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When a woman is asked about the preference of clothes she wants to see her man in, there is no doubt that she will always choose shirts over tees. Why, you ask? 
Shirts and men have always looked good together, be it at work or a party. As per the fashion report goes, it would be a crime if you don’t have enough casual shirts in your wardrobe to pep up your style statement. If you are wondering whether a casual shirt will be enough to serve your purpose of dress-ups, reading further is bound to open new doors of style for you.

Why should you choose casual shirts for men?

Gentlemanly vibes
– What’s the first thing that one would notice about a casual shirt? It’s the gentlemanly vibe that it brings with it. Casual shirts are a great way to strike a balance between formal and casual, and pave the way for some serious envy for your peers. These outfits are absolutely spot-on if and when you need to look presentable for a crucial dinner with your girlfriend’s parents, or if you are going out for some quality guy-time with your bunch of friends.

High on style - Needless to say, these pieces of clothing rank quite high up the style radar, which is why you shouldn’t think twice before adding one to your wardrobe. Looking dapper will no more be a Herculean task, if you have a casual shirt at your disposal. 

Choosing shirts for men with comfortable shirt won’t be a big deal if you keep certain things in mind:

Material – Prefer cotton or linen shirts, and embrace comfort like never before. These materials are great if comfortable clothing is your idea of style. They are soft, breathable, and extremely easy to maintain, which is why hop in to buy a casual shirt right now, and you won’t regret it.

Sleeves – You have the options to choose from full-sleeved, half-sleeved, 3/4th-sleeved and rolled-up sleeved casual shirts. Choose one that you will be able to pull off, and get noticed. 

Collar – Most casual shirts have semi-spread, point and banded collars. While semi-spread and point have always been a classy choice, banded or Nehru-collared shirts are quite popular these days.

– Extra slim, slim and regular – you can opt for either of these depending on your comfort. Make sure you choose one that is a bit loose to get the right look.

You can now buy casual shirts online from brands such as Arrow, RoadsterLevi’s , Allen SollyPeter EnglandMufti and Wrangler shirts to add oomph to your everyday styling.

Whether you’re wearing a blazer , or going for a smart relaxed look, casual shirts are a staple in every debonair man’s wardrobe. These shirts are great for a night out with your buddies, as well as for a more formal work outfit, which is why these shirts a fashion-essential. 

Fit Matters

Unlike dress shirts, which need a tailored fit, casual shirts are more leeway when it comes to the fit. Casual shirts look great both ways, when they’re loosely fit as well as when they have a slim fit. To get the perfect fit, you need to know your body measurements. Especially when you’re buying casual shirts online. For the best fit, make sure you follow the size chart. 

Styles of Casual Shirts for Men

Denim Casual Shirt 
Style it with a layered outfit or team it as a stand-alone piece - denim casual shirts are versatile. The light and textured material of denim make these shirts easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. Team a denim casual shirt with a pair of light-colored trousers or layer it with a white, round-neck tee for that casual yet sophisticated look. 

White Casual Shirt 

A plain white casual shirt is like an essential in every man’s fashion collection. If you want to play it safe, then a white casual shirt is something you need as it’s versatile and stylish. With a solid white shirt, you can play with your look as the white color will act as a base for the rest of your look. You can team a white 
casual shirts with anything you want and still look classy. Try teaming a white shirt with a pair of dark blue trousers or with a pair of cream colored chinos for that simple yet attractive look.

Black Casual Shirt

Another wardrobe essential is a black casual shirt. Pair a Rodid black casual shirt with a pair of skinny blue jeans and look debonair effortlessly. You can also experiment with different looks with a plain black shirt. Team it with a denim jacket for that date night and team it with a leather jacket for that fun outing with your buddies.

Let’s Shop Online for Some Interesting Casual Shirts in Your Wardrobe

Casual shirts today are becoming increasingly popular among men, with more and more men buying casual shirts online. The reason for this? Casual shirts today are available in an interesting variety to make you look stylish on any occasion, be it a Friday in office or a Saturday night out with your friends. While solid colors, striped designs and checks were all you would find while buying casual shirts in the past, today, you can shop for casual shirts online to find a range of styles like floral prints, printed denims, summer pastels, shirts with Mandarin collars, shirts with the washed vintage look, geometric patterns and so much more that you can buy for an interesting variety in your collection of casual shirts. So, why have the same look when you can experiment with a new look for every occasion? 

How Would You Want Your Casual Shirts to Fit You?

Casual shirts online are available in three main kinds of fits. There are shirts with the regular fit for those who want more comfort or those on the heavier side. These are traditionally cut with straight sides that provide the wearer’s body with the right amount of room to breathe in. On the other hand, if you are on the leaner side, you can go for slim fit shirts. These come with tapered sides that compensate for the thin midsection of lean men. In this way, the material won’t spill out of the waist like a regular fit shirt would. If you are on the skinny side, you also have extra slim fit shirts that you can buy online. These taper a little more than a slim fit shirt to compensate for the thin midsection of skinny men. Brands like Blackberry’s, Park Avenue, Mark N’ Park and Vigroll have a range of casual shirts for men in the latest trends and extra slim fits that can make you look very classy on your weekend outings. 

Considering the Sleeves of Your Casual Shirt

The length of the sleeves can make a huge difference to the look of your casual shirt. Half-sleeved and roll-up sleeves shirts can provide a more casual look than full-sleeved shirts that are dressier and ideal for parties and nights out with your friends. Brands like Arrow and Raymond have a range of full-sleeved shirts with attractive prints that make them great to wear for a party. Sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts, on the other hand, show off your biceps and look great on muscular men. Shopping for casual shirts online, you will find a range of short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts from brands like Killer, Peter England, United Colors of Benetton and Rodid that you can have a look at if you plan to buy some stylish looking half-sleeved and sleeveless shirts. 

Buy an Interesting Collection of Casual Shirts Online Today

So what are you waiting for? Log on to your favorite estore and buy casual shirts online. Shopping for 
shirts for men online is easy, safe and convenient as you can sit in the comfort of your house and choose from various styles. No matter whether you are muscular, skinny or on the heavier side, you can easily find a shirt in your size while shopping for casual shirts online. There are shirts in different sizes with measurements so you can easily choose the shirt with a size that is right for you. When it comes to the material, cotton is one of the best that you can get as it keeps you the most comfortable on outings. However, including a few shirts in linen, silk and polyester adds more variety to your collection of casual shirts. These can be worn on days when it’s not so hot. With a range of colors and prints, there is no end how much you will find while shopping for casual shirts online. 

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