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XOLO X900 (Black, 16 GB): Mobile

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26 Aug 2012
if your budget is like ~20k, you should go for it...

Well for me, after an week of overnight research, I finally shortlisted Xolo X900, Moto Atrix 2, Samsung Galaxy S-advance, Sony Xperia Neo L, and Sony Xperia Sola. Among the others. Some of which's the rounded shape I didnt like and others were kind of heavy(Moto atrix 2 and Xperia Neo L). None of my friends were using this set, so it was kind of a bit risky decision to have go with this phone(not from flipkart though).

To be honest, in this range, I think Motorola Atrix 2 is perhaps the best phone, but my issue for it were its shape and the weight. After using Xolo for 4 days now, here are my views on it:

1. The display quality and resolution are really good.
2. The GUI and touch is good
3. The display works quite well in sunlight

1. Video quality is the best.
2. It supports Full HD videos. Haven't tried the HDMI converted quality yet.
3. You can position your cursor anywhere without any delay the video works
4. 3D panaromic view works quite well

1. Volume is not superb, but it has enough volume though to make an entire room listen
2. Quality might seem a bit flat, but its not bad

1. Internet surfing and browsing is great. It does support HTML5.
2. Someone commented flash doesnt work, but for my set it does work, and works quite well.
3. The maps and GPS works good.
4.Sometimes network goes, but after I think it happens with many other sets

1. The camera might not be upto the standards of what you expect from an 8MP camera, but it is not bad though.
2. It captures really well, burst mode is quite effective and it even motion pics are taken well.
3.It supports FHD video recording, and that kind of resolution no set will offer you in this range.
4. Zooming is a bit of pain for me till now, because not having external zoom switches(in previous nokia set, the volume key could be used for zooming)

1. The battery is an issue maybe, but as I have come to know almost every smartphone cant run an entire day with heavy usage. 2. With 3g you can't run long more than 8-10 hours
3. You can't remove the battery or carry a spare with you(its an inbuilt one). The charger cord is a bit too small though :(

1. you can't you use memory card for external memory. But so far 16gb(11gb user usage) seems pretty enough
2. It has got a really strong processor and ram, so the phone never hangs
3. Yeah the phone does get heated up, maybe because of the processor
4 Sofar I havent felt any compatibiliy issue with important apps. Intel promises that the non-compatibility thing wont even remain once the ICS update is out.
5. Personally I felt at this same size of the set, maybe the screen could have been a big bigger(Neo L wastes almost no space and at 4inches screen its significantly smaller in length than this one)
6. The Xolo guy said, it has door to door servicing. The phone has one Toll free number in it, so if you call incase of any trouble, their people will reach your home within 3-4 hours for repairing. :o
7. Hope that ICS update will arrive soon
8. I dont think, you'll get accessories like back case/flip cover or even a screen protector specific to this set :P

I think you can go with this set. There is not much to regret about it. Even some sites have rated it considerably high in the range of S3/Iphone ;).

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05 Jun 2012
Good 1st phone from Intel !!

I have been using the XOLO X900 Intel phone for nearly a month now (bought it immediately after launch, obviously not through Flipkart) and am pretty satisfied with it. To set the context, my previous phone was Nokia E72 and I also have a Iphone 4s at home, so I have the required perspective on what is a good smartphone. Here is my quick review on this one.

• LOOKS – Good with a neat & polished finish – chrome finish on the sides & the rubberized back finish are quite nicely done. Extremely lightweight but good grip.
• PEFORMANCE is blazingly fast & powerful – yet to observe even a single instance of a lag/hanging of the phone.
• PRICE – This is in the class of Samsung S2 & Iphone 4s (with a few drawbacks ofcourse, see CONS), but much cheaper than both. I don’t think there is a comparable phone at this price.

• CAMERA – the images clicked by the 8MP camera could have been better. The images are dull & the colors are faded, there is a huge difference when you click the same scene with the iphone. But the videos turned out much brighter & better. Fortunately, I am not too big on clicking photos, so I don’t care about this at all.
• LOUDSPEAKER – not loud enough to hear music or watch youtube videos on loudspeaker mode, especially outdoors. When compared to the iphone, it is downright embarrassing. However, the call clarity & the headphone modes are quite decent.

Neither PROS nor CONS
• BATTERY LIFE – Easily gets me through the day with moderate usage. With really heavy usage, I am required to charge the phone in the evening itself instead of the usual overnight charging. But I see that pretty much all the touchscreen smartphones (including my iphone 4s) have similar battery life. The only point where my old trusty Nokia E72 was better ?.
• ANDROID OS – Unfortunately the phone doesn’t ship with ICS 4.0 out of the box, but it is not a big deal since Gingerbread is quite good by itself & will be upgradeable soon. I am yet to encounter any app that doesn’t run on the x86 Intel-based system & I am quite a heavy user of the Google Play store, with purchases/downloads across all categories (however I do see one example being called out in another review here).

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18 Jun 2012
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My feedback

I have tried this phone for the last one week. I ordered it from Flipkart and needless that their service is splendid. Though their expected delivery dates are pushed to 6-8 days from 3-4 days they kept their promise and in deed I got the phone even before promised date.

About the phone:

First impression:

Its a awesome look and feel, looks heavy but when its in hands... Smooth finish back and sleek body is quite catchy.


1) UI is feather smooth.

2) Sound is good.... many said the speakers are weak but I didnt feel it.

3) Gaming on this phone is awesome; I am killing the battery just on gaming over this weekend.

4) Battery back up: with heavy usage have to charge may be twice a day. But with just my emails and calls on the phone, it lasted for almost 40 hours...

5) OS is still gingerbread and Ice cream sandwich is yet to come. I have contacted Xolo care and they dont have any tentative date for the OTA upgrade. I am not happy with this.

6)Only one thing that I didnt like is the phone once got abnormally hot. I have installed a widget that gives out the phone temperature and it showed 50 degrees Celsius. It generally warm than the room temperature always. I never felt it cold in my hands....

7) Camera, when I saw its 8 MP, I thought I can resell my digi cam from Nikon but the photos aren't that great as expected, so still have to carry both when jaunting... But photos in dim light are good; which means the flash is powerful.

7) Lastly the fonts and the text on the phone are super crisp... I use it mainly for data, so I loved texting, messaging and sending emails from this phone.

I still have to toggle a lot on this phone and will add more comments if possible.

Overall I liked the Xolo experience.


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07 Oct 2012
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Value for money and feature, ICS upgraded.

I have been using this phone for close to 2 weeks now. Except the fact that the price of the phone dropped from 22000 to 17500 within a week of my purchase I am very satisfied with this phone.

Hardware: Really good hardware and have never seen it lag. Had some issues with Skype video call and that is all. (It has been fixed in ICS upgrade).

Software: Yesterday I received an SMS from Xolo customer care that an upgrade to ICS is available to download. After the upgrade the phone just feels awesome. Before the upgrade I was using a 3rd party launcher to make it look and work better but now I don't.

BackCover: Many don't see this as an important feature but I feel this is important. The rubber back really gives a great grip and to some extent reduce the heat generated by the processor.

Display: Display quality is above average when it comes to colour reproduction. But the pixel density is unmatched at this range at 294 ppi. I can see my contacts and view maps even in the bright Chennai sunlight.

USB data transfer: This again is mostly ignored info. I didn't have to install any drivers on Windows, Mac and even on Linux when I connected this phone in USB mode. And the best thing was the data transfer rate which reached close to 20 Mbps. This is exceptional for a phone which usually gives only 3 to 8 Mbps.

Overall usability: For me this was the most important one. How well have they integrated things to use the device the way we want to. This phone has scored fairly on this scale. Except the camera lag, it is quite fast and usable in most of the situation.

Speakers: They are below average. Although a stereo with 2 speakers the volume is mildly weak. I guess it is because of the thickness (thinness) of the phone.

Camera: Before the upgrade the camera was pathetic. In videos the focus would keep changing. This seems to have been fixed in ICS upgrade with new camera UI. Still I feel the stills could be better as video quality has improved.

Power button: This could have been a little more responsive. I am not really sure if this is bad or average as I am spoilt by using Apple device buttons.

Conclusion: I might have bought this at 22k but now at this price I am sure no other phone comes even close to it. Being a runner I use this phone to monitor the distance and pace and it feels really light in my pocket. ICS upgrade brought some new apps like Movie Studio and Swift Keyboard, which is nice.

You won't find a screen protector for this phone so I did some research and found Samsung Galaxy S Advance has the same screen spec as this one. I ordered a screen protector and it fits almost perfectly without cutting any part of it.

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20 Oct 2012
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Beware of the Service offered

I bought this phone in last week of August for 22,500/-

About phone: ( 4 out 5 )
Its good android phone for the given price
Performance is good
Most of the apps are compatible with this

Service: ( 1 out of 5)
They have service center only in Noida ( Lava International ).

When you call customer care and says there is some problem in the phone, they will try to help over phone initially otherwise arranges a pickup by a courier guy and you have to pack the phone by yourself.

On the day of scheduled pickup, they said 'server is busy' and we can not arrange any pickup and it was delayed for 2 days

Finally I myself have couriered the phone to their service center in Noida by bearing courier charges + insurance charges

With in 4 days I got an SMS that my phone was couriered back to my address and I will get it in 48 hour. But I have not received it and no information given to me on which courier service and what is the tracking ID.

I was happened to call them 4 times to get the tracking ID itself. They are simply saying we do not have information about the dispatch courier details. Finally during the last call they said the courier name and tracking ID.

I myself inquired the local courier guys about the package and they said we have the parcel but no phone number was given.
Finally I have to visit the Courier office to pick my handset.

Overall I'm happy using this phone but I'm totally unhappy with their service.

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26 Oct 2012
XOLO X900 Review

Ordered the mobile on 22nd Oct 2012 at 1:30 pm and received it next day at 3 pm within 25 hours. Good service from Flipkart.

Now to the mobile
1. The hardware which we get in this is in comparison with Galaxy S2, Iphone 4s or HTC one X. However the price is almost the half Rs 17.5K. So totally worth buy.
2. Being the first phone with Intel inside there were some doubts about its reliability and compatibility over Android and its applications but with ICS update it runs 99.99% compatible and works just fine. Would say a great start for Intel
3. The screen is 4" and comes with 297 ppi, very good and crisp display. The resolution is 1024 x 600. Overall will rate the Display in class of high cost mobiles.
4. It comes with 1.6 GHz Intel processor with Hyper threading which is great. Would say its the best part of this mobile. Its performance is really great with lags at all. Tried most of the small games, 1080p video playback, some 3D games and all went smooth like butter. If performance within this budget is main focus go for this without thinking.
5. Comes with 1GB RAM which is best part since it keeps the door open for future 4.1 JB updates. Also the multitasking is easy without any lags.
6. It came with 2.3 GB OS, but the update is available for ICS and can be done easily within 10 minutes. ICS upgrade has resolved many compatibility issues for this mobile with android.
7. Battery with 1460 mAh is slightly on lower side and will run for a day with medium usage. Can be considered as a small negative.
8. Design, looks wise it resembles iPhone. Decent build quality and comes with Gorilla glass for scratch resistance screen. Back has a rubber finish which makes the grip really good. With 127 grams its light weight and with just perfect 4 inch screen its easy to carry and hold.
9. Supports all the connectivity options with Bluetooth, NFC, wiki, 2G, 3G, WiFi hotspot. No 4G etc, but in India it will take time for 4G to come to all cellular networks.
10.It comes with an impressive 8 megapixel primary camera which is capable of high quality 1080 x 1920 pixel video recording and is backed up by a single LED flash. The secondary 1.3 megapixel camera allows the user to transmit better video quality when taking a video call. The camera possesses an 8x digital zoom and comes packed with features such as Auto focus, Touch focus, Burst mode and multi-mode. Additionally, the camera is capable of recording HD or Full HD video.
11. Has internal storage of total 16 GB with 2 GB reserved for App's and around 11 GB available for user storage.

If you are looking at something comparable to Galaxy S2, IPhone 4/4s from hardware specification point of view within a budget of 17K, this is a BEST buy. With Android 4.0 update already released and Intel will surely come with JB update, from software point of view things are already same as others.

I am a satisfied user and have tested this device as much as possible in last 3-4 days and I am at PEACE to pose a good mobile in said price.

Some points which didn't bother me much but should be mentioned are since this being which have limited sales, finding a Screen protector or pouch is difficult. Still make use of Screen guard of Galaxy S advance and any pouch of Galaxy S2/S3 will work. XOLO promised door step service where if case any problems the will take the phone and will return back with repair etc. Not sure how this will work, but I hope there wont come a time where I need to use this service.

Will surely recommend this to others.

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06 Jun 2012
Excellent phone in this price range

I had been looking to buy a phone in 20-25k range, it is then that I came to know about this phone. Wasn't considering to buy it then as Intel hadn't inspired much confidence about its SoC performing efficiently on mobile devices. What changed my mind tough were some of the test results that I saw on review sites like Anandtech etc. This phone outscored the likes of iPhone 4s, Galaxy s2, HTC one x in Linpack (processor performance), Sunspider (browser performance). In latter it even outscored s3, which really amazed me and kind of prompted me really consider buying it, which I eventually did after seeing it at a retail store about a month back.
So here's what I love about the device:-
- It almost never hangs: A perennial problem in my last phone (Galaxy Ace), this phone feels almost unreal in this aspect.
- Browsing speed: Still use a 2G connection (might shift to 3G with rates dropping and all) where-in the page loading on this phone is I can say pretty fast. Saw a comment here that adobe flash doesn't work in this phone's browser, at least in my phone it does work perfectly.
- Touch: I found this phone to be the closest to the iPhone touch experience (which despite my other grudges with Apple, I have to admit is to be benchmarked against iPhones).
- HDMI: Don't know whether to put this as an advantage or disadvantage, my nephew borrows my phone a lot to play games on the TV. It gets irritating at times, seriously!

And what could have been better:-
- Low speaker sound: The sound through speakers is somewhat low. I had to download software amplifiers from Google Play to correct this.
- White earphones: The earphones that come with this phone are white coloured! Seems like FIH guys who also assemble iPhone were able to convince Lava/Intel to use white ones just like they do for Apple. Still continue to use my earlier earphones.

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17 Jan 2013
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Solid Android Experience

Things you should know about this phone:

1. It is not a "Chinese phone" made by LAVA. It is marketed in India by LAVA.

2. Almost no UI customization by Lava - hence, a pure stock Android experience which the Samsung galaxy Nexus was proud of.

3. Solid, medium heavy feel in the hand.

4. Average camera - XPERIA NEO V has a better camera.

5. It came pre-installed with ICS.

6. You will have a hard time finding even a screen protector (i found two buyers in was selling it for 1200 INR!!).

7. Super-fast navigation through the UI.

8. Hardly any phone comes with a 1.6GHz (single core) Processor/1GB RAM. This also comes with an option to set the processor frequency to any of the given preset values. In all other Android phones you have to root, unlock and install a custom kernel for this option.

9. Has a dedicated camera button.

10. No memory expansion option.

11. Needs a micro-SIM.

12. Average battery life.

13. 300 PPI display ... very crisp.

14. No need even for auto-brightness - even in 2nd lowest setting screen is clearly visible. A well known Indian reviewer complained in his video review that the display was wahsed out (compared to his iphone) ... IT IS NOT!!

15. No LED indicator.

16. Since it originally shipped with GB, the phone has 4 (capacitive) navigation keys, instead of the current 3 key pattern in post ICS devices.

17. No FM Radio.

Finally, yes, the sync/charge cable is a little short :P

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22 May 2013
Pathetic phone and awful customer service

I've bought this phone six months back.. till last month the phone was working okay.. but now when i browse through the internet the phone coverage gets blacked out within 15 minutes i.e the phone network signal sign shows a cross mark. During that instant the phone is completely out of use. It cannot get to internet or even connect a call. The phone needs to be switched off and on to get everything back in proper. It is very annoying and bad to the phone to do the same task in every 10 or 15 minutes.
I contacted the customer service. how they deal with the customers is very pathetic. they don't know how to talk with the customers. They think we customers are slaves and ought to take up the blame for which they are responsible too. Keep in mind that warranty isn't over yet. finally they took it for service but the fraud authorities sent the defective phone back without even checking it. I tried to call them again but they are not even picking the call. I humbly request every one not to buy this phone or any of the xolo phones. They are frauds, they will surely pull your legs.

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08 Jun 2013
Bad Service in India


Mobile phone not repaired even after 15 days. Complain number 310000051688 dated 11.05.2013
At the time of purchase I was told that mobile will be replaced in case of any problem. As no service was done at that time.
Mobile not repaired properly on first time , henceforth had to send it again for repairs.
Mobile phone was hanging and low mic volume.

I bought the mobile , referring to the Brand and Intel name on it .
But the service SUCKS.

Please help.

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