you press the shutter ..there u go it saved..super fast

8. You can record HD videos. The video recording is equally great and I am again really surprised how they are able to give such a great camera in such a low price. The camera quality is no less than SONY or SAMSUNG.

9. The sound quality on the speaker is really loud. Its far better than most of the top notch phones. This maybe because it has a YAMAHA audio chip. The sound is also very crisp and sharp. I am sure you would never miss a call.

10 It comes with an In-ear earphone which is not that great. But it is really good for phone calls . If you are a music buff, please use your ipod earphones. The default music player is also amazing. It is very easy to use and also has sound equalizer as well as graphic.

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