39 Years IIT-JEE Advanced + 15 yrs JEE Main Topic-wise Solved Paper PCM with Free ebook 12th Edition
    39 Years IIT-JEE Advanced + 15 yrs JEE Main Topic-wise Solved Paper PCM with Free ebook 12th Edition (English, Paperback, Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Er. Deepak Agarwal, Er. Sunil Batra, Mamta Batra)

    39 Years IIT-JEE Advanced + 15 yrs JEE Main Topic-wise Solved Paper PCM with Free ebook 12th Edition  (English, Paperback, Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Er. Deepak Agarwal, Er. Sunil Batra, Mamta Batra)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Disha Publication
    • ISBN: 9789381250174, 9381250170
    • Edition: 2016
    • Pages: 1540
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    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics: 35 Years IIT-JEE + 11 is a collection of three titles that cover solved papers for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The books are aimed at students aspiring to perform well in the IIT-JEE or AIEEE.

    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics: 35 Years IIT-JEE + 11 is a set of three books containing solved papers from the previous years of IIT-JEE and AIEEE. The subjects covered are hysics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

    Each book is divided into two sections. The first section looks at the subject from the IIT-JEE perspective. The IIT-JEE section contains a variety of question types such as true or false, match the following, comprehension-based questions, and subjective problems.The second section presents content from the AIEEE perspective. It consists of multiple-choice questions, each one with just one correct answer.

    The first book is dedicated to Physics. Some of the topics covered are units and measurements, laws of motion, gravitation, electrostatics, waves, electromagnetic induction, and modern physics.

    The second book covers the subject of Chemistry. Some of the topics included in this section are atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure, thermodynamics, hydrocarbons, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and analytical chemistry.

    The third book in the set is dedicated to Mathematics. Some of the topics presented in this section are trigonometry, complex equations, sequences and series, permutations and combinations, differentiation, matrices and determinants, probability, vector algebra, and 3-dimensional geometry.

    Each book ends with IIT-JEE and AIEEE question papers from the year 2012.

    The questions in the book adhere to the latest prescribed exam format. Each question is accompanied by one of more detailed solutions. The concepts are explained lucidly. Diagrams are also provided wherever relevant.

    This set was released in 2012 by Disha Publication.

    About The Authors

    O.P. Agarwal has co-authored some books, including Foreign Trade And Foreign Exchange, Numerical Chemistry For IIT-JEE, Textbook Of Organic Chemistry For IIT-JEE, and IIT-JEE Chemistry Challenger.

    Mamta Batra has co-authored books like 34 Years Chapter-wise IIT-JEE Objective Solved Papers (PCM) - 1978-2011 and 34 Years IIT-JEE Solved Papers Mathematics.

    Sunil Batra is the co-author of books like 34 Years Chapter-wise IIT-JEE Objective Solved Papers (PCM) - 1978-2011 and 31 Years Chapter-wise IIT-JEE Objective Solved Papers (PCM).

    Deepak Agarwal has co-authored books like CAT Topic-Wise Solved Paper, Numerical Chemistry For IIT-JEE, and Discover The Genius In Your Child.

    Table of Contents

    CHAPTER 1 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
    CHAPTER 2 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
    CHAPTER 3 States of Matter
    CHAPTER 4 Thermodynamics
    CHAPTER 5 Equilibrium
    CHAPTER 6 The s-Block Elements
    CHAPTER 7 Organic Chemistry—Some Basic Principles and Techniques
    CHAPTER 8 Hydrocarbons
    CHAPTER 9 The Solid State and Surface Chemistry
    CHAPTER 10 Solutions
    CHAPTER 11 Electrochemistry
    CHAPTER 12 Chemical Kinetics & Nuclear Chemistry
    CHAPTER 13 General Principles of Isolation of Elements
    CHAPTER 14 The p-Block Elements
    CHAPTER 15 The d-, f-Block Elements & Co-ordination Compounds
    CHAPTER 16 Halo alkanes and Haloarenes
    CHAPTER 19 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers CHAPTER 20 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    CHAPTER 21 Compounds Containing Nitrogen
    CHAPTER 22 Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Polymers & Miscellaneous Match the Following
    CHAPTER 23 Analytical Chemistry


    CHAPTER 1 Trigonometric Functions & Equations
    CHAPTER 2 Complex
    CHAPTER 3 Quadratic Equation and in equations
    CHAPTER 4 Permutations and Combinations
    CHAPTER 5 Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem
    CHAPTER 6 Sequences and Series
    CHAPTER 7 Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines
    CHAPTER 8 Circies
    CHAPTER 9 Conic Section
    CHAPTER 10 Functions
    CHAPTER 11 Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
    CHAPTER 12 Differentiation
    CHAPTER 13 Properties of Triangle
    CHAPTER 14 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    CHAPTER 15 Matrices and Determinants
    CHAPTER 16 Applications of Derivatives
    CHAPTER 17 Indefinite Integrals
    CHAPTER 18 Definite Integrals and Applications of Integrals
    CHAPTER 19 Differential Equations
    CHAPTER 20 Vector Algebra and Three Dimensional Geometry
    CHAPTER 21 Probability
    CHAPTER 22 Miscellaneous ( Sets, Relations, Statistics and Mathematical Reasoning)


    CHAPTER 1 Units & Measurements
    CHAPTER 2 Motion
    CHAPTER 3 Laws of Motion
    CHAPTER 4 Work, Energy & Power
    CHAPTER 5 Momentum and Impulse
    CHAPTER 6 Rotational Motion
    CHAPTER 7 Gravitation
    CHAPTER 8 Mechanical Properties of Solids & Fluids
    CHAPTER 9 Heat & Thermodynamics and Gases
    CHAPTER 10 Simple Harmonic Motion
    CHAPTER 11 Waves
    CHAPTER 12 Electrostatics
    CHAPTER 13 Moving Charges & Magnetism
    CHAPTER 14 Electro Magnetic Induction & Alternating Current
    CHAPTER 15 Ray & Wave Optics
    CHAPTER 16 Modern Physics

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    Book Details
    • Publication Year
      • 2016
    • Authored By
      • Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Er. Deepak Agarwal, Er. Sunil Batra, Mamta Batra
    36 Reviews
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