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Buy Air Coolers  Online 

As summer slowly creeps in, we all prepare to get ready to face the harsh sun and fortify ourselves against the sweltering heat. We all know that there’s nothing much we can do about the rising mercury levels outside, but we can definitely make our houses more comfortable and survivable. If you are wondering how? It’s as simple as investing in a good air cooler or an air conditioner. If air conditioners are too expensive for you, then the next-best thing to consider is definitely an air cooler.

There are a lot of air coolers available in the market today, and picking the right one is not easy-peasy. You need to look into several factors, such as the area of your house or the room that needs to be cooled, the temperature outside and different features.

Air Coolers - The Best Way to Stay Cool at Home 

The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of summers is holidays! Yes, schools and most colleges remain closed for a few months before the start of a new academic year so kids get ample time to try out a new hobby, learn a new sport, explore their creativity, and play with their friends. But, summer is also the hottest season of the year, which means that the temperature will be too hot to step outside and it also becomes unbearable to stay indoors. Even though we cannot do anything to control the outdoor temperature, we can make sure that our home is cool and comfortable. The best and cost-effective way to beat the summer heat is by investing in air coolers for your home. You can check out the huge collection of coolers online. You can buy the perfect ones for your home by choosing from some of the popular brands, like Sansui, Flipkart SmartBuy, Hindware, Bajaj, Orient, Maharaja Whiteline, Symphony, Usha, Kenstar, Crompton, and many more. 

Types of AC Coolers Online

Air coolers are the perfect appliances that you can install in a home. There are several types of coolers - room/personal coolers, desert coolers, tower coolers, and window coolers. 

Room coolers or personal coolers are compact in size and are perfect to cool small- to medium-sized rooms. They have slightly smaller capacity water tanks than outdoor coolers. Most of these appliances consume less energy and operate silently. Depending on the model, you can add cold water or ice in the tank to enjoy efficient cooling. You can explore some of the best personal/room coolers online that are offered by brands such as Bajaj, Symphony, Orient, Usha, Impex, iBell, Voltas, and more.

Desert coolers, on the other hand, are larger in size when compared to personal coolers. These coolers are primarily used to cool large-sized rooms. They work best in dry climate regions. The tank capacity of these appliances is also larger than room coolers so you can stay cool for a longer time. Desert air coolers are also perfect for use outdoors, for example, on your terrace, balcony, or backyard. Check out some of the popular models online that are sold by brands such as Sansui, Maharaja Whiteline, Usha, Hindware, mccoy, Blue Star, and more.

Buy Air Coolers Online

Online shopping sites have a plethora of coolers that you can buy for your home. They come in different capacities that range from 10 L and below to 60 L and above. Depending on your room, region, and preference, you can choose a cooler that best suits your needs. Also, many of these appliances come with high-quality castors, which let you move it around your home with ease. Some models come with a removable tank, which lets you clean and refill it with ease. Get an air cooler today and stay cool and relaxed all through the hot months. Check out Symphony coolers and Kenstar coolers online and buy the best ones for your home. Also, you can compare Symphony air cooler prices and the prices of different models online and choose the ones that suit your home and your budget the best.

Here's a guide to help you pick the right air cooler for your house

There’s no point in buying an air cooler without knowing the basics about it. So make sure you do your bit of research and then go ahead and buy a suitable one.

Thickness of pads - These appliances come with cooling pads and these pads determine the performance of the cooler. So make sure you pick an air cooler which has pads of at least 50 mm thick.

Variable speed - Just like your fan, these appliances also come with different speed controls. If you can set the speed depending on how cool you want your room to be. So it’s always better to choose an air cooler which has a variable speed control than settle for something which has just one or two speed setting.

Castors - There’s no point in buying more than one air cooler for your house, if you buy one which comes with castors. Castors are the wheels provided at the bottom on the cooler. With castors in your cooler, you can easily move the cooler from one room to another. So if you are in your living room watching TV, then you can get your cooler from your room to the living area easily.

Automatic control - Technology is improving drastically and it’s only making our lives easy. So make sure, you buy an air cooler which comes with an automatic control. What this feature does is, it automatically adjusts the speed depending on the temperature outside.

Water level indicator - All air coolers come with a water tank, but not all come with a water level indicator. So make sure, you buy one which comes with a water level indicator. This feature shows you how much water is left in the tank without you having to open the tank every time you need to check.

So get home an air cooler this summer and make it survivable by beating the heat in style. You can now buy air coolers online. All you have to do is log on to your favourite e-store, browse through the different models and brands like  Maharaja Whiteline , Crompton Greaves, Symphony air coolers etc & read different air cooler reviews and then pick the best one that suits your needs and requirements.

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