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Zebronics Stem + Transcend 4 GB memory card MP3 Player: Home Audio & MP3 Players

Reviews of Zebronics Stem + Transcend 4 GB memory card MP3 Player

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15 Feb 2012
Worth every penny u spend

Bought this MP3 player couple of days back. I should say, i am really impressed by it.

1) Compact, sleek and stylish
2) No memory constraint, as it doesn't come with any inbuilt memory, and uses only external card(up to 16GB), you can plugin any micro SD card and use it.
3)Sound quality is good,Ear phones are not bad either.
4)Very cheap , costing at 650 bucks with 4GB micro SD card. If i can break up the total cost in to parts, it would be
4GB micro SD = 250/-
ear phones = 100/-
the player with inbuilt re-chargeable battery = 300/-

1) It doesn't save your sound settings, when you switch on, it starts of at default volume level.
2) Body/Built should have been more stronger and the controls should have been more smoother to use!
3) No random option, it just plays the songs in the order they are copied.

I am yet to validate the battery(playing) time, the specs say about 6hrs!
Over all its worth every penny you spend. i would rate 4/5 for this.

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02 Mar 2012
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Exactly worth the money we pay for it.Please don't expect more by its cool looks !

it is a basic mp3 player.

-it doesn't have a shuffle button.

-it doesn't have a display screen.

-earphones were absolutely useless.

-better to throw the earphones away which are supplied with the player.

-the audio jack is very closely placed to the on/off button which often hinders the operation

-it would have been better if 32gb memory support had been provided.

-around 30 percent of the earphones available in the market wont fit into the 3.5mm audio jack provided on the player.

-you have to check and buy the earphones that fit into the player on a trial and error basis.(don't know whether it is a manufacturing defect exclusively evident in the piece i purchased)


-it has an extendable memory slot which can accommodate a 16gb card

-audio output is above average with your own earphones(not with the ones supplied with the product)

-compact design and sturdy reliable item

-good to gift it to anyone

my opinion:

Please don't be hasty to place the order.

if you would wish to afford a 100 bucks more on a player, better go for ATEK ATK 41 MP3 PLAYER available in flip-kart in the same budget range
it has FM radio and display screen and 32gb extendable memory

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14 Apr 2012
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cool ones for a cool price!!!

I bought this product 10 days back..its working awesome..the service of the flipkart is the best i have ever seen. safely packed and delivered near your door steps.
pros:1. the player worth what u pay. its 100% guarantee
2.great battery life.(around 4-5 hours for sure)
3.copies all songs at faster rate. for me it copies at speed of 15-27 mbps.
4. expandable memory upto 16gb.u can also use it has a data storage device.thats the best part.
5. the play option buttons are placed comfortably.

cons: 1. the worst earphones i have ever come across my life.if you you are a hard core listener of songs then the earphones are completely useless provided with a new one or use which u have. 3.5mm jack shuffling option.plays in order of songs copied to the device.

at last i would say is service is at the best provided by flipkart.this device worth what you can gift to your friends,relatives,anyone of can go with the device,not much issues about it at all apart from earphones.i love this device!!!!!

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14 Feb 2012
Its Good but NO SHUFFLE!!!

I ordered it yesterday and got it today!!!
Thanks Flipkart :)
1) Small and beautiful product at throw away price.
2) Comes with 4 GB class 4 memory card.
3) Sound quality is good.
4) Easy to use.

1) NO SHUFFLE!!! Just plays the song in the order you have copied into it.
2) Headphone provide with it is TOTAL WASTE.

Use Skullcandy or Sony headphones on it.
Can't comment about battery backup now. Hope it will last long :)

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13 Jun 2012
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certified buyer
Awesome :)

Hi All,

I bought it a week back,and I find it really awesome :)

* It withstands upto 4-5 hours and it is also getting charged up so quickly.

* Head set is not up to the mark but it worths an moderate headset:)

*Quality of sound is really good :)

*You can't select the song manualy but the previous and next option will work fine :)

* YOu could but this music player separately for Rs 495, and a 8 GB card (Rs 250) separately so that you will end up with Rs.745 which is just Rs.50 above but you are left with an 8 GB music player instaed of an 4 GB music player.

And more than everything you have Flipkart's service:)

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09 Jun 2012

Guys my genuine review about this product is:

DESIGN: it has got very cute look also has a back its a user friendly mp3 player and also useful in jogging. {4.5}

SOUND: sound quality in this player is above good but not excellent.volume range is also excellent. it hasn't got the shuffle option. so its it main drawback because when u switch off this player it starts again from the very fast song but not from that song at that time when u switch off this player. so it may bore you when your memory card got above 100 songs.{2star}

EARPIECE: the headphone given in this player is not good but if u want to manage u can manage it. so change the earpiece so that u can got the better sound quality. {2}

BATTERY: charging time at-least 4-5 hrs. u can listen music continuously for 3 hrs. {3}

DATA TRANSFER: data transfer speed is also good {4}

BUILT QUALITY: plastic which use in this player has got very worst quality. just handle this player very carefully otherwise it may break in to pieces. another thing is be careful when u first time open this player.{2}

OVERALL: my overall point of view is its a value for money product for low range budget people.just bring another headphone{at-least Philips SHE1360/97 Headphone rs 120} and enjoy its sound. u may give this player as a gift to your dear ones. its sure that u love its design.{3.5}

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07 Jun 2012
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certified buyer
Cheap and rightly so

This is the cheapest player on flipkart, and only 5 minutes with it is enough to tell you that its rightly cheap.
Its a bare bones player, and it does not even remember the song which was last playing what you shut it down. Have 500 songs? Well then keep scrolling every time you start playing again. Or don't switch it off at all. A major design fail. Spend a few hundred more

Basically, a 200rs player will offer the same thing. This is not worth the money

That said, Flipkart delivery and purchase experience was top notch!

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27 Nov 2012
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In depth review

Forget the price, taking ipod shuffle to be the best with full 10 in everything. Here goes the comparison:
Looks: 8.5
Buttons' comfort: 5
Built quality: 5.5
Headphone built quality: 4
Flexibility options: 3.5 (every time you have to go through full length of your songs' list to select a required song)

Sound quality: 6.25 (Average)
>Sound processing: 6
>Sound output quality with given earphones: 5.5
>Bass: 6.5
>Treble: 7
>Clarity: 4.5
>Voice cancellation(earphones): 8
Average sound with enclosed earphones. But with Philips SHE 3590 earphones, clarity and bass increases by 1.5 points.

Earphone comfort: 7.5

Visual outputs:
Bicoloured LEDs give info by being constant, or by pulsating at regular intervals.
Rating: 8

Playback: 4-4.5hrs continuous; 20-22 days shelf battery life

Value for money: 9

Personal verdict: Decent for the price. You can't expect anything much better. But for listening to some finer quality music I'd suggest to spend around 500 bucks more to get a better music experience.

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23 Jul 2012
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certified buyer
What else you expect in 645 !!!!???

We have good mp3 player for songs with 4 gb memory card with good ear phones... What else we need?? that too in just 645 rupees??.

I had bought phillips go gear from flipkart.. Yes, this doesnt match go gear in quality/and features/battery life... but that costs 1800 bucks... 3 times more than this one.

So i need to just listen good songs for 3 4 hours.. This is 100% good for my purpose.

Rs 645 is satisfactory for this product.

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16 Jul 2012
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certified buyer
Zebronics Awesome battery backup

I am using this mp3 player since 5 months, still the battery back up is good. Evey single pie is worth to pay this. Sound output is okay and but on Constrain is it doesn't support shuffle options.

I would recommend you can go ahead and buy this product.

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